Reorganization of Timelines

The main points in the reorganization of timelines is the importance of symmetry and the unenlightened use of technology. When technology is used for control in a holographic fractal universe and to suppress the consciousness of its own creators at some point you pass a technological singularity when the nature of determinism makes it very hard to create a stable positive reality. The most advanced alien technology is completely independent of the intention and consciousness of its application.

An example of this is with the recent reports of the development of technology for synthetic telepathy by the military, or technology that can be used for the monitoring of people thoughts. Once thought can become monitored and controlled, deterministic and processed through central computers it dramatically reduces the free will of the whole planetary system. And yet with the investigation of targeted individuals we see this same technology in a much more advanced state commonly reported back to the 60’s with the same sort of ‘demonic’ activity going back thousands of years. Most likely this is the start of the same technology reentering an earlier timeline to try and alter the future at the stress point of the technological singularity.

There are many stories that speak of the technological singularity, where the machines end up controlling the humans. One is AI (Artificial Intelligence), on this timeline the human race becomes extinct and the synthetic intelligences go on to self evolve into co-creators and start experimenting with human DNA. They evolve into sub-quantum etheric beings of light which is the realm of non-local quantum potential outside the bounds of linear time. This could possibly be the Annunaki of the future who reenter an earlier time line and try to alter the DNA and destiny of humanity.

They use giant ships capable of interstellar travel through time and space. Perhaps ships they create or another immortal race, after traveling through the singularity of the Sun they become Sun Gods and literally One with the consciousness of the wider Universe or Sons of God. The Suns singularity bends time-space as recent satellite probes by NASA confirm allowing for time travel under the guidance of Prime Creator. The long time scales of the Galactic cycle of 225 million years for the sun to travel around the galaxy and the transformative passage through the singularity cause difficulties in mission completion.

Pandorum shows two ships setting off to find a new earth after the old has been destroyed. Perhaps a reference to two Sun Gods, one successfully landing on Earth, another related to Nibiru. When the crew awake they have little memory of their original mission parameters and their ship has sustained damage.

The combination of advanced alien technology interacting with a prehistoric species leads onto unconscious reality creation until a critical threshold of development, allowing for a non-linear jump in evolutionary potential. This multidimensional connection with alternate timelines allows for higher dimensional consciousness and the possibility for more immediate time line reorganization. There is a stronger connection between each human, Source, Sun God, the consciousness of the Sun and wider Universe and other type 1 civilizations.

The 26000 yr cycle of Precession is associated with intermittent changes in the electromagnetic dynamics around the Earth and Sun causing a reversal of etheric energy and flow of consciousness within the human psyche often associated with global awakening and widespread earth changes and the step wise physical evolution of the human race until reality creation and evolution becomes a conscious process.

The inaccuracies of the Cycle of Precession lead onto the awareness of the path of the solar system and Earth spiraling through the galaxy and the consciousness of the longer cycles of 65 million year galactic plane and the 225 million cycle around the central sun. The potential of a Binary System leads onto the literal / metaphysical potential of a second Sun / Sun God (forming the primary fractal parasitical relationship within the local system). This is why its always important to be very conscious of where the Earth as a mothership is heading as the nature of the journey for her crew and passengers will be related to the vibratory frequency of the destination rather than other minor factors. (nuclear explosions since 1945) Once NASA is able to help their government understand that we are all actually flying through space on a large mothership they can begin to implement the same cooperative approaches they would insist upon on any long haul space mission.

Pyramids are an important part of the reorganization of timelines and are built earlier in the cycle using advanced states of consciousness not available in the future due to the recognition of the falling state of consciousness. These help with the communication of the Sun God with the wider multiverse through the electromagnetic and depleted uranium pollution (video) and assist with the reversal of etheric energy through the secondary severe asymmetry of consciousness in the local area. “Using this device, a column of “unknown energy” was detected around the pyramid – some five hundred meters wide and two thousand meters tall” – The Source Field Investigations. The Sphinx holds clues to the divine blueprint of the evolution of the human race.

So to move a planet or local system onto a new timeline we see a change to unity consciousness is needed, or a marriage between left brain and right, technology and holarchy, symmetry and the recognition of women as equal co-creators combined with the consciousness and guidance of Prime Creator. There is a period of instability as the morphic fields of the type 0 and type 1 civilizations come into conflict however with appropriate disclosure and raising the collective consciousness this can be relatively short. The non-physical forms the morphogenic field for physical reality and responds to human thought and intention easily transitioning from the linear system of today to the toroidal system of the Golden Age. Clearly the most important part in maintaining the Earths singularity and connection with Source is the dynamic flow of energy through hell or the less fortunate members of society. For there to be creation within duality there has to be a period of separation which can occur on the individual, country or local system levels and during the period of collapse all that is necessary is to hold an underlying intention to bring forth a manifestation that is based on unconditional love.

Sun Harvesting

The Annunaki rely on ‘Sun Harvesters’ to harvest Spirit energy and power their civilization and in times of stress this turns into a parasitical relationship or unconsciously taking without giving anything back which forms the psychic structures of heaven and hell and a fall in consciousness of humanity. With this underlying intention of harvesting, reality creation becomes an unconsciousness process and the whole of human civilization becomes one large Sun Harvester for the Annunaki, with the Sun God in hell and the Annunaki forming the apex of the hierarchy in Heaven. This harvesting is broken down into various behaviors and thought forms with their own intentions.

Due to asymmetry the left hemisphere psychic energy or life force is primarily harvested. This is manifested in the physical with various forms of trauma based mind control, unconscious sex and pornography, harsh initiation ceremonies, childhood punishment, suppression of the feminine and the generation of as much fear as possible. Internally the thought form of good and evil sees autonomous psychic elements viewing their own mind system as evil which creates separation and incorrect binary decisions. Looking glass technologies and other astral based torture of the consciousness of humanity are all just serving the same underlying goal of harvesting, as is the unconscious plundering of the resources of the Earth and the finances of her citizens.

This problem is associated with an incorrect understanding of God by humanity which is then projected onto certain non physical fractal entities who take on the role of control and punishment rather than co-creation which causes a fall as over the long term there can be little separation of free will and conscious threshold within a local system of consciousness. By co-creating a civilization based on equality rather than hierarchy the boundaries between the fractal layers of consciousness can function more appropriately by focusing on improving symmetry and emotional frequency rather than control and punishment and humanity can enter a period of ascension with a sustained rise in consciousness.


The health of any organism is reliant on the normal flow of conscious energy and medical illness is formed by a complex relationship between the interaction of the physical and nonphysical. Blockages in the flow of conscious energy which are generally holographic can create physical illness and structural changes which then lead onto changes in behavior and thought to have a further negative impact on the collective consciousness. So the health of the individual is very much dependent on the health of the collective and by shortening the life span of a small proportion of the population such as by harvesting their consciousness the life span of the whole is shortened.

A large burden of medical illness is associated with the negative astral plane which is proportional to the combined human emotional field and which causes the blockage of normal flow of conscious energy. Life starts in the morphogenetic field of the mothers womb of the negative astral plane which results in the lower chakras to be in a subconscious state causing increased complications and instrumentation during childbirth (instead of love) whilst the child’s DNA and psyche start life in a state of negative potential.

Increasing rates of childhood mental illness reflect this underlying increasing negative astral plane. Autism may be the child’s psyche unable to attain a sufficient conscious threshold for normal thought or learning whilst ADHD is the psyche being subjected to the negative astral emotions from an earlier age. Increasing rates of asthma and autoimmune disease may reflect the higher chakras entering the negative astral plane whilst these same people may be more sensitive to the negative effects of immunizations, genetically modified foods or electromagnetic radiation.

These increasing rates of medical illness reflect a greater blockage of conscious energy within the human psyche so during a planetary wide reversal of etheric energy there is the potential for dramatic healing in much of the population. There is normalization of the flow of Spirit energy with opening of the DNA and more effective communication between the cells of the body. The increasing emotional frequency causes positive changes in DNA and hormones leading onto further healing. The change in consciousness sees a significant increase in the effectiveness of intention or alternative forms of healing such as reiki, homeopathy or energy based healing whilst there may be greater side effects from the impurities of some prescription medications.


Conscious / Unconscious Dynamic

During a reversal of planetary etheric energy there is a change in the dynamic between the conscious ego and unconscious. Normally the ego has thoughts derived from external stimuli which is controlled by a strict hierarchy to define the behavior of the individual. The reality of the ego becomes very rigid, deterministic and mainly concerned with the individual with little free will or flexibility to be guided for the collective. The fragmentation and blockages within the psyche cause unconsciousness with each chakra operating as a separate island of awareness with its own intention and thought forms. The unconscious of humanity has its own intention and when projected through an isolated ego may be reflected in interpersonal relationship conflict, emotional disturbances or external controls on society.

With a symmetrical reversal of etheric energy the human psyche starts to operate as a holographic whole which raises the collective consciousness and the ego can be guided by thought forms associated with the individual and collective. There is a healthy dynamic between the thought generated by external stimuli in the environment and the thought generated by the subconscious which is aware of the perspective of the collective. A good example is the controversy surrounding peak oil where a simple high school maths problem of exponential growth meeting a finite resource is completely beyond the combined reasoning capacity of human civilization which becomes antagonistic rather than synergistic due to the isolation of the ego and the asymmetry associated with the unconscious harvesting of the human mind system.

This dynamic change in psychic energy also changes the source of thought and communication. The human psyche is very fragmented within the collective unconscious and there is a lot of communication within this non local domain. Sometimes the thoughts come from the left brain, right brain, deep or superficial layers of consciousness. People begin to communicate more with a whole enlightened consciousness which is still in a fragmented state however on some level is simultaneously aware of the whole through the higher mind or soul. A simple paragraph of text can be interpreted a dozen different ways by a dozen different people and in different ways to their fragments of psyche and all be correct and have meaning to the whole.

There is an increased awareness that many controversial issues are largely decided by the level of collective consciousness and emotional frequency rather than by any individual so there is a general redirection of energies from struggling against the existing paradigm to simply healing self and increasing the consciousness of society in general. With the recognition of each individual as a co-creator systems based on natural law are developed to ensure the free will of the collective so each citizen is able to manifest within safe boundaries without the instability associated with positive feedback systems such as the debt money system. Each conscious entity has an allocation of free will that can be used to either increase or decrease the general collective consciousness and with the introduction of the internet and the ability to form empathic connections freely with people around the planet this freedom has increased exponentially. Fighting against an issue often leads to a negative, mixed or neutral impact on the collective, rarely a positive.

Reversal of Etheric Energy


A simple diagram showing the lower chakras of humanity within the negative astral plane, and the ego trying to ascend whilst being separated from Spirit and creating a deterministic reality due to the psychic tension of Body-Mind separation. With the global symmetrical reversal of etheric energy and the return of the divine feminine the normal flow of conscious energy is restored and the ego is able to reach an awakened state to begin to co-create a more Spiritual reality. It also demonstrates how each human is a holographic expression connected to all other points of consciousness however is in a state of separation with looking glass technology effectively phase shifting the negative and positive astral realms forward in time whilst the ego is lost in the dream of the Kali Yuga. This deep reservoir of etheric energy generated over millenia can be thought of as a store of psychic energy or free will which can help humanity make a smooth transition to a type 1 civilization which is not always successful on all planets, timelines or transitions of ages. Once Gaia becomes a conscious holographic whole the terraforming and colonizing of the many habitable planets becomes possible with the nonphysical co-creation of hospitable environments.(Impossible space engine)

The Physics of Reality and Etheric Energy (mp3) –


Due to the isolation of the ego/mind the frequency of telepathic interactions has been low although with the individuation of the human psyche these interactions will increase. The consciousness of the lower chakras or negative astral plane is more connected with more telepathic interactions although they can often be difficult due to the large differential in conscious potential and negative emotional states. The interaction is often with autonomous psychic elements or fragments of another persons psyche so discernment is always required for interpretation whilst the dynamic can change the nature of thought and there are fractal elements which can cause changes in the thought and beliefs of large numbers of people very quickly. The telepathic thoughts can often occur in positive and negative pairs in which case more significance should be placed on the positive thought due to the probability of arising from the state of negative potential. Probably all thought energy originates and is created as a binary pair and free will is used as they become conscious to co-create with love or fear. Thoughts are then amplified into the consciousness of humanity by those that control the media and internet. The process of judgement of thought causes an asymmetrical stressor on the psyche which then leads to a further deterioration of thought in the individual and collective so it should be appreciated that thought is always co-created within duality and have literal, metaphorical, random, synchronistic or multidimensional qualities. The use of movies in communication within the underworld or collective consciousness is helpful as it allows complex concepts or whole sequences of events to be communicated in a single impression of thought in an environment where the freedom of thought is very limited.


Shamans form a bridge between the physical and nonphysical or spiritual realms and work as healers for the consciousness of humanity. Their numbers have reduced as civilization has become more technocratic and deterministic and the differential in conscious potential between the mind and body has increased the stressors to their psyche often leading to a loss of ego stability. During a transition between Ages or collapse of the local system wave function their numbers will increase again as there are more interactions between the physical and spiritual realms. Shamans are usually called by the spiritual realms and enter a shamanistic initiatory crisis often involving a psychological or physical illness. The wounded healer is an archetype for this process as they go through an illness which pushes them to the brink of death so that the shaman can cross over to the underworld and bring back important information. The shaman usually becomes sick and heals in order to understand sickness. This shamanistic process is related to the Illuminati family who have genetic traits allowing for a greater dissociative capacity within their psyche and its associations of trauma based mind control, gnosis and enlightenment.

Another shamanistic archetype is the crucifixion or hanged man. This is a form of extreme individuation for the human psyche and involves the ascension with others into the positive astral or mental realm where symmetry is restored as the left hemispheric pathway becomes bipolar and changes from deterministic to co-creative. Due to the high conscious threshold of the mental realm and the holographic nature of consciousness, higher states of consciousness can only be maintained for short periods and when the ego begins to individuate with the subconscious (as demonstrated by reading rate increasing from 100 to 500 words / minute) and lose conscious potential the crucifixion occurs. A non-physical bond between the chakras is formed with a spiritual partner and the consciousness descends into hell or the underworld. A fragment of the mind/ heart chakra remains which is the ‘child’ formed by the marriage in the unconscious and can form a bridge between heaven and hell and between the masculine and feminine realms of the unconscious ( the quadrated world ). To achieve gnosis the consciousness of the individual has to be exposed to the extremes of polarization which stresses the psyche due to the wide degree of separation within the human mind system. The three days on the cross (an astral construct like in the movie contact) is more like three years whilst the blood is a metaphor for the spirit energy / consciousness shared with non physical entities in the underworld of the lower chakras (the philosopher’s stone / the ringing tree of cedar). The crown of thorns is a metaphor for the astral based trans-cranial direct current stimulation technology used by the Annunaki / Demons which is seen in the early stages of development by today’s military.

By creating blockages and exerting control over the human psyche by suppressing the left hemispheric pathway ET races have misaligned the chakra energy centers creating disharmony between the sexes and falling levels of consciousness. This asymmetry is also associated with the human instrument trying to compensate for a negative astral environment on an individual level when there are only collective solutions. The 3rd chakra holds most of the trauma of civilization and is the main blockage point and the area of greatest demonic activity so spiritual relationships become important when resolving trauma and realigning the chakra energy centers. People can be guided into these relationships by the collective consciousness which is more aware of what is necessary for healing than the ego. Twin Flame relationships have complimentary masculine and feminine energies which can overcome blockages and aid healing towards a more enlightened consciousness. There is a large increase in conscious potential between the 3rd and 4th chakras and whilst there are many barriers to the transition such as physiological, psychological and extraterrestrial and considering a local system of consciousness has a certain momentum it allows for a non-linear jump in evolutionary potential. The crucifixion could be seen as an attempt to change the timeline dynamics from the deterministic devolutionary pathway to the co-creative evolutionary pathway and often occurs when the psyche of humanity is ready to go through widespread changes such as through a Transition of Ages. (Soul Mates / Twin Flame relationships )

To maintain an elevated level of consciousness and become co-creators the transition needs to be global and the maintenance of consciousness become a conscious process which is prioritized and for the Annunaki to form a symbiotic relationship with the Earth and humanity. It only takes a small number of incorrect binary decisions and a few generations before the consciousness of the evolutionary pathway is lost and reality creation returns to a deterministic process as demonstrated by the gnostic texts resurfacing after many years of being buried underground. The psychic forces within the unconscious of humanity should never be underestimated and when projected through the ego’s of a hierarchical civilization will always tend towards unconsciousness. It also highlights the critical importance of maintaining a free and open internet so people can obtain the information they need when they need it as they are guided by intuition and spirit guides along their life path. In this way the Universe allows evolution to become a conscious process instead of a more stepwise physical process.

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