Large inter-dimensional entities (Anunnaki) entered our planetary system approximately 300,000 years ago and interbred with prehistoric humans, altering the DNA of humanity and created the psychic structures of heaven and hell in their attempts to escape Earths gravitational field and mine ‘gold’ (spirit) which caused the associated fall of Man. This Fall is associated with immortal entities interacting with a human mind system and preventing the symmetrical flow of kundalini which lowered the collective consciousness to generate fear based holographic thought and create a reality where the free will of the planetary system is limited. This has accelerated the evolution of humanity from a 5 chakra to a 7 chakra system of consciousness able to operate outside the bounds of time and reached a peak in the heart centered community of Atlantis approximately 12,500 years ago. However due to the majority of the global population at the time still expressing a 3rd chakra fear based consciousness the rapid fall of Atlantis caused a sudden and dramatic fall in the level of consciousness of the planet associated with widespread changes in the physical. Refugees from Atlantis then seeded the planet with this new consciousness which is finally coming into a completion phase as we transition from a 3rd chakra love of power society to a 4th chakra power of love based global civilization.


The greatest of all Lemurian colonies was Atlantis, founded in India, already during the heydays of Lemuria, and which, in time, reached the apex of human grandeur. Atlantis and Lemuria had prospered for a full zodiacal era (2,160 years), when the great cataclysm destroyed their common world, at the end of the Pleistocene, some 11,600 years ago.

The scant survivors of the cataclysm that sunk Lemuria away were forced to flee their destroyed Paradise, moving first to India, the site of Atlantis, which had been spared in its northern, loftier portion. But the global catastrophe had also caused the end of the Pleistocene Ice Age, and the melting of the Himalayan glaciers caused huge floods of the rivers of Asia, rendering the region unfit for human habitation. These floods ravaged the remainder of Atlantis, already greatly destroyed by the original cataclysm. The giant conflagration of the Indonesian volcanoes and the huge tsunamis they caused, as well as by the plague that ravaged their country in their wake.

Again, this doomed people was obliged to flee, emigrating, along the ensuing millennia, to remote places such as Egypt, Mesopotamia, Palestine, North Africa, Europe, North Asia, the Near Orient and even Oceania and the Americas. Some came on foot, in huge hordes like those of the Israelite exodus. Others came by ship, like Noah in his Ark or Aeneas with his fleet, to found the great civilizations of the ancient world.

The great civilizations that we know of, in the Indus Valley, in Egypt, in Mesopotamia, Asia Minor, Greece, Rome, Mexico and even the Americas were all Atlantean colonies founded by the survivors of the cataclysm that destroyed the twin Paradises of Atlantis and Lemuria. These colonists, of course, attempted to recreate their Eden in their new homeland.

The newcomers named each topographical feature after the archetypes of the pristine abode just as immigrants will do the same nowadays. Such is the reason why we keep finding vestiges of Atlantis everywhere, from Brazil and North America to Spain, Crete, and even Africa and North Europe. All these ancient civilizations spoke of Civilizing Heroes such as Manu, Noah, Aeneas, the Oannés, Hotu Matua, Quetzalcoatl, Kukulkan, Bochica and, of course, Atlas and Hercules, the omnipresent Twins that founded civilizations everywhere.

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