The Fall – The Insanity of The Ego in Human History and The Dawning of A New Era
by Steve Taylor

For the last 6000 years, human beings have been suffering from a kind of collective psychosis. For almost all of recorded history human beings have been – at least to some degree – insane.

This seems incredible because we have come to accept the consequences of our insanity as normal. If madness is everywhere, nobody knows what sane, healthy and rational behaviour is any more. The most absurd and obscene practices become traditions, and are seen as natural. It becomes natural for human beings to kill each other, for men to oppress women, for parents to oppress children, for small groups of people to wield massive amounts of power and dominate massive numbers of people. It becomes normal for people to abuse the natural world to the point of ecological disaster, and to despise their own bodies and feel guilty for experiencing completely natural desires. It becomes ‘natural’ for human beings to try to accumulate massive amounts of wealth that they will never need, and to endlessly chase after success, power and fame – and also somehow ‘natural’ that, even if they do manage to gain wealth and status, they never find contentment and fulfilment anyway, but remain constantly dissatisfied.

The aim of this book is to discover where this madness comes from, and to find out if it really is natural to human beings. We’ll look at a great deal of evidence suggesting that earlier human beings were, in these terms, much more ‘sane’ than us. And even in recent times there were many parts of the world where the kind of pathological behaviour I’ve just described didn’t exist.

My Big Toe – Discovery
by Thomas Campbell –

Because of its subjective and personal nature, it is difficult for researchers to encourage, define, or systematically and objectively study paranormal phenomena at a deep level. The most they can hope to do is observe and document its existence – a relatively simple thing that has been done thousands of times by hundreds of fully credentialed scientific researchers.

Good objective scientific protocol requires the experimenters to remove all possible uncertainty, thus interfering with, and limiting, the psi effect being studied. Where some uncertainty is allowed, better results (from an insider’s viewpoint) are produced. From an outsider’s point of view, only less credible results are produced. There are always many more outsiders than insiders.

Remote viewers, for example, cannot produce perfect high-resolution photographs for their experimenters – there is always some uncertainty, and usually at least some inconsistency. Additional uncertainty grows quickly in the minds of individuals who are not personally in total control of the experimental protocols; How much uncertainty is necessary? Only enough to ensure that the vast majority of physical matter reality citizens will not have their cherished delusions forcibly perturbed to a significant degree.

If a paranormal event is without uncertainty, the number of people who can objectively verify this perfect demonstration of psi will always be small enough to produce no major or lasting impact on the larger society. Those individuals who are not yet ready to perceive and understand the larger truth represented by paranormal events must not be forced to experience what they can not productively deal with. In the bigger picture, there must always be enough uncertainty to ensure that the perceived causal integrity of physical matter reality (the delusion that the only reality that can possibly exist must be objective and physical) can adequately be maintained by all who are not yet developmentally ready to move beyond that most basic worldview. From the opposite direction and within a smaller picture, the natural uncertainty surrounding a given event, or sequence of events, enables and simplifies the application of focused consciousness to paranormally influence that event without violating the psi uncertainty principle.

On the other hand, physical experience is designed to be shared and held in common. Our physical experience forms an interactive virtual reality exhibiting a uniform common causality defined by the space-time rule-set. The necessary uncertainty that must reside at the root cause of psi effects is not appreciated by the physical matter reality scientist whose methodology requires him to eliminate uncertainty. The inability to eliminate uncertainty will frustrate the scientist’s desire to understand the deeper causal mechanics of psi phenomena.

The Chaos Point by Ervin Laszlo – The world at the crossroads – Devolution or Evolution
Club of Budapest –
– (World Shift Council)


At the dawn of the twenty-first century we can no longer ignore that current trends are building toward critical thresholds. As we move toward these limits, we are approaching a point of chaos. Chaos theory shows that the evolution of complex systems always involves alternating periods of stability and instability, continuity and discontinuity, order and chaos. We are living in the opening phases of a period of social and ecological instability, at a crucial decision-window. When we reach the point of chaos, the stable “point” and “periodic” attractors of our systems will be joined by “chaotic” or “strange” attractors. They will drive our systems to the crucial point where it will select the one or the other of the paths of evolution available to it.

In the current decision-window our world is supersensitive, so that small fluctuations produce large-scale effects. These are the legendary “butterfly” effects. In periods of relative stability the consciousness of individuals does not play a decisive role in the behavior of society, but when society reaches the limits of its stability and turns chaotic it becomes supersensitive, responsive even to small fluctuations such as changes in the values, beliefs, worldviews and aspirations of its members.

We now live in a period of transformation when a new world is struggling to be born. Ours is an era of decision – a window of unprecedented freedom to decide our destiny. In this decision-window , “fluctuations” – in themselves seemingly powerless actions and initiatives pave the way toward the critical “chaos point” where the system tips in one direction or another. This process is neither predetermined nor random.

As consumers and clients, as taxpayers and voters, and as public opinion holders we can create the kinds of fluctuations – the actions and initiatives – that will tip the coming chaos point toward peace and sustainability. If we are aware of this power in our hands and if we have the will and the wisdom to make use of it, we become masters of our destiny.

Societal evolution is a long-term process, with roots extending back to our species prehistory. It is on the whole irreversible, and it is nonlinear, beset with periodic bifurcations. The current bifurcation takes human community-building from the nation-state to the planetary level. It is as profound as any evolutionary process in history, but it is incomparably faster than anything that went before. It means a shift from Logos, today’s economically, politically, and culturally fragmented civilization, to Holos, a global civilization that possesses the will and the vision to achieve solidarity and translate it into international and intercultural coexistence and cooperation.

Perfect Government – John Hagelin Ph.D

daliIn 1960, Maharishi Yogi predicted that even a small number of individuals experiencing and enlivening pure consciousness through meditation – approximately one percent of the population – would create a measurable influence of orderliness and coherence that would spread throughout the surrounding society. This predicted influence of social coherence has been tested by over 40 studies on crime and a variety of social indicators.

The implications for society of a highly-effective and simple technology, which requires direct participation by a relatively small number of people, for reducing social stress, increasing social coherence, and bringing national life into accord with natural law are clearly far-reaching. Reduction in crime rates alone would justify its immediate application. Research predicting a reduction in crime of over 40%, if implemented on a nationwide scale, would constitute an annual governmental savings of over $100 billion.

The presence of a coherence-creating group functions essentially as a “washing machine” for the entire society. It purifies collective consciousness daily, by diffusing the buildup of social stress caused by violations of natural law by the whole population. Individually as subjects gain greater familiarity with the subtle and intricate laws governing the mind and physiology, they spontaneously take natural advantage of these laws of nature to enjoy better health and accomplish their aims more effectively. Over time, as the experience of the total potential of natural law in pure consciousness becomes neuro-physiologically stabilized then according to theory and extensive research, thoughts and actions become fully in accord with all the laws of nature and thus of maximum evolutionary benefit to the individual and society.

Government : Innocent Mirror of the People

When the collective consciousness of society becomes more coherent, political infighting is reduced, and the functioning of government is more coherent. This has profound and far-reaching implications. It implies that the government “mirrors” the collective consciousness of the people. Incoherent national consciousness – criminal, stressed, conflict ridden, scandal-prone – breeds similar behavior in government.

In effect governments do not lead. Governments are themselves governed – ruled by the collective consciousness of the people. Government leaders cannot implement new legislative initiatives, or innovative solutions to national problems, that are too far ahead of the comprehension and/or deservability of the people. To even propose such initiatives invites criticism, popular resistance, and politically motivated opposition. Thus while the government appears to lead, in reality, it does not, it is ruled by the collective consciousness and the collective destiny, of the people.

This, one could say, is the “catch 22” of government. The citizens expect the government to lead, to raise the standard of living and to solve national problems, but the governments ability to act effectively is obstructed by the quality of collective consciousness. Thus a government can only lead by raising the quality of collective consciousness, and the deservability of the people. Without this basic ability, government is powerless to lead and truly has no sovereign status.

A New Earth – Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose –
by Eckhart Tolle
When faced with radical crisis, when the old way of being in the world, of interacting with each other and with the realm of nature doesn’t work any more, when survival is threatened by seemingly insurmountable problems, an individual human – or a species – will either die or become extinct or rise above the limitations of their condition through an evolutionary leap. This is the state of humanity now, and this is its challenge. This book’s main purpose is not to add new information or beliefs to your mind or try to convince you of anything, but to bring about a shift in consciousness, that is to say to awaken. This book is about you….

Most ancient religions and spiritual traditions share the common insight – that our ‘normal’ state of mind is marred by a fundamental defect. However, out of this insight into the nature of the human condition – we may call it the bad news – arises a second insight: the good news of the possibility of a radical transformation of human consciousness. In Hindu teachings (and sometimes in Buddhism also), this transformation is called enlightenment. In the teachings of Jesus, it is salvation, and in Buddhism, it is the end of suffering. Liberation and awakening are other terms used to describe this transformation.

The Empathic Civilization (YouTube Animation)
empathJeremy Rifkin argues that human empathy is beginning to extend to all of life in the biosphere, giving rise- for the first time in history- to the prospect of truly global consciousness. The irony is that just as we are beginning to glimpse the possibility of global empathic consciousness, we find ourselves close to our own extinction. With The Empathic Civilization, Jeremy Rifkin asks, can we reach global empathy in time to avoid the collapse of civilization and save the earth?

The Nine Insights by James Redfield
leonardo1. Feeling restless? You’re not alone: Everybody’s starting to look for more meaning in life. Start paying closer attention to those seemingly “Chance Coincidences” – strange occurrences that feel like they were meant to happen. They are actually synchronistic events, and following them will start you on your path to spiritual truth.

2. Observe our culture within its proper historical context. The first half of the past millennium was spent under the thumb of the church; in the second half we became preoccupied with material comfort. Now, at the end of the twentieth century, we’ve exhausted that preoccupation. We’re ready to discover life’s ultimate purpose.

3. Start to get acquainted with the subtle energy that infuses all things. With practice, you can learn to see the aura around any living being and to project your own energy around it to give it strength.

4. An unconscious competition for energy underlies all conflicts. By dominating or manipulating others, we get the extra energy we think we need. Sure, it feels good – but both parties are damaged in the conflict.

5. The key to overcoming conflict in the world is the mystical experience, which is available to everyone. To nurture the mystical and build your energy, allow yourself to be filled with a sense of love.

6. Childhood traumas block our ability to fully experience the mystical. All humans, because of their upbringing, tend toward one of four control dramas:
* Intimidators steal energy from others by threat.
* Interrogators steal it by judging and questioning.
* Aloof people attract attention (and energy) to themselves by playing coy.
* Poor me’s make us feel guilty and responsible for them.

Become aware of the family dynamics that created your control drama and you can focus on your essential question, which is how to make of your life a higher- level synthesis of your parents’ lives.

7. Once cleared of traumas, you can build energy through contemplation and meditation, focus on you basic life question, and start riding a steady stream of intuitions, dreams, and synchronistic coincidences, all guiding you in the direction of your own evolution and transformation.

8. That evolution can’t be done alone, so begin to practice the new “Interpersonal Ethic” by uplifting those who cross your path. Talk to people who make spontaneous eye contact with you. Avoid co-dependent relationships. Be there for people. Call attention to other people’s control dramas. In groups, speak when the spirit (instead of the ego) moves you.

9. Our purpose here is to evolve beyond this plane. Fewer people (a result of reproductive abstinence) and more old-growth forests will help us to sustain our energy and accelerate our evolution. Technology will do most of our work for us. As we begin to value spiritual insight more and more, we will pay those who bring it to us, and this will eventually replace the market economy and our need for paid employment. We can connect to God’s energy in such a way that we will eventually become beings of light, and walk straight into heaven.



You are about to meet Anastasia—a beautiful young woman—discovered by the author, living alone deep in the remote wild forests of Siberia. She is considered to be a surviving member of an ancient Vedic civilization whose extraordinary powers and knowledge far exceed anything known today.

Your world – our world – is about to change. You need to be prepared.

Anastasia’s powerful, myth-shattering messages reveal a profound wisdom grounded in ancient knowledge; they expose suppressed secrets and hidden historical facts that will completely change your understanding of our past, and offer a whole new paradigm for our planet’s future.

Anastasia will lift you up and hurl you into a future that is… well… everything you imagined life could and certainly should be!


Plan BE – Secrets of the Divine Feminine –

planbPlan BE is about personally EMPOWERING your true self… your BEING: the balanced cooperation of your human Body and Mind with your spiritual Soul.

In Plan BE, Book One, you will also learn about:

• The choice we must now all make: To continue living by Plan A as an unempowered “HUMAN being,” or move to Plan BE and become an empowered “human BEING.”
• How the vibration of the higher levels of Divine Feminine Energy brought about by higher feminine emotions, in particularly sexual emotions, helps to transmute the lower HUMAN physical Energies into the higher SPIRITUAL Energies.
• How you can use your personal connection to the higher levels of spiritual Energy to raise your personal Vortex of highly magnetic Energy.
• Why, as a woman with your unique physiology, you have the ability to create, attract, store, and transmute higher levels of Universal Life Force Energy.
• The History of the Goddess and the understanding of the natural relation between Sexual/Spiritual Energy that was an accepted part of our matriarchal society for over 30,000 years.
• Why 2012 will not be the end of Mankind… rather, the end of the Reign of Man.
• Why it has been important for patriarchal society and some religions to keep all women in fear of their greatest God-given powers.
• Why menopausal women will be the leaders in this important next step in our evolution.
• Empowering prayers, meditations, and spiritual information to help you center and bring your BEing into harmony with the Universe.

Sun Of God
For tens of thousands of years our ancestors lived in intimate proximity to what they believed were spirit worlds inhabited by non-physical supernatural beings, with whom they communicated. They saw spirits in mountains and trees and thunderstorms. Ocean and sky were alive with spirit. Fire and earth were filled to the brim with it. Entities and intelligences existed out there, inherent and immanent in every possible combination of seen and unseen realms.

For about the last five thousand years various “religions” have claimed hegemony over the ways we approach these spirit realms and beings, often preferring to narrow down the focus to just one “god”. During the past three hundred years, and particularly in the last hundred years, a form of thinking has arisen – it calls itself science – which in some cases makes a virtue of refusing to investigate such matters at all and in others proclaims that there are no spirit worlds, and no non-physical supernatural beings, and actively derides those who continue to believe in such “myths”.

In fact science has no evidence of the nonexistence of spirit worlds and non-physical supernatural beings and is wrong to allow us to think that it does. When a scientist asserts, for example, that there is no such thing as the soul and no possibility of life after death, he or she is not making a statement of fact based on empirical observations and repeatable experiments but rather a statement of unexamined prejudice based on personal beliefs about the nature of reality.

It is important to emphasize that Gregory is not merely suggesting “that Sun is a large complex system with some form of self-governing intelligence to it,” but also that “it is a living being, aware of itself and its place in Universe…. that its power of consciousness is so far beyond what we enjoy that it should be accorded deity status of a high order..”

Sacred Demise: Walking The Spiritual Path of Industrial Civilization’s Collapse –

The collapse of industrial civilization is rapidly unfolding and offers us an opportunity far beyond mere survival, even as it renders absurd any attempts to “fix” or prevent the end of the world as we have known it. Sacred Demise is about the transformation of human consciousness and the emergence of a new paradigm as a result discovering our purpose in the collapse process, thereby coming home to our ultimate place in the universe. Our willingness to consciously embark on the journey with openness and uncertainty may be advantageous for engendering a quantum evolutionary leap for our species and for the earth community.

The Field – Lynn Mctaggart –
fieldA bit like finding there is such a thing as The Force in Star Wars. The Field tells the story of respected frontier scientists all over the globe who have produced extraordinary evidence to show that an energy field –The Zero Point Field – connects everything in the universe, and we ourselves are part of this vast dynamic cobweb of energy exchange. The Field also reveals a radical new biological paradigm-that on our most fundamental level, the human mind and body are not distinct and separate from their environment, but a packet of pulsating energy constantly interacting with this vast energy sea. Here in so-called ‘dead’ space may lay the key to many of life’s processes, from how cells communicate to how organisms actually take shape. The field is responsible for our mind’s highest functions – our memory, intuition, creativity. It is the force that finally determines whether we are healthy or ill, the force which must be tapped in order to heal. Original, and well documented with distinguished sources, The Field lifts many areas out of the realm of mystery and into the realm of hard science The Field creates a picture of an interconnected universe and a new scientific theory which makes sense of supernatural phenomena. It offers a scientific explanation for many of the most profound human mysteries, from alternative medicine and spiritual healing to extra sensory perception and the collective unconscious. It could even answer some of the big questions: what is human consciousness and what happens when we die. The Field follows the life and work of physicists who seem to be on the verge of bringing about the same type of revolution that occurred exactly a century ago when quantum theory changed the face of physics forever.

Creative Evolution: A Physicist’s Resolution Between Darwinism and Intelligent Design
by Amit Goswami

Goswami (page 8) writes the following. “Every biologist must be painfully aware that biology is an incomplete science. It needs new organizing principles, ones that are nonphysical and nonmaterial, to explain three perennial mysteries: the difference between life and nonlife, the development of an embryo into an adult biological form, and, as emphasized here and by Eldredge and Gould, the discontinuous epochs of evolution. Unfortunately, it is not politically correct for biologist to admit these shortcomings in public.”

Goswami (page 13) writes: “Any organizing principle that is nonmaterial is automatically excluded from science by definition. However, mainstream scientists themselves, biologists included, have a fundamental but unproven metaphysical assumption behind their work called scientific materialism.”

Goswami notes that Darwin’s theory of evolution is very incomplete, and he (page 15) writes: “According to theoretical predictions of Darwinism and its later versions, there should have been thousand upon thousands of reported cases of intermediates filling up most of the fossil gaps. That hasn’t happened, and therefore the question of the fossil gaps cannot be refuted simply because a few cases of transitional fossils have been found.”

Gaswami (page 23) writes: “The Nobel laureate Paul Dirac once said that the solution of great problems requires the giving up of great prejudices. Darwin had to give up the prejudice for Christianity and its doctrine of biblical creationism so that he could explain the data he and his contemporaries collected. In the twentieth century, physicists had to give up the great prejudices of causal determinism and continuity in favor of quantum indeterminancy and discontinuity. Today, the twenty-first century demands an equally revolutionary change in the mind-set of biologists. They must give up the prejudices of genetic determinism and the Darwinian continuity of all biological evolution.”

The Lost Book of Enki – Memoirs and Prophecies of an Extraterrestrial God
By Zecharia Sitchin

Some 445000 years ago, astronauts from another planet came to Earth in search of gold (spirit). Splashing down in one of Earth’s seas, they waded ashore and established Eridu, “Home in the Faraway.” Short of manpower, the astronauts employed genetic engineering to fashion Primitive Workers – Homo Sapiens with the ‘rib’ taken from Adam to create Eve a reference to chromosomal manipulation. The Deluge that catastrophically swept over the Earth required a fresh start; the astronauts became gods, granting Mankind civilization, teaching it to worship.

The Lost Book of Enki details the interaction between the Anunnaki, their home world Nibiru, Tiamat (Lucifer) and the Human Race and how free will and consciousness is formed by interdependent fractals from the very large of Tiamat down to the quantum consciousness of DNA. It details how the Anunnaki took on the role of Creator Gods on Terra-Earth and using their own image of consciousness left enduring creative thought forms of hierarchy and domination as demonstrated by Enlil’s wish from heaven to see humanity judged and exterminated in the Great Flood and to have Earth separated from Heaven. The eternal punishment of Cain by entities acting as creator gods establishes an event string which leads onto the torture of the whole Earth and in turn their own planet due to the connection and harvesting of Spirit from the resultant negative astral plane. Nibiru’s 3600 yr orbit causes cyclical expansions in the consciousness of Humanity as it transits close to Earth which has previously been followed by a fall due to the immaturity of both planetary systems.

The Tablets of Destinies (as also used by Enoch) demonstrate the use of Looking Glass / Stargate technologies which are used for control although they seem unaware of the negative consequences to their own planet, clearly being mind control victims of another level of hierarchy. This is often seen with a species on the devolutionary pathway where they end up largely synthetic and using technology which is more advanced than their level of consciousness and trying to control all variables in their local universe including any other species they interact with. Whilst looking glass technology may cause social disharmony in a species such as the Anunnaki, when used on a more primitive species it causes much more rapid cycles of planetary dislocation. Anu forms the apex of the local system hierarchy and uses the Spirit energy harvested from Earth to manipulate matter on Nibiru and Looking Glass data to control both planets, however running scenarios with a planetary mind system locks him into a downward spiral of consciousness where he ends up paradoxically the most controlled entity with the most power over others due to the creative deterministic nature of the technology where any scenario they run involves them at the apex running more scenarios. This rarely reaches the conscious threshold of the users of this technology because their scenarios are unlikely to ever include this data. His consciousness pervades every other mind system whilst any threat to its system of hierarchy is almost certain to be eliminated due to the subconscious fears of a negative astral plane, as they would never think to free humanity from the controls of a sophisticated alien technology that negatively impacts every single human. Any hierarchical system of consciousness always has an apex no matter who plays the role, whether it is Anu or the financial elite there is always a less fortunate pole whether it be a third world country or the entire human population of planet Earth, it is just a relative perspective.

The 12th Planet – by Zecharia Sitchin – The looking glass technology was originally designed for use by Tiamat or an intact Sun God (Unity Consciousness) as a navigational system for interstellar travel although was taken over by the Annunaki (bipolar consciousness) after Tiamat was split in two causing the separation of Heaven and Earth. When used by an egoic or asymmetrical consciousness for control or personal gain the technology can cause ongoing incorrect binary decisions and devolutionary cycles. The only sure way to overcome this cosmic accident and Anunnaki control is for a certain percentage of humans to awaken and become conscious co-creators rather than automatons.

The Grail, the Stone, and the Mystics – A Jungian View of the Medieval Spiritual Mysteries
By Robert Clarke

grailThe Grail legends, he shows, refer to psychological processes – the marriage of Jesus and Mary Magdalene as the sacred marriage through the unconscious, and the child is the divine child in the inner processes, ultimately what the Greek mysteries called the Logos. Using insights from the work of Carrion and from his own individuation processes, the author investigates the related subjects of the Grail, the philosophers stone, alchemy, and the visions of saints such as St. Teresa of Avila.

The basis of the Grail legend is that is a sick or Wounded King, the Grail King, also called the Fisher King, who cannot heal and yet cannot die, is ruler of a barren and infertile kingdom, referred to as the Waste Land. He resides in the Grail Castle that is very difficult to locate because it is the realm of the collective unconscious. Only a knight on a hazardous quest who is pure and noble, at least potentially, may find the castle. The Grail King guards the Grail, which contains a magical substance known as the Host (actually Christ’s Holy Blood), and if the Grail Knight asks the right questions the King and kingdom will be miraculously restored to vibrant health.

Percival is often the young hero, representing ego-consciousness, who must grow to become the one true knight who may possibly win the Grail. Percival is called “He Who Frees the Waters” (ie the waters of the unconscious) because irrigation of the Waste Land symbolizes the respiritualization of the culture, though primarily of the collective psychic depths upon which the whole culture rests. Ultimately, it means the unification of matter, soul and spirit, always the goal of the religious and esoteric Mysteries. The sick Grail King represents in this sense the psychic/spiritual dominant of the age that has weakened and is fading and is therefore in need of spiritual renewal through the collective unconscious. This requires a new development of the Self as Savior, affecting the collective soul layers, which will then spiritualize the conscious society.

Living Gnosis – by Tau Malachi
gnosisAccording to the Kabbalah, cosmic ignorance is the natural product of the process of creation. In essence, creation begins with God constricting Godself to make the space in which creation will transpire. Basically, God withdraws into Godself, making a womb, as it were (or Matrix which is like a 2 dimensional data set or the holographic surface of a black hole), in which creation can be conceived. For, at the outset, “God fills all space” as a singularity, which will not allow for individuation and multiplicity, and, likewise, the Pleroma of God’s presence and power would not allow for creatures and creation to come into being. It is similar to the principle of the Big Bang, of which modern scientists speak as the cause of the material universe – the instant “before” the Big Bang is an inconceivable singularity that had to give way in the explosion that originated our material universe. Fundamentally speaking, from a constricted state of matter, energy and light, our material universe explodes and continues to unfold to this very day. What the Kabbalah is talking about in metaphysical terms is very similar to this idea.

The withdrawal of God into Godself, or what is called tzimtzum in the Kabbalah, produces various gradations of God’s presence and power, each emanation being more restricted than the emanations preceding it. This process of constriction creates an appearance of dualism between God and creation. At the inmost metaphysical levels of creation, this fundamental dualism is most subtle and sublime. Progressively, it becomes increasingly more radical and distinct, until, at the level of the material dimension, the creation appears almost completely separate and apart from God – the Source of all. This appearance of separation in consciousness, of course, is cosmic ignorance, which on one hand facilitates individuation and multiplicity to arise and on the other hand prevents realization of the underlying sacred unity. Thus, what gives rise to creatures and creation, facilitating the process of an involution and evolution of life, becomes a cause of the bondage of spirits and souls. This is what is meant by the demiurgos among Sophians, and the archons represent cosmic forces manifest under the dominion of this cosmic ignorance. According to the Kabbalah, this restriction of God is, essentially, a restriction of God’s will or desire, which opens the way for a creation to come into substantial being that is imbued with free will. Cosmic ignorance is necessary in order for this to take place, because if from the outset all creatures were aware of their absolute unity with the One life-power, they would have no choice but to do the will or desire of God and would not be empowered to individuate and evolve to restore themselves to the sacred unity.

The Struggle for Your Mind – Conscious Evolution and the Battle to Control How We Think – Kingsley Dennis (Home Page)

struggleWithin society there exists a silent war. The battlefield is our everyday lives: our education, our work, our leisure, our emotional and spiritual well-being, and our thinking and perceptions. Our very sense of “reality” is deliberately engineered to work against conscious evolution and preserve social norms. In short, we are all part of a war of consciousness. And the opportunity is at hand for us to win.
Assessing the ways modern societies limit consciousness and keep humanity obedient and distracted from their inner lives, Kingsley Dennis presents an eye-opening investigation of the way our minds have been programmed to preserve incumbent power structures and their rules. He exposes the tactics employed for thousands of years by the elite to control our minds, including misinformation and propaganda, debt systems, consumerism, religious doctrine, scientific authority, economic “uncertainties,” fear of terrorist attacks and armageddon, distraction through entertainment and technology, as well as the false belief that we are separate from Nature and the Divine. Despite these obstacles, humanity is awakening to culture’s imposed limits on perception through an accelerating rise in collective empathy and awareness. Exploring the biology of consciousness, Dennis reveals the emerging mechanisms for neurogenetic evolution within the brains of gifted individuals, psychics, and visionaries and the coming increases in solar and magnetic energies that will activate them within all of us.

Our Energetic Environments – Recently there has been a rise of interest in the relationship of brainwave frequencies to the Earths naturally circulating rhythmic signals, known as Schumann resonances (SR). In the early 1950’s German physicist Dr Schumann calculated that global electromagnetic resonances were present in the cavity formed by the Earth’s surface and the ionosphere. Schumann set the lowest-frequency (with highest-intensity) mode at approximately 7.83 Hz, which is in the alpha-brain-wave range. This range has also been co-opted by the military to be used for extra-low frequency (ELF) signals for submarine and military communications. So put together, the Earth’s surface, the ionosphere, and the atmosphere form what could be seen as a complete planetary electrical circuit. This planetary circuit acts as a ‘wave guide’ that handles the continuous flow of EM waves. In fact in 1905 Nikola Tesla speculated that this atmospheric circuitry of global EM resonance could be utilized for the creation of worldwide wireless energy transmission.

These SR frequencies are important because all living biological systems are known to function within electromagnetic field interactions. In fact, electromagnetic (EM) fields are what connect living structures to resonant energy patterns (or morphic fields). The SR cavity formed between the ionosphere and the Earth produces oscillations capable of resonating and ‘phase-locking’ with brain waves, since the human brain is also an EM receiver and transmitter. The Earths SR waves have been observed by experiment to emerge at several frequencies related to brain waves, such as in deep meditation. In particular states a resonance is possible between the energy field of the human being and the planet. In such a state of resonance it is speculated that a mutual ‘information-sharing’ energy field is created. This is hardly surprising since the human body (both physically and energetically) evolved over eons of geological time as part of Earth’s own evolution. The human species is thus a product of the Earth’s environment, and must have built up an energetic relationship to surrounding atmospheric EM oscillations. As Earth is surrounded by an ionosphere, natural fluctuations in frequency thus impact the energy field within and around the human body. It is reasonable to assert that the frequencies of the Earth’s naturally occurring EM waves have shaped the development of human brain-waves signals. If the frequencies of human brain waves evolved in response to Earths oven wavelengths, then there is every likelihood that variations in the Earths oscillations will result in reactive changes in the human body and mind. Such changes could be categorized as behavioral and mental.

The Akasha Paradigm: Revolution in Science, Evolution in Consciousness.
The next revolution promises to be encompassing again: shifting from the still dominant local-state paradigm to a paradigm based on nonlocal interaction and systemic coherence: a paradigm of embracing wholeness in nature, with important implications for human life and aspiration.Nonlocality was believed to be limited to the microscale world of the quantum, and even there only to the pristine state of the quanta. But it appears to be widespread: nonlocality also occurs at the mesoscale of life, and even at the macroscale of the universe.

System wide interconnection is the sine qua non of organic functioning. Organisms are carbon based thermodynamic systems operating in a water-based medium. They maintain themselves within a flow of energy from the environment, compensating for the degradation of free energy; a necessary consequence of work performed within a system. Unless they constantly import the energy required to maintain their structure and function, their specific entropy increases, bringing them closer to the inert state of thermodynamic equilibrium. As Ilya Prigogine pointed out, life is physically possible only through the efficient storing and mobilization of free energy – negative entropy – in a dynamic state far from thermodynamic equilibrium. Close cooperation based on a quasi-instant coordination among all parts of the organism is a precondition of maintaining the living system in its far from equilibrium condition. The thermodynamic imperative is to replace high-entropy energy with negentropic free energy, and if this imperative is to be satisfied, all parts of the organism must connect with all other parts reliably and without delay. This kind of instant and multidimensional interconnection suggests that the kind of order that characterizes quantum systems also appears in the domain of life.

The living state in maintained not by genetic, but by epigenetic regulation. A system of regulation within the organism turns genes ‘on’ and ‘off’ – activating and de-activating the genetic endowment of the species to meet the survival needs of the organism. The organism is intrinsically coherent, with ultra-sensitive connections binding its diverse parts into functional unity. Current research in biophysics suggests that the vehicle that ensures coherence in the living organism is water which can assume a wide variety of states. Alternative states can be generated by irradiation with electomagnetic waves, by the introduction of inert materials, the dissolution of fullerenes, as well as exposing the ater to biological and it appears even psychological processes. According to Mae-Wan Ho, living systems are permeated by quantum waves. The biological organism, the phenome, is where the wavefunctions are the most dense. It appears living tissue constitutes so-called Bose-Einstein condensates. Information within Bose-Einstein condensates is transferred instantly, producing the kind of coherence previously associated only with lasers and quantum systems.

Experiments that demonstrate the effectiveness of distant healing were pioneered by cardiologist Randolph Byrd. The results were statistically significant. The prayed – for group was fives times less likely than the control group to require antibiotics and none in the prayed-for group required endotracheal intubation.

Yet another finding inexplicable by the current paradigm is that organic molecules are produced in stars. The received wisdom is that the universe is a physical system in which life is, if not an anomalous, at least a rare a very likely accidental phenomenon. After all, living systems can evolve only under conditions that are extremely rare in space and time. However, it turned out that the basic substances on which life is based are produced already in the physical – chemical evolution of stars. These organic molecules are ejected into surrounding space and coat asteroids and clumps of interstellar matter, including those that subsequently condense into starts and planets. It appears that the universe is distinctly tuned for life: its basic physical processes produce the very substances required for the evolution of living systems.