Usually described as an awareness or sentience and appreciated as a variable from unconsciousness into full wakefulness and less frequently into the enlightened state of higher consciousness. Enlightenment remains poorly understood despite being highly significant and documented in every culture through millennia. Normally people are only aware and appreciate themselves as the conscious ego with the intrapsychic separation occurring in the early years of life before concrete memory and the subconscious realms remain theoretical until they are met during the process of individuation which has been confined to a minority until the collective can move through the process successfully.

The enlightened state is clearly the ‘natural state’ for humanity and the fall into egoic consciousness responsible for every harmful event that has occurred despite it being a probable deterministic creative process for a potential higher functioning future civilization. Historically it was reserved for a minority which leads to hierarchy and separation as when dealing with a holographic fractal system of consciousness it is either all enlightened or none with long periods on transition in between.

With higher consciousness comes the recognition that almost all the population is under some form of mind control and which can be understood from various perspectives such as the fall, alien technological control and the determinism associated with a reorganization of timelines. Whilst the transition can be nonlinear and instantaneous it is usually a slow process of awakening over years filled with the associated difficulties and judgements that go along with divergence into higher consciousness onto another timeline. With the shift in mental capacity there is a corresponding significant shift in emotional and physical states as the blockages are removed and each cell within the body communicates and works in harmony. Once the significance of this state is widely appreciated with the recognition of its potential universal nature then humanity as a whole can make it an appropriate priority with the primacy of consciousness.

The transition to enlightenment is associated with a significant increase in the conscious energy of the Creator that filters down through the dark energy of the quantum vacuum through the dark matter of the local spiritual realms and through the dna, microtubules and neural network of the human instrument and explains why this state is usually associated with a personal realization of God as it is the sentient energy of the Creator and a natural state to have a personal bond with Source. By following natural laws toward unity consciousness this conscious energy of the Creator can be increased within the collective towards a peaceful transition of civilization and evolution as the physical, mental and emotional capacities of humanity correspond with the degree to which this sentient energy flows into the physical realms.

The triune brain model is a useful approximation of how consciousness and behavior relate to structures within the brain with each level able to be controlled and limiting free will. The reptilian complex capable of repetitive behaviors can be programmed by media for over-consumption, competition and separation or it can be used for health, daily exercise, consciousness, equality and peace. A fundamental misunderstanding is relating this consciousness to darkness or evil as it is complicated by a collective perspective, is more powerful and yet has less free will and therefore can be controlled or programmed despite that leading to the control and fall of the collective. It could quite easily shift polarities and become ‘good’ if it was programmed for unity and natural laws whilst the ego’s become relatively evil as they try and contend with the consequences of torturing their home planet.

The limbic system is related to emotional learning and memory and the more fear generated within the collective the more traumatic experiences and the more separation within the psyche and physical reality. Due to the holographic nature of consciousness the collective can all eventually be in fear or love as separation cannot be maintained indefinitely. The neocortex which can understand the very fundamentals of the universe and yet can be totally controlled by the other segments of consciousness if they are not working in harmony. An indoctrination process in childhood reinforced by an unconscious mass media limits the range of potential future thought. The separation in the physical is mirrored within until people think of themselves as only an ego and create a deterministic reality dominated by paradigm of scientific atheism or fundamental religious perspective. Due to hemispheric separation language and reasoning is dominated by the left hemisphere and associated with the neural processes of the brain, the connectome or what is learnt whilst the right hemisphere comes to dominate the quantum processes of the brain or akashic, intuitive or spiritual realms which define what is possible based on left hemispheric reasoning and actually controls the collective despite having limited freedom of thought.

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Religion Vs Atheism

Besides the drama of the New World Order much of the dynamic through the apocalypse will be the interaction of atheistic and religious modes of thinking so it is important to understand each others perspective.

A lot of the problem is that there is so much separation which the psyche that people are only conscious of their ego and the human mind system almost malfunctions trying to define and understand the universe as a unipolar consciousness. There is ample evidence that consciousness is a dynamic variable however once this process becomes conscious the opportunities for understanding become less due to the difficulties around the individuation process. It is largely a dynamic of the interaction of the spiritual realms or underworld. As it moves further into the unconscious society becomes more egoic and atheistic whilst there are periods when it becomes more conscious and there are corresponding increases in spirituality and religious thinking. Without appreciating the longer cycles people have a tendency to project forward only what they have experienced in their own personal life experience.

There is also the issue of believing only in what can be tested and coming to terms with all the suffering in the world. As Source energy involves the higher dimensional energy of dark energy it is not open to standard deterministic scientific testing and it becomes more of a personal realization as this sentient energy joins with the consciousness of the individual during the process of awakening. Suffering comes down to separation from Source, free will and control by fractal entities. Control leads to asymmetry, determinism and lower levels of consciousness. If fractal entities are not symbiotic they become parasitical in order to maintain their free will which leads to a fall in the collective whether that be the Anunaki or the corporate military industrial complex. Freedom and higher levels of civilization involve an interdependence of fractals working towards unity with a primacy of consciousness. When dealing with a fractal system there a nodes where change can occur measured in millennia rather than years. So fractal entities need long time scales, vast distances, periods of separation and interaction of fractals in the creation process and the whole idea is to become mature enlightened co-creators rather than deterministic biorobots.

Some people look at all the different religions as a reason to support atheism however they always have a core experience of enlightenment which is common and an associated collective change in consciousness going back thousands of years to the shamanic experience. Likely the dark matter of the spiritual realm operates as a store of information which has been programmed with the technology and consciousness of higher civilization however the ability to access this akashic record still depends on the individual and collective knowledge at the time and demonstrated in traditions such as the ageless wisdom. The transition through the apocalypse will be the first time this change in consciousness and spiritual realization is supported with the free flow of information over the internet bringing with it the opportunity to unite the world religions into a single universal spirituality.

Next is the nature of the written material that prophets through history have provided which the scientific atheistic consciousness of the present cannot appreciate. This is partly related to the progression of social maturity within society although it is also the dynamic change in consciousness that occurs during the process. The process is primarily a left hemispheric egoic pulse into higher consciousness which can only be temporary (for example 1 year) before the conscious polarities individuate and descend into the underworld. The right hemisphere takes over much of the functioning leading to a more intuitive metaphorical text. Normal thought, memory, reading and expression become quite difficult (think of Jung barely able to read or work during his confrontation with the unconscious) and the experiences in the underworld involve a great deal of torture and suffering and if it wasn’t for support survival would not be possible. There are autonomous complexes within the underworld that have been in a closed system for centuries, mimicking human central nervous systems at vibratory frequencies not compatible with life so they are not normally functioning and are much the same now as references in the Bible document. There are fractal entities that can form hybrids with humanity or ‘Sons of God’ and take many years to be removed and shared in the underworld such as in the crucifixion (Eucharist) and The book of Job.

A lot of confusion within religion is relating these spiritual experiences to a physical context and separating them into good and evil, heaven and hell and their associated doctrines of control and punishment without being able to appreciate a bi-hemispheric holographic fractal perspective subject to natural and physical laws (perfectly understandable given when they were written). Without this appreciation there is a natural tendency for these environments to lead to separation until reality creation becomes a conscious process with the appreciation these environments are interdependent.

Another is all the violence and war associated with religions in the past and present. A lot of the problem is that there are issues with causality. The underworld is a closed system although contains the unconscious of humanity and when there are lower chakra energy or information transfers within this system these lead to corresponding deterministic transfers of energy in the physical reality of the ego often manifesting as conflict on the level of couples or countries. If humanity had a ‘normal’ dynamic of psychic energy or symmetrical flow of kundalini there would be no unconscious negative flows of psychic spiritual energy and there would be peace on Earth. This is an unconscious process involving most of the human psyche and a holographic fragment of the infinite and therefore it is of much greater significance than generally appreciated.

The fractal entities within the spiritual realms have minimal capacity for individual creative thought so operate according to the collective thought forms and collective consciousness of the population. Obviously without an accurate and unified understanding within the general community they operate in an antagonistic fashion. If the population want the inequality of capitalism it will progress until natural laws collapse the system. if you request heaven and hell they will separate until you request unity. if you link the sexual expression of women with morality and God without understanding the effects on conscious threshold and symmetry they will torture you to extinction before anyone has opportunity to understand what is happening. If you prioritize control over freedom and enlightenment they will just turn you all into biorobots. If you allow there to be an underworld filled with technology that is beyond human understanding and operating within a closed system for millennia it will obviously have a negative effect on the collective. If the majority of people around the globe (even 10%) could understand the primacy of consciousness and associated natural laws there could be a peaceful and enjoyable transition of civilization which would begin almost immediately.

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Christ / Antichrist

These archetypes correspond to the enlightened state of Christ consciousness or the consciousness of the biological android operating below the heart chakra and capable of acts that only machines are capable of.

The Antichrist symbol of 666 is an archetypal pictorial image of consciousness of a hanged man between two women representing the masculine and feminine boundaries of consciousness and operating as a biological android during a descent into the underworld (upside down cross). Women have greater ability to separate their consciousness due to the restricted period of raising a child with unconditional love and less opportunity in general for individuation and wholeness. Over time this leads to women (on average) at a higher vibratory frequency whilst at a lower conscious threshold with men trying to create a physical reality as biological androids unaware that their mind systems are malfunctioning due to the whole system being bounded by the consciousness of women.

Enlightenment or resolution of the hanged man through healing and individuation involves normalizing the kundalini, working through the shadow, hemispheric symmetry and appreciating that sexuality is a dynamic flow of energy between the masculine and feminine polarity. This process may be impossible within a relationship such as marriage where there is long term suppression of negatives into the unconscious in order to maintain harmony. This is the archetype of the Rosy Cross or the path of healing through the sacred feminine, redemption through the union of opposites and associated with the philosophers stone.

During a transition in consciousness or an ascension process (imagine a Sun God beginning a period of ascension) this process becomes a lot more common and important as it has in times past. It becomes important to work with the unconscious and be guided by natural laws and synchronicities trying to stay out in front of the underworld as it ascends otherwise there is a possibility you end up inside the ‘cave’ as a zombie, targeted individual, insane or dead.

Serpent on the Cross: The Ancient Occult Path to Liberation(youtube) – (pdf)