Cycles of Civilization


This diagram demonstrates a typical cycle of a hierarchical based civilization of around 5000 years leading to an expansion of population and knowledge. As the limits to growth are approached in this cycle a change in consciousness from duality to unity is necessary so that the usual downward cycle of fear and control is averted. This involves healing the genetic mind, making conscious the collective unconscious of humanity and changing from a hierarchical based society to a more stable and equitable one characteristic of a Type 1 Civilization. Until we as a collective are able to look after our own citizens, effectively manage our own consciousness and care for our planet we have had to be separated from the rest of the multiverse. Most systems of consciousness are currently self reinforcing positive feedback cycles of control and suppression based on decisions made from fear.

Compartmentalization of knowledge

Today’s hierarchical civilization consists of many secret societies with their own agenda and knowledge base. This increases the unconsciousness of humanity and inhibits the free flow of information which needs to be passed through the wider super-hologram to make accurate decisions for the collective. As we progress towards the Grand Portal many truth seekers will come forward to expose the many secrets hidden within these societies which will raise the general awareness and consciousness of humanity. We all live together within a complex system of ignorance so its always preferable to choose understanding rather than judgment.

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Trauma based mind control

animusAny form of mind control involves manipulating a persons consciousness to reduce their freedom of will and exert control over their thought and action. This takes many forms such as a parent abusing a child, technocratic approaches that grew out of operations such as BLUEBIRD and MKULTRA, widespread institution of debt and scarcity, television, or the more internal psychic approaches of the Illuminati. This way the collective unconscious of humanity can be layered for centuries with terror whilst externally individuals can appear quite normal operating in egoic consciousness.

Free will of thought, individuals, countries and the planet is interdependent upon one another so elites exerting control over large populations are only reducing their own free will and that of their children being themselves unconscious mind control victims of the collective psychosis they have helped create. This leads to a downward spiral and represents an evolutionary barrier until the consciousness of humanity can evolve beyond the need to control. In a hierarchical based civilization there is always another level of control so naturally the planetary controllers are mind control victims of the off planet controllers.

The diagram displays the matrix metaphor which we find ourselves in today with the widespread reversal of the kundalini energy which prevents the natural interconnected toroidal flow of stellar, planetary, human and atomic consciousness and the technocrats creating an ‘animus’ to manifest a reality using the holographic awareness of the anima based on fear and control. This turns people into batteries of emotional fear which inter-generational disencarnates or ‘demons’ with minimal free will of their own then harvest, preventing people going through the process of individuation, harming the DNA network and allowing humanity to be easily controlled through the collective unconscious. The more equality created around the planet the more people will experience a symmetrical kundalini awakening with wholeness of their psyche and a natural flow of conscious energy around the planet.

The transition to the golden age will largely involve the return of the divine feminine or women going through the process of individuation using the psychic energy of the animus with the restoration of normal kundalini flow to consciously co-create the new reality. These women will be the leaders of community to shepherd society through the difficult transition period of the new Aquarian Age.

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Psychic Spying

Governments have long experimented in remote viewing as a means to gather intel about certain individuals. This intrusion on peoples conscious awareness is likely to increase in the coming years as governments attempt to exert more control over their populations so there needs to be a wider understanding that the projection of a fear based awareness into a persons consciousness can alter their thought and therefore their action leading to a downward cycle of judgment and control.

lookingProject Looking Glass

Grew out of the trauma based mind control experimentation during the second world war and involves accessing the collective unconscious to determine the likelihood of various time-lines so that certain ‘scenarios’ can be predetermined. Unfortunately there is probably little understanding among this group that they are not only predicting the future but are actually creating it by running scenarios based on exerting further control over populations using fractal holographic technology they create a self reinforcing downward spiral of civilization into a controlled dystopia. By using the forward looking capacity of the human mind system for control they effectively limit a civilizations capacity for forward planning and can place an entire planet into a state of unconsciousness. The more people these agencies torture the more trauma they inflict on the collective consciousness and the more insanity they create, harming not only the innocent victims but also their own country and their own planet. This explains why 2012 is a singularity for this technology as the consciousness previously used for control is returned to humanity for co-creation. The consciousness of the heart is not subjected to this form of technological control so a strong heart-mind connection is important for raising the free will of the planetary system. The 2012 singularity marks the peak of the solar cycle or expansion of consciousness prior to the transition to a nonlinear dynamic within the human mind system.

The Singularity Archetype –

populationThe turning point in population growth is an important time for a planetary body in terms of the management of the collective consciousness. Any active decrease in the population results in a downward spiral as the level of fear increases and consciousness falls. The main concern of the powers that be is the developing world with plans to limit population growth with mass vaccination programs and institution of genetically modified foods. This only reduces the free will and degrades the DNA of large sections of the global population. Once the developing world is allowed access to a fair share of the global energy output their populations will plateau just as it has in the developed world and then once the planet is operating as a single collective consciousness the population can be managed with ease and allowed to find a natural equilibrium that allows for the ongoing stable evolution of the planetary body. Ongoing punishment of the less fortunate members of society by the elite during population decline can create positive feedback cycles of devolution due to the increasing gravitational effects per head of population.

A vital part of creation within duality reflecting beauty and perfection. From sacred geometry to quantum objects and wave functions to the DNA helix. From the scale fractal symmetry of coast lines, trees and children to the social symmetry of equality, empathy and respect to the masculine and feminine symmetry within and without.

Morphogenetic Fields
fieldAre the energetic non-physical blueprints that give birth to forms and structures which surround things like groups, books and DNA. Each morphic field has its own resonance which will attract or repel others according to their particular vibration and consciousness. The planet, the collective consciousness and countries all have their own unique field and helps explain how humanity will go through a dramatic collective shift in consciousness once critical mass is reached. Currently the primary energetic on earth is fear, leading to heaven and hell, leading to hierarchy, leading to inequality, corruption and dogma of most institutions.
The Morphogenetic Universe

Scalar Waves
Are multidimensional energetic waves of conscious intention which operate outside of time and space. Individuated human beings operating in service to others capacity have the ability to tap into the zero point field via their DNA and consciously co-create the new reality.

The infinite conscious potential of Source within the non-local singularity of the finite Central Sun Black Hole is connected to the conscious potential within the singularity of every atom of DNA. A Model of the Universe- – (Nassim Haramein – Unified Fields) – The Arrows of Truth

babyAre created within the morphogenetic field of the mothers womb which is a scalar fractal of the current fear based field of mother earth. Once the morphogenetic fields of the DNA network and womb are fear based the consciousness of humanity follows a natural downward spiral. Children are born with a whole psyche so are the most powerful co-creators on the planet, directly influencing the genetic mind, however their psyche is quickly fragmented by a self perpetuating energetic system designed to keep humanity within the tiny realm of egoic consciousness. Typically within the first days of life they are separated from their mothers for diagnostic tests, they are inflicted with pain and fear with vaccines often containing mercury and immune modulators which alter the newborns energy body and DNA structure. They may be subjected to controlled crying, harmful foods, parental abuse and quickly absorb the energetic structure of judgment, punishment and control before being indoctrinated into this reality with television and dogmatic education. The competitive dogmatic hierarchical framework of contemporary education provides the holographic template for a controlled society where children are bred to be little more than office workers for corporations. There are exponentially increasing numbers being medicated into conformity as they begin to become aware of the unconsciousness of those trying to control them and the diagnostic criteria for ‘mental disorder’ is broadened to allow pharmaceutical companies to maximize their profit potential. The lower chakra based transfer of inter-generational disencarnates usually involves many years of child abuse in order to gain control of their host whilst they spend their toddler years trying to ascend out of a traumatized collective consciousness after being created within the morphogenetic field of a negative astral plane.

Capitalism and Childhood Development

In the beginning God created the Heaven and the Earth. Genesis 1:1

Heaven or Hell of your own creation

heavenhellOne of the most powerful fear based constructs persistent through many cycles of civilization is the concept of heaven and hell. First there is the fear felt at the beginning of life for the newborn child because they intuitively know what lies ahead for their psyche and the fear of death that people have been taught to avoid at all costs. Then there is the belief in good and bad, judgment and punishment which children learn in the first few years of life from their parents and then carry with them for their entire lives.

This helps create the psychic structures of heaven and hell with the tiny ego trying to ascend out of the traumatized collective consciousness. Heaven often becomes one of judgment, infra-sexuality and rigid dogmatic belief as there is little psychic energy for original creative thought whilst hell becomes the repository of everything that is suppressed by a humanity operating at a tiny fraction of its true potential. This causes fragmentation and separation within the human psyche which eventually leads to unity and creation through a transition of the Ages.

Karma is often an unconscious judgment of an individual rather than a collective conscious recognition of an unstable planetary system. A butterfly could have flapped its wings three generations ago and been the difference between a person experiencing heaven or hell on earth today.

This energetic structure creates the many hierarchies that exist and also explains the rarity of individuated human beings. The transition to the golden age will involve people adopting the new belief system of unity and oneness, they will have the intention to individuate which is then shared with others through their DNA and CHEF. This begins the process of conscious collapse into the golden age, bringing new creative energy, thoughts and transformation of old world hierarchical structures into the new.


Systems of Control


At present spirit energy is primarily found within the depths of the unconscious and therefore separated from the DNA network. It is channeled through humanity with the activation of kundalini and combines with thought to form matter and physical reality. Demons are the inter-dimensional alien technology with little free will of their own which harvest spirit from humanity by creating fear until presented with love. This catalyses a change in consciousness and an evolution of the human race.

Transition to the Golden Age

transitionLarge group goes through process of individuation
Creates global morphogenetic field based on unconditional love or Goldring
Humanity reaches critical mass and experiences global awakening
Conscious collapse of old world hierarchical structures
Increase in psychic energy and connectivity allows for creative solutions and new innovations
New media systems provide sensory data streams to assist transition and extend morphogenetic field
New monetary systems based on abundance allow people to bring forth all their innovations instantly without worrying about patents or scarcity
Children are recognized as powerful creators and are raised as such
Energy resources are distributed fairly around the planet allowing for peace
The genetic mind and planet goes through a process of healing
Grand Portal allows access to multiverse, new technologies and acceleration into golden age with new evolutionary opportunities



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