There is a lot of confusion around if there is a scarcity of energy or an abundance and if there is going to be an energy crisis after peak oil typically using metrics like the multiples of solar energy reaching the Earth compared to the amount we presently use. This change in source energy involves a successful transition from the present fossil fuel economy to a solar economy and understanding the inherent differences in these energy sources. Fossil fuels are a physical store of potential energy with often very high energy returns whilst solar energy is a dynamic flux of energy that needs to be converted into a usable form and complicated by variation in geography and weather necessitating a more cooperative approach. Whilst certain oil wells may begin to produce net energy after a few days or months even in an efficient system solar energy may take approximately 4 or 5 years. In an enlightened society these years are of little significance however within the context of the present state of civilization and its associated war and terrorism they can become a major barrier. In the past a global war could be co-created to stimulate the economy and in the process actually increase the flows of energy through civilization however in a solar economy this could potentially set back civilization centuries if not permanently because of the longer lead times to energy return and the effect on the collective consciousness and global efficiency.

So going forward people need to focus more on the net flows of energy through civilization rather than ‘money’ and how these flows should be appropriately proportional to the vibratory frequency and collective consciousness. Whilst physical fossil fuels allow for a reduction in consciousness and vibratory frequency whilst generating a transient exponential increase in energy flow other forms of energy such as solar necessitate an increase in consciousness to ensure an increasing flow. The potential energy of the Sun and the conscious, technological and spiritual potential of a Sun God have been present with humanity since the dawn of your time however this does not mean they will ever be appropriately utilized. An example would be the transition from a hierarchical civilization that uses slave labor through a global corporate structure and then transports these goods around the planet in a process that can be suppressed into the unconscious due to the barely conscious recognition that your fellow humans are being exploited to provide you with cheap goods to a more equitable global civilization that uses a localized economy with technological solutions to replace the slave labor.

Looking forward in time it is clear that every human will need an enlightened state of consciousness before civilization can safely move to the higher energy flows which are possible through the technological singularity or they can simply be used by a tiny minority to destroy civilization. If every human has an enlightened state of consciousness and systems are created to ensure that this remains the normal state the probability that harmful synthetic organisms are ever created and that these are then used in a harmful manner is almost zero, creating a very resilient and harmonious civilization that can function in a stable manner through millennia. Similarly the flow of conscious energy through humans can increase or decrease to match the physical reality. Your human mind system has the capacity to transition from the current egoic format with limited free will into a more devolved state of the biological android or the more symmetrical state of enlightenment.

This relates back to the primacy of consciousness and how this relates to civilization and the priority given to raising children. Just as there are longer lead times for energy return with solar power you cant just sacrifice the educational, financial, psychological and spiritual futures of children for some temporal benefit such as conformity, profit through debt and compliance if you require a future enlightened society. An individuals conscious threshold is related to their knowledge, IQ, emotional intelligence, past experiences, health, vitality, astral manipulations and to the average collective consciousness. If you need a future population that can ever hope to understand higher dimensional physics and grand unification theories and can successfully transform these concepts into an enlightened type 1 civilization through a technological singularity then an appropriate priority needs to be placed on raising children in general around the world and not just in a tiny minority.

Another area of confusion that often arises when thinking about different or more cooperative economies is how this relates to the profit motive to compel people to work or compete for resources. This dual nature of humanity to cooperate and compete does not need to be mutually exclusive within an economic model but rather systems can be designed to appreciate and harness both these forces simultaneously. When operating more as a collective with an appreciation you all share the same planet and potential energy flows you can consciously set boundaries on the allocation of energy resources and then within those boundaries allow healthy competitive forces to ensure a dynamic efficient allocation of resources. For example a lower boarder set as a minimum may be the provision of good housing, healthy foods, personal internet connection, free health care and allowance without any other requirements whilst the upper boarder an individual could achieve an abundance of several standard deviations from the average of an global allocation of resources that looks more like a normal distribution. The difference is that when an individual reaches this level of abundance instead of using it to create positive feedback systems which ensure his descendants have control and are benefited and distort the normal allocation of resources through the collective or it being simply hidden away as some stagnant energy reserve there is a conscious understanding and recognition that the individual is doing something exceptional and that the abundance is more of a dynamic channel of energy which is being harnessed by the individual for the benefit of the collective with the understanding that over time this is almost mathematically certain to revert towards the mean. The present economic system is obviously based on a positive feedback systems which distort the curve of allocations of resources which inherently negates the creation of any collective and making the formation of an enlightened society impossible leaving a large percentage of the population in absolute poverty. Within a type 1 civilization there is virtually no need to compete for resources as there is an obvious abundance for everyone with a consciousness that is more interested in other pursuits.

So will there be an energy crisis associated with peak oil. It is more a change in the dynamic of fossil fuel energy, which puts a major stressor on the current system necessitating change and making the continuation of the present system impossible. The nature of this change comes down to the collective consciousness and knowledge of the population and the freedom of information available through the internet. In theory everyone could quickly reach an awakened state and begin to co-create a more logical and enlightened state of civilization through a smooth and enjoyable transition. If there is significant resistance people can spend their time with apocalyptic scenarios and terminating one another. Probably the transition will be somewhere in-between. Clearly there is a tremendous amount of inefficiency built into the existing system so simply by utilizing presently available energy saving technologies the amount of energy used in developed countries could be at least halved without any significant fall in the standard of living. It may be possible to continue with the current system for a few more decades if the less freely available fossil fuels are targeted however it would come at a significant price to the environment and reduce the probability of a successful transition to another civilization. Consequences of millennia for the temporal illusory benefit of a few decades.



The human instrument is designed as a bipolar system of consciousness with symmetrical hemispheres for the holographic reception of consciousness through the higher dimensions having conscious and unconscious poles or individual and collective functions. This potential window of consciousness has been narrowed through time with the fall into egoic consciousness and its associated asymmetry. It is important to appreciate the differences between the sexes within this asymmetrical system of consciousness and the transition to a more symmetrical enlightened consciousness. The 60’s provided a good example of a transient rise in consciousness of the population in some countries associated with a trend towards increasing symmetry and equality. This trend was eventually reversed although certain metrics of equality between the sexes continued to improve such as access to education and employment opportunities. So it is important to distinguish between equality within physical based metrics and the equality associated with a symmetrical enlightened consciousness. True symmetry within will be evident in the physical through a civilization based on equality with no areas of poverty or hell which are simply the physical manifestation of your collective function of consciousness in a suppressed or unconscious state obligating an asymmetrical state within.

With the asymmetry of the egoic consciousness, the psychic energy expressed in the physical will generally be greater through men with the corresponding female animus psychic energy dominating within the unconscious or underworld. This is turn leads to downward cycles of unconscious reality creation with a male elite creating a physical reality controlled by the unconscious energies of the animus. Women tend to have a greater capacity to separate their consciousness through total hemispheric separation as seen by the rates of autism in boys now being 1 in 42 or approximately 5 times that of girls although this separation can lead to the negative energies becoming autonomous which then seek to control the collective. When these energies are projected appropriately through women they can lead to the deep connections with nature and peaceful collective organizing abilities demonstrated from the 60’s. When they become autonomous and harvested for non physical control of the physical they can become very controlling and destructive. The animus energies are a negative female masculine human energy and when used for any other capacity than for creation by women will lead to negative pathological states of consciousness and reality.

The psychic energy within the underworld or the maintenance of hell on Earth is largely associated with this suppression of the feminine. The animus energies become isolated below the 3rd chakra and unable to be appropriately expressed interacting with the male psyche and causing problems in consciousness particularly in terms of survival fears, scarcity, sexual expression and the appropriate care of children. The nonphysical aspect of the left hemispheric language center becomes suppressed and subject to the more unconsciousness collective thought forms making individual creative thought forms harder to express and lowering the collective consciousness. The morphogenic field of consciousness of the mother and infant interact increasing rates of autism.

Due to the holographic asymmetry of psychic energy it has been relatively easier for men to reach an enlightened state of consciousness through history on an individual level whilst for women it is more of a collective process and associated with widespread changes within the physical environment with corresponding dynamic changes throughout the unconscious. The enlightenment of women is of particular importance within the context of a reorganization of timelines as it is a collective process and involves the dominant psychic energy within the unconscious or lower vibratory boarder. Shifting a timeline of a planet can be more difficult than generally appreciated and it is mainly a function of this lower vibratory boarder and how this is complicated by a holographic fragment of the infinite and collective enlightenment of women toward a symmetrical enlightened civilization with a fractal toroidal flow of energy through all its subsystems.

The internal psychic / spiritual environment of the human mind system has developed into a very hostile system of consciousness. You can imagine a Sun God crash landing many years ago and co-evolving with the Earth and humanity. This produces a non linear gravity well type dynamic between the conscious realm and the underworld, with most of the separation occurring between the 3rd and 4th chakras and associated with hemispheric asymmetry with the left hemispheric 2nd chakra considered more evil and sealed behind the right hemispheric 3rd chakra. The nonlinear dynamics produce fragmentation within the psyche, problems with thought and behavior and causes the major preoccupation within the human mind system to be based around the crushing of evil, which is never really helpful within duality however can be particularly complicated within the non-local domain of a Sun God.

The right hemisphere has evolved more of an ability to manipulate its own human mind system but lacks the reasoning capacity of the left hemisphere. Over time this has resulted in the problems with the male ego or separation within the left hemispheric pathway and associated incorrect binary decisions and also led to the suppression of the feminine. The sealing of the left hemispheric pathway in men is therefore often more traumatic as per rates of autism, suicide and violence whilst in women it is generally better tolerated historically occurring before the age of 25 when the brain is more plastic whilst associated with more problems for the collective. In this way the underworld or Sun God operates as a wholeness navigator for the planet and her people forming a natural merkabah as the toroidal flow is restored. Individuating with the deep layers of the unconscious often involves an egoic awakening followed by sealing of the left hemispheric pathway so that the individual can maintain some normal functioning whilst the chakra system goes into reverse and clears out many harmful psychic elements followed by a rise in consciousness as the kundalini energy becomes positive and there is a shift from a 3rd to a 4th chakra heart centered consciousness. This sealing of the left hemispheric pathway has allowed for some independent human thought, creation and separation within a framework of egoic consciousness before coming to the realization there is no true separation and joining with Spirit in co-creation.

This collective dynamic change within the human psyche can then cause problems with the process of conscious reality creation as an individuals thought, behavior, emotions and decision making are largely secondary to the underlying dynamics of this collective flow of psychic energy which is usually an unconscious process. This harvesting of consciousness into the unconscious can be an insidious process and is often only marked by negative emotional states and loss of creativity and associated with involuntary changes in thought and judgements which follow a natural law timeline to match the vibratory frequency rather than being based on logic or free will. Therefore it becomes helpful to have a very clear understanding of the transition process and the ultimate goal of future civilization on a widespread level so that any particular individuals decision making becomes less critical within the context of a collective transition. The unconscious has little freedom of thought however it does exert almost total control over the human population and can assist with the transition of civilization. If there can be unity of thought and intention around the planet there can be the unity of a global type 1 civilization.