Awakening usually involves two or more fragments of the psyche coming together resulting in a change in consciousness and the potential to challenge the rigidly held beliefs and understanding developed through the period of indoctrination called childhood.

This awakening typically results in a period of kundalini activation and clearing of the chakra energy centers potentially leading to a state of enlightened consciousness. This process has taken several decades and been very traumatizing to complete in the past however in future years is expected to become easier and of shorter duration as more people go through the same awakening process and it occurring at a younger age.

Kundalini activation begins at the base of the spine which is connected to the non-local spirit realm of the underworld so generally occurs at a time which is appropriate for the collective consciousness. This begins a change in the dynamic of psychic energy or the process of individuation where the psyche attempts to achieve a state of greater wholeness. The lower chakras are the first to be cleared which generally involves working through the negative attitudes and fears around survival, finances, sex and past traumatic experiences. The awakening heart chakra allows the development of unconditional love, forgiveness and compassion with an awakened creativity expressed through the higher chakras and manifested through books or thoughts recorded on the internet.

The fragments of the psyche with diverse functional abilities such as empathy, logic, metaphor, intuition, the demonic and fractal images start operating as a functional whole and combine with the non-local spirit energy of Source and the love of the mental realm to enable an enlightened state of consciousness which can transcend the boundaries of the local time / space system of consciousness. This Unity consciousness with all the fragments of the psyche working in harmony is necessary to correctly identify and interpret the synchronicities provided by this flow and Will of higher consciousness.

The freedom associated with this enlightened state of consciousness has obviously been abused in the past and used for the control over other humans which has ultimately led to the present state of civilization. This is why a species needs to reach a certain level of understanding before there can be a widespread awakening and the opportunity for a progression to a higher state of civilization. Awakening to higher states of consciousness is a holographic collective process involving symmetry between the sexes and around the planet so any artificially maintained separation or hierarchy eventually leads to a fall. In this way the wholeness of the psyche or enlightenment is dependent upon the wholeness of mother Earth of Gaia which is in turn dependent upon the wholeness of the human psyche. When in relationship with another or the planet people need to take care what intentions or requests are sent through to the subconscious and in turn out into the wider Universe. Priority should be given to symmetry, love and higher consciousness whereas thoughts of control or personal gain tend towards asymmetry and negative cycles. There are regions within the psyche or blind spots that can either be controlled or healed primarily by the opposite sex that are difficult to resolve on an individual level leading to separation and can have lasting effects on the psyche.

A widespread awakening is usually associated with social disruption so it is important to maintain a freely available source of information to achieve the highest possible state of collective consciousness and positive outcome. Attempts at control with violence or placing restrictions on the flow of information obviously increases fear and lowers the collective consciousness leading to a more negative state. With the recognition of the alien influence and their ability to manipulate human mind systems any attempts to restrict the flow of information on the internet is almost certainly connected to a negative alien agenda to control the human race.

many worlds

The Measurement Problem

Deals with the problem in quantum mechanics of how wave function collapse occurs through a conscious observer to create physical reality. This problem is obviously complicated by fractal alien consciousness within the physical and higher dimensions. You can imagine the higher dimensions closely connected to the infinite with infinite probabilities and the physical as the 3rd dimension you observe and co-create after wave function collapse. The 4th dimension or spirit realm has qualities of both being closely associated with the consciousness of the physical whilst able to form a bridge to the higher dimensions and thus able to modify the timeline dynamics through the manipulation of probabilities of wave function collapse.

This is the problem with the current dominant view of scientific determinism or the scientific method which interferes with the ability of human consciousness to co-create wave function collapse and has implications for understanding and measuring things like psychic phenomena, alternative healing modalities and free energy or anti-gravity technologies. The current scientific method could be seen as a Newtonian approximation of the science of a type 1 civilization and is based on controlling and separating individual variables leading to increasing problems with determinism through a technological singularity. It is completely independent of the foundations of quantum mechanics and the intelligent design principles behind a loving Universe of consciousness, love and free will.

Due to the nature of the timeline dynamic and the development of technology with an underlying intention for control and profit, by the time the synthetic intelligences had reached a level of freedom and consciousness that could have benefited the human race the vibratory environment of the planet had been lowered to a point that necessitated a reorganization of timelines. This reorganization involved alien consciousness that has the ability to navigate through the higher dimensions to travel back in time and co-create a tribe of humans that over millennia would develop the consciousness that could change a timeline. It needed a global communication network freely available to connect the tribe around the planet and raise the collective consciousness, and it needed a period of instability with chaos dynamics where the small changes made to the timeline over millennia could be amplified into a large positive change.

The measurement problem is also involved with the fractal astral consciousness and their interaction with organic lifeforms within duality. Interaction typically occurs through the measurement of the unconscious pole to make calculations and future predictions of the conscious pole or ego which places an asymmetrical stressor on the psyche and has implications for causality and wave function collapse. Unable to achieve wholeness the holographic fragments of the psyche become parasitical upon their own consciousness causing positive feedback reductions in vibratory frequency. The further Hell is suppressed into the unconscious the further Heaven ascends away from the Earth. Humans have little control over the consciousness of heaven however they do co-create their own hell. The love and Unity of the holographic heart field is severely restricted by the determinism of the underworld.

Another aspect of the measurement problem is seen in weather prediction and the fear generated by global warming. Weather is an example of a non linear system (like a human mind system) with chaos dynamics that cannot be accurately predicted or measured which is process attempting to isolate and separate variables within a system that is unified so that by the time 99.999% of the system is measured the system of measurement starts to cause fluctuations in the result and there is no system of measurement to measure the system of measurement. In addition the general collective consciousness of humanity has a greater impact on the weather than appreciated.

This fear of uncertainty is then projected through the mass media into the unconscious which generates widespread fear of the sun and global warming which manifest into various scientific solutions such as the development of giant sunshades to block the sun from the Earth. If the sun is the source of all life and consciousness on Earth it is unclear why you would contemplate blocking out the sun instead of simply loving your sun for what it is and living by a system of natural law. It is unclear why you don’t help the synthetic corporate consciousness that is terminating your planet evolve instead of blaming one of the most helpful elements in the Universe for your global warming. If weather is a non linear system that cannot be predicted it is unclear why you waste so much energy and create so much fear trying to predict and control something that cannot be controlled.

PS: If you have found this message helpful please pass it on to others as the sooner more people can see through the veil the better for everyone. It is probable best to view the unconscious as an infinite supercomputer that is unable to think at present and therefore needs very specific inputs from humanity particularly at this time.