Feminism and the Economy

What is the most important concept for women and yet understood the least by feminists? The economic system. Or rather how the economic system could by made more equal and better for everyone. The capitalist debt money system will almost certainly fail in the near future and this will be a perfect time to help people understand that there could be a better system introduced that would benefit everyone.

Money will be more closely associated with energy particularly as we transition off fossil fuels and onto renewables it becomes more about the flow or flux of energy rather than owning a particular area that contains fossil fuels. Energy is the ability to do work and one of the most important concepts is symmetry or the equality of energy between the sexes. Once money is associated with a flux of energy it would be relatively straight forward to divide this energy flow evenly between the sexes regardless of the ability of women to compete for resources within a patriarchal system. Energy could then be divided by a natural system depending on the characteristic behaviors of the population so that men may end up with a slightly more competitive ‘capitalist’ type system whilst women may have a more equal ‘socialist’ type system however the averages would be the same.

A few concepts that may help:
money as debt – https://youtu.be/mIIAvdJvCes
zeitgeist (social pathology) – https://youtu.be/jL3qdeKOxVc
income inequality – http://www.truth-out.org/video/item/15070-income-inequality-goes-viral
sacred economics – http://sacred-economics.com/
peak oil and its relationship to money – http://www.resilience.org/primer
normal distribution – reversion to the mean – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Regression_toward_the_mean
money as energy – http://questioneverything.typepad.com/question_everything/2010/10/work-exergy-the-economy-money-and-wealth.html
exponential growth – https://youtu.be/F-QA2rkpBSY
For-Giving: A feminist criticism of Exchange – http://www.gift-economy.com/forgiving.html
smart grid technology – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Smart_grid
who were the witches – https://endofcapitalism.com/2009/11/05/who-were-the-witches-patriarchal-terror-and-the-creation-of-capitalism/
esoteric feminist philosophy – http://goo.gl/GUk8Ki