Free Will

freeThe question of free will has been a central issue since the beginning of philosophical thought and refers to the capacity of people to choose a course of action from among various alternatives. Free will has many dimensions one of them being a binary quality in terms of the consciousness of the individual, or whether they are operating in a service to self based capacity or service to others.

Free will does not have any absolute level but rather is relative and can increase or decrease due to a variety of factors. We only need to look out upon society at the widespread fear and scarcity, obesity levels, war and terrorism, overpopulation and degradation of the ecosphere to determine that the overall quality of free will today is low and looking ahead at the future we could imagine realities where this overall free will of the collective is either allowed to increase toward a golden age or is suppressed and controlled towards global suicide.

Free Will, Fate and Causality –

determineDeterminism is the view that every event, including human cognition, behavior, decision and action is causally determined by an unbroken chain of prior occurrences. Such determinism is sometimes illustrated by the thought experiment of Laplace’s demon where an entity that knows all facts about the past and the present and knows all natural laws that govern the universe might be able to use this knowledge to foresee the future, down to the smallest detail.

We see this play out in the consciousness of humanity as we migrate from a 4th dimensional deterministic based (un)consciousness of the Kali Yuga to a 5th dimensional co-creative collective consciousness which is able to operate outside of time/space. An example of this is the simple awareness of physics which has slowly moved from a deterministic Newtonian paradigm to one based on the uncertainties and creativity of quantum mechanics. Unfortunately Newtonian dogma is still taught to students more than a century after the introduction of quantum mechanics impeding their level of awareness and the collective consciousness.

Many people think humans have no free will due to the nature of determinism and use evidence such as being able to scientifically measure neurological changes in the brain before an action or decision becomes fully conscious to the participant. All this really implies is that the free will of an individual at any point in time is directly proportional to the free will of the collective which is related to the collective consciousness and emotional frequency and how this relates to the generation of thought and the use of technology and energy. The neurological evidence demonstrates the bipolar dynamic nature of human consciousness and how the unconscious, which is the realm of the collective is effectively phase shifted forward in time with many actions, thoughts and behaviors originating there before becoming conscious.

Consciousness causes collapse
collapseThe philosophical implications of quantum theory that involve reality creation are becoming more popular in the collective consciousness. The collapse of the wave function alludes to the creation of reality by mind; the non-local interconnection of quantum linked particles hints at a basic oneness of all things; the multi-dimensions needed for quantum theory hint that there is much more than just this three dimensional world we experience; and the uncertainty principle helps us understand that nothing is deterministic.

Wave function collapse refers to the process where quantum probabilities represented as an energetic wave function are collapsed by the consciousness of an observer. This happens on an individual level and also on a collective level through the collective consciousness of humanity. It happens on a very small scale involving single electrons and on very large scales involving the planetary body. It also happens on small time scales of fractions of seconds to large time scales of many centuries. When dealing with macroscopic human planetary reality creation we first decide whether we want to create heaven or hell on earth. If we choose to create heaven on earth the most important components are raising the collective consciousness of humanity, improving the quality of thought and emotion and increasing individuals freedom of will. Each human being is an equal holographic fragment of the larger wave function probability. Unfortunately our present powers that be seem more inclined to restrict a persons freedom of will and thus control thought and emotion in a negative direction of reality creation.

The human mind system is designed with independent hemispheres and has co evolved with the astral spiritual environment to produce thought and emotion. Due to asymmetry between the sexes each hemisphere is at different conscious thresholds and the unconscious mind has been separated from the ego due to separation between heaven and hell particularly within the left hemispheric pathway (the quadrated world). So to maximize free will the astral environment needs a free flowing system of spiritual energy allowing hemispheric symmetry, with each hemisphere independently processing reality and a wave function is collapsed with soul consciousness to produce thought. The more thoughts are co-created with soul consciousness the more they are subject to reverse causality. These thoughts are then shared over an increasingly connected internet. So as the planet becomes more connected it also becomes less deterministic with greater levels of free will.

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Dimensions of free will – the freedom of thought, people, country and the planet are interdependent fractals.

dimensionThought – Mainly arises from sensory data which in today’s society is the projection of the unconscious through television. Most peoples thought is limited to a narrow range defined by the mass media between two opposites, good/evil, black/white, poor/rich, inflate/deflate, republican/democrat. It also arises from the observation of ones own behavior with most people locked into a service to self mentality due to escalating debt levels and scarcity.

Person – has many dimensions involving the physical, emotional, psychological, biological and theological. In today’s society children enter a process of indoctrination from a early age, are fed junk food leading to obesity, are made to memorize various dogma and are led into a specialized career path locked into debt where their overall free will is limited. A rigid family unit without the support of a tribal culture can also severely limit a persons free will.

Country – there is an overall tendency of increasing controls on whole populations as we head into a period of fossil fuel decline and approach the limits to growth of the planetary body. Even in western civilization the free will of countries is decreasing as they are held captive by a globalized elite who essentially own the governments and the monetary system and who operate in a service to self capacity without any concern for any individual country. They represent some of the most unconscious individuals in society whilst having access to the most power and energy.

Planetary Body – the free will of Gaia is mainly related to the collective consciousness and the combined human emotional field which depending upon the individual choices of each person can either increase of decrease as a collective. As there is a more equitable distribution of resources around the planet the collective consciousness and emotional frequency will increase. Thoughts are generally equally distributed over a positive and negative frequency range and then free will is used by each person to determine if the free will of the collective rises or falls. Each binary decision is responsible for taking an individual and a planetary system closer or further away from Source and if the collective is traveling in a negative direction it can be very difficult for individuals to form a stable connection with Prime Creator.

Increasing Free Will

increaseSo to increase an individuals free will and therefore the free will of the collective consciousness or planetary body we :

-be selective about our sensory data and try to operate in a paradigm of service to others
-focus on the process of self realization, making a connection to our unconscious and co-creating a future reality based on unconditional love.
-Free will is increased by the natural flow of psychic energy and the expression of soul consciousness which allows for the transmission of thought outside the bounds of linear time and increase in synchronistic reality creation.
-Nurture our physical vehicles
-raise children on a paradigm of creativity rather than indoctrination to existing dogma
-encourage governments to lessen controls on society rather than increase them
-a critical factor will be the impending globalization of the monetary system which will either be based on an ongoing scarcity debt based elitist controlled system or one on a more equitable natural energy based system specifically created to prevent pooling of energy and encourage abundance

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