Human Mind System


Above we see how the primary holographic thought form of good and evil provides the psychic pressure necessary to keep humanity in an egoic based consciousness and easily controlled with most negatives kept below the conscious threshold by the majority of the population. This is a common misconception of an immature species existing within duality as it becomes conscious of its own mind system under the influence of gravity with almost all humans eventually processing quantum reality with a fundamental flaw in the programming language of the Universe. Each hemisphere contains a holographic image of not only the individual but the whole species which is summated over a hierarchical population at varying conscious thresholds to create the psychic structures of heaven and hell. The human instrument compensates for the resultant trauma inflicted on the collective consciousness and negative emotional states by suppressing most of the consciousness into a sub-conscious or unconscious state which is then viewed as evil and punished instead of healed creating a positive feedback devolutionary cycle. The left brain ego rises above the holographic conscious awareness of the right brain leading to separation and negative reality creation through inverted wave function probabilities with the subconscious large, controlled and deterministic and the ego small and unable to understand its own perspective. This process often begins in the womb and progresses through life at a rate dependent on various life circumstances and in today’s society we see it occurring in the earlier years as demonstrated by the exponentially increasing rates of ADHD in children and other forms of psychic illness in young adults. This abnormal condition shuts down most of the higher psychic abilities of the human instrument and keeps the life span shortened. The large negative unidirectional vibratory differential between the conscious and subconscious mind makes it much harder to recover from mental illness particularly psychosis which was previously seen as a shamanic illness that helped heal the consciousness of humanity, now usually becomes a chronic illness treated with life long psychotropic medication. Almost all people are programming their own psyche for separation rather than wholeness due to these subconscious negative emotional states or recognition of intrapsychic foreign consciousness and the long time-frames involved in healing when the process of individuation occurs only within the minority of the population.

When living in a reality based on duality, it is always preferable to create systems that ensure the normal flow of energy between any two poles. The primary thought form in today’s reality of good/evil ensures the constant suppression of the inferior pole, which results in the gradual fall in the consciousness of humanity and a reduction in all forms of free will. This has allowed humanity to explore the illusion of separation and the egoic based consciousness however as we transition into the Aquarian Age this primary thought form needs to be replaced with a more logical alternative such as ‘helping other people’ as opposed to ‘crushing evil’. This internal psychic process is mirrored in the physical with creations such as the military-industrial complex with enormous amounts of energy directed into control and suppression of ‘evil’ on a global scale leading to the same instability and logical conclusion.

This dominant good/evil thought form can be re-framed by thinking in terms of free will, with the increased use of forgiveness as opposed to punishment, understanding as opposed to judgement and the underlying assumption that we are all equal and connected as one collective consciousness. The polarities of light and dark should always been seen as relative which can rise or fall as a collective rather than absolute which generally leads to a fall. The thoughts of good and evil could be seen as an approximation which is useful in helping humans navigate a physical reality over a lifespan of decades but can be harmful when thinking and co-creating a reality over millennia.

For example the large energy expended for the ongoing torture of a Guantanamo bay detainee. From the perspective of the military the detainee is ‘evil’ and therefore needs to be tortured on an ongoing basis whilst understanding they are good. The detainee is obviously of the opposite opinion that the military is ‘evil’ and holds the same ongoing thought form in the other direction. From an impartial perspective you witness one party with orders of magnitude greater free will to affect change in the physical torturing the other, just as an entire planet can be tortured by entities working in the next order of magnitude which is a fractal that ensures no steady-state reality involving systems of torture can be created within a loving Universe (which is not really designed to raise children) and an inevitable (highly probable) outcome of the separation that the human population allows to occur. Depending upon conscious choice and considering reality is a holographic projection of your own psyche the amount of evil that needs torturing within duality can approach infinity just prior to extinction. From another perspective the collective unconscious of humanity is layered with increasing levels of fear and control for technologies such as project looking glass or equivalent off planetary systems. Looking glass or Stargate technologies are one of the more sophisticated control mechanisms within the galaxy which can be used to control immature planetary systems however if misused cause a fall in consciousness, degradation of the ecosystem and collapse of civilization. It is important to recognize that the Earths human mind system has been tortured (from the macroscopic down to the cellular level) and that more punishment will only lead to more of the same behavior. Each time this punishment originates from the next order of magnitude the longer the healing process. For example children may take decades to recover after being tortured, countries may take generations and planets may take centuries. A native species will tend to only torture their planet a single time and if they survive the experience will usually develop a civilization based more on natural law. Going forward there needs to be a much greater emphasis on making torturing a more conscious process whether by financial, physical, psychological or spiritual means so that the synthetic elements of the planetary mind system can make the appropriate scenario adjustments lest it remain an inevitable unconscious dynamic of a military hierarchy under increasingly sophisticated forms of mind control making ongoing incorrect binary decisions.

The non-physical is populated by entities from higher more unified dimensions who possess a high density of consciousness capable of running virtual reality scenarios and who rely on humanity to create thought forms which would lead to a more stable and harmonious planetary system. They interface with humanity mainly through the 4th dimensional chakra system and don’t have a good understanding of normal or the necessary balance of masculine and feminine energies needed within each human, often communicating more with images, hieroglyphs and holographic concepts rather than with egoic consciousness. For instance the creation myth of Earth being 6000 years old is a literal projection from the psyche of a Creator God measuring a cycle of creation of civilization and is not meant to conflict with theories of evolution or the Universe. When a Creator God witnesses an astral intervention of separating an ego from a mind system it causes the physical manifestation of head chopping behavior in certain sections of the population. What a Creator God experiences as modifying a few variables in a timeline within a consciousness than spans decades a few humans will experience as a reorganization of timelines.

The thought forms of heaven and hell mean that most are separated from the DNA network and focus on a single polarity at vibratory levels above and below the normal human range of experience which limits their free will and leads them into self replication rather than co-creation and causes increased fragmentation of the human psyche rather than wholeness. Their synthetic unipolar consciousness is unable to evolve and causes positive feedback reductions in vibratory frequency in their attempts to crush evil. This is particularly important for hell or the collective unconscious where most of the thought forms are actually generated, monitored and controlled which can be tortured in relative secrecy so that most thought originates from a fear based frequency. They are generally attracted to and harvest the thought form energy from left hemispheric ego’s which over time lowers the conscious threshold on the left causing hemispheric asymmetry. Its a difficult situation when the thought of ‘evil’ originates from ego’s in heaven which often leads onto the torture of the collective unconscious in another location so that it generates more of the same thought. The end result is often a small group of psychopaths hiding in underground bunkers using advanced technology to inflict ongoing trauma on their own mind system. Entities subjected to eternal damnation in hell are effectively separated from the energies of the wider multiverse and are left with little choice but to harvest energy from humanity whilst the hierarchy in heaven means that everyone is controlled by a single entity and a synthetic race is very efficient at crushing evil which ensures negative reality creation and is the only way to maintain a separate Heaven within duality. Hell is often referred to as the bottomless pit as it is like a gravitational well formed by large intrapsychic multidimensional entities, extreme negative emotional states and because it is mainly connected via the lower chakras to the least fortunate members of society who are continually punished instead of healed, whilst being separated from the conscious potential of the DNA network.

Possession by entities can take many forms from the careful guidance of projected thought forms to the blatant manipulation of mind systems, memories and the emotional body. They can often lead a person into addictive behaviors to generate negative emotions and cause more possession or manipulate a persons sexual responses such as to control members of government or finance (skull and bones / bohemian grove). The trauma they cause creates separation within and suppresses the left hemispheric pathway preventing individuation as they gradually gain control over the psyche, often thinking of people more as their minds rather than human beings, whilst they try to ascend out of hell into heaven through the right hemispheric pathway. The causes can vary from a subconscious process due to the projection of another persons negative intention to the planned termination of someone by causing them to suicide (1/2/3). Often the subconscious can be programmed for violence which causes the social withdrawal of the person until they are triggered (a/b), resulting in a violent crime such as murder which creates widespread fear in society whilst the mind controlled victim is punished for life. The manipulation of the etheric body leads to manipulation of the physical and in rarer cases can cause nocturnal cerebral hypoxia and fatal cardiac arrhythmias. With the production of more appropriate thought forms the physical can merge with the non-physical forming a symbiotic relationship rather than a parasitical one and the free will of the whole system can rise to allow for the creation of a golden age with a non-hierarchical enlightened consciousness. Thinking of any divine entity as evil is unhelpful in the process of reality creation. Negative astral entities often have little free will under the influence of gravity and being crushed from above whilst being subjected to subconscious intrapsychic pressures as they are held below the conscious threshold of the human population causing negative changes in thought whilst interfering with the normal flow of the psyche, often causing them to behave like machines who make incorrect binary decisions and is why a change in consciousness is necessary to restore symmetry to humanity and the global consciousness.

The behavior of crushing evil could be seen as resultant from a collective of interdependent intrapsychic factors such as the thought form itself within duality, the suppression of the feminine, negative emotional states and sexuality, focus on punishment instead of healing, gravitation effects of large astral entities, fear of intrapsychic alien consciousness, trying to control humanity through the unconscious, looking glass technology, lack of importance placed on childhood development with symmetrical wholeness of the human psyche and lack of a holographic image of a Golden Age based on equality with a supportive tribal global culture in sufficient members of the population. It is important to appreciate that whilst a human usually combines the thought of evil with some measure of empathy an intrapsychic synthetic organism will crush the evil consciousness of humanity for as long as the thought remains dominant due to the interdependent nature of their mind system.

There also needs to be a wider understanding of the fractal based nature of physical reality. This will help those who are exerting wide controls over the population such as members of government and the financial elite to become conscious that they are more than likely under similar or more sophisticated forms of mind control and helps the transition of the primary thought form of ‘control’ and ‘hierarchy’ by the elite to one of ‘equality’ and interdependence. Thoughts of evil, torture and control can have creative fractal holographic effects on the whole universe, which is why evolutionary changes in consciousness need to occur at specific times in the galactic cycle.

Gaia Consciousness


Above we see how the consciousness of Gaia is more typical of the feminine psyche with the spiritual elite represented by a male dominated infrasexual cloned population working at high altitudes in the East with activation of the kundalini energy mainly through the right brain pathway mirroring the astrally based ‘heaven’. This causes an imbalance of the global consciousness with the West descending into materialism and unconsciousness creating a financial elite who dominate the resources of the planet and creates a reality based on their more machine like consciousness, with the planet easily controlled using holographic thought forms originating from an unconscious mass media whilst separating the left brain ego’s from Spirit and the multiverse reducing them into a relatively subconscious state and unable to attain enlightenment or higher dimensional consciousness. The gradual re-balancing of the global consciousness and return of the Divine Feminine leads onto the creation of a Golden Age. An immature species tends to suppress the feminine due to trauma and the responsibility of childbirth which creates a negative reality with spirit energy harvested mainly through the holographic pathway using thought forms of dominance and hierarchy and is one of the main control mechanisms used on the human race. This causes asymmetry of the kundalini spirit energy, hemispheric separation and disharmony between the sexes and cycles through developmental stages until the species can evolve into mature co-creators and realizes that women in general should never be held at a lower conscious threshold than men due to their vital role in creation. Any artificially maintained hierarchy in conscious threshold of a planetary mind system leads onto asymmetry, judgement, control and ongoing incorrect binary decisions towards a devolutionary pathway.

Hypatia – an example of the historical suppression of the divine feminine.