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Many people feel we live within a prison planet although it’s mostly a prison of our own creation. These are a few thoughts which outline some of the walls of the prison and in bringing awareness to them hopefully clears the path further out of the matrix.

The trinity of light, dark and love

We live in duality so most people, creations and energy are usually polarized in one direction. Relatively few people have successfully managed to self realize into a whole human being capable of expressing unconditional love.

Below we see 5th dimensional unified soul consciousness unable to penetrate the polarity barrier of the 4th dimension. This is like an evolutionary barrier for humanity as without soul consciousness we will be unable to develop things like free energy devices, unified physics theories or create a sustained golden age.


Holographic Reality
Humanity creates its own reality, so by changing our thoughts, emotions, intentions and connecting with people of similar vibration not only can we improve our own personal reality but it directly improves the whole. This is the concept of Ho’oponopono, where you are a tiny hologram of the whole planetary body and by healing yourself inside and out you help heal the world. The more frequently and the greater number of people who think holographically in terms of co-creating a new reality the faster and smoother will be the manifestation.

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The human psyche is a living ecosystem of flowing psychic energy and is conceived as a bipolar system embracing a series of opposites, eg anima / animus, light / dark, conscious / unconscious. These opposites create a tension, which is the source of psychic energy that needs to flow unimpeded to create a smooth flowing dynamic system. If this flow is impeded when one of the opposing forces is repressed an unresolved tension grows in the psyche. This creates disease within the individual and also in society in general.

In today’s civilization the vast majority of people are dominated by the unconscious so that disowned modes of behavior and thought are unconsciously acted out in terms of dogmatic thinking and inflexible attitudes towards religion, sex and human interaction in general with plans for globalization based on fear, control and scarcity. These projections are sustained by adhering to blame and victim-consciousness rather than looking within and healing their own personal hologram.

The number of successfully individuated or self-realized people is remarkably few and is one of the main walls of the matrix. Things that prevent individuation include – lack of community; people in separation, focus on materialism, lack of introspection / meditation, overuse of medication to maintain egoic consciousness and lack of teenage rites of passage or initiations so that the process is often delayed until later in life when the neuroanatomy is less able to undergo structural change.

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The most common male-female dynamic of psychic energy flow


Above we see the historical suppression of feminine sexuality as one of the main components leading to an imbalance between the psychic energy of the sexes and a patriarchal based society. Thankfully this is reversing with the return of the divine feminine. Suppression of the male shadow has left him unable to create new systems and allow him to become whole with his anima. The combined unconscious is then projected out into the world with plans for globalization based on fear and scarcity.

The Process

shadowIndividuation usually begins with a feeling of psychic discomfort, depression, anxiety or psychosis. Usually the first pole to be encountered is the “shadow” which are the parts of yourself rooted in the fear of being unacceptable and unworthy. When the “shadow” aspect of the psyche starts to express itself consciously the large amount of psychic energy needed to suppress it begins to be transformed into creative self-expression. At this point there is the danger of either slipping into destructive patterns of behavior with drug and alcohol use or starting medication sooner than necessary. This creative potential is the “gold” of the shadow and if channeled into creation leads to a healthy flow of psychic energy out into the wider hologram. Just as there is the individual shadow there is also the larger shadow of the body of humanity which can either be channeled into creating heaven on earth or continually controlled and suppressed leading to hell on earth. When the negative pole is disowned for long enough it can become autonomous and seeks to exert control over the whole whilst being less constrained by the boundaries associated with the conscious mind leading onto negative reality creation.

Only when the “shadow” starts to some degree being consciously drawn upon and expressed can the anima/animus energies inherent in the psyche also start expressing themselves. Due to the strong suppression of the shadow in today’s society there is a tendency to parody or act out the male / female roles rather than express the inherent anima/animus psychic energies which only serves to further delay the process of individuation. When a person in a relationship starts to express the contra sexual energies it can often create instability which when combined with a rigid family unit like marriage or relationship dynamic further inhibits the process of individuation. Once people are aware of the literal and metaphorical side of things and generally start to see the negative in the positive and positive in the negative they are within the process of individuation towards unity consciousness and whole brain thinking.

screamOccasionally the ego plunges deep within the unconscious and becomes overwhelmed by the contents bringing about a psychotic illness. In indigenous cultures this is referred to as a shamanic illness and with simple empathic care and time most people successfully recover to bring back insights from the unconscious, which help the community remain healthy and stable. The unconscious (if made more conscious) is a vast ocean of ideas and insights waiting to help create a healthy future for humanity however in our western society the shamans are diagnosed with a primary psychotic illness, they are locked up in a mental institute and heavily medicated, not only preventing the individuation process from completion but often turning their illness into a chronic condition lasting the rest of their lives.

Individuation and mental illness, particularly psychosis is a complicated issue and needs to be better supported in the future.

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Sacred Union
vesicaIdeally a couple will come together and form a “sacred union” using the alchemical power of sex (‘The Secret Gate to Eden’) to help each other with the mutual goal of becoming more conscious. Then a successfully individuated couple may go on to consciously co-create a new child and these will be the children of the golden age bringing a new enlightened consciousness to earth. Celibacy can be a natural part of the process of individuation or reformation of the psyche however when it becomes part of a strict moral code or religious teaching which is enforced for a lifetime it is usually an attempt to maintain intrapsychic separation from an increasingly negative collective unconscious and was historically more successful in the past. It is important for the collective unconscious to understand how sex relates to the flow of psychic energy, symmetry, and to conscious threshold within people otherwise it becomes a negative and used for control and to lower the collective consciousness and vibratory frequency.

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How to initiate the process of individuation
The whole process centers around connecting the conscious and unconscious. Develop a healthy ego, free yourself from rigid dogmatic thinking, practice regular meditation and connect with Gaia, avoid self destructive behaviors, self-education, mandalas, use active imagination, dream journaling, view / create art, sacred geometry, initiation ceremonies and immerse yourself in the work of others who have successfully individuated like Leonardo da Vinci, Einstein, Jung, Anastasia, Wingmakers, and indigenous cultures.

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“…I saw them cross the twilight of an age
The sun-eyed children of a marvelous dawn,
Great creators with wide brows of calm,
The massive barrier-breakers of the world,
Laborers in the quarries of the gods…
The architects of immortality.

(Savitri pp. 343-4)

Everything is Energy
energyEverything is energy with its own frequency of vibration and coherence of consciousness. In this way everything that a person comes in contact with has the ability to influence that persons vibration and consciousness. So when a person is going through an ascension process they generally start eating less processed foods, perhaps try vegetarianism and fasting, drink structured spring water, maintain regular exercise and exposure to sunlight and avoid toxins. They may stop watching television and avoid exposure to the mass media and tend to gravitate towards material of the same vibration. They may change social relationships or work environment.

Matter is 99.9999% empty space – ( Everything is Energy ) by Deepak Chopra

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The Conscious Body
Consciousness extends into every cell of the body through the holographic DNA network and micro-tubule structure. Therefore mind/body integration is important so things like structured water, music, dance, focused intention, positive affirmations and practices like yoga help raise your level of consciousness.

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heartfieldGreg Braden – (The Holographic Universe)

1/ – Emotion changes DNA
2/ – DNA influences matter and consciousness
3/ – The combined human emotional field largely determines our reality

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Enter the Flow
flowOn a quantum level everything is connected within the zero point field so when we become aware of the flow and adopt an open mind we are carefully guided by a series of synchronicities or meaningful coincidences along our life path. This energetic flow is becoming stronger in recent times as more people connect with their unconscious and raise their vibrations and level of consciousness. It is also how people develop a personal relationship with the Universe or Source, with everything taking on a greater significance; you become an active participant within creation rather than a passive bystander. There is an increased tendency to adopt a service to others approach, giving freely of what you possess to help others whether that be money, time, intention, ideas and having Source provide you what you need in a timely and synchronistic fashion. This is the concept of alchemy, taking in energy or consciousness in any form and transforming it into a higher level of expression and sending it out with a loving intention to heal the world. Synchronicities are an effective way of being guided by the Will of higher fractal consciousness without being controlled and therefore maintaining free will.

Synchronicity is normally defined as a meaningful coincidence, but its definition can be expanded. More generally, synchronicity arises from a chain of causality that originates outside the program. Because the program cannot see where the chain begins, where the original cause resides, it deems the phenomenon acausal. In context of fate, synchronicity is a causal chain that resides outside the program of linear time and space, a.k.a. “physical reality”.

Children of the Sun – The Unified Field


Self-Replication (co-creation)
The dark energies have been more prevalent on Terra-earth in times past largely due to a process of self-replication, or a self reinforcing energetic fear based system where like energies attract like and any energies of any other polarity were quickly transformed into dark consciousness. Some of the components of the system are outlined below.


Hierarchy (equality)
hierarchyMost hierarchical constructs are based in the fear frequency as it allows for a self-perpetuating system of control by elites over the many. Power, energy, money and knowledge are concentrated in the hands of the few who by their very nature of dominance usually express a fear based consciousness and are thus vulnerable to having their intentions distorted over time allowing for corruption and greed. The control exerted over the many leads to rigid dogmatic thought, which stifles creativity and the dynamic evolution of any system. There is also an evolution of nested hierarchical structures, which become progressively more secretive and invisible to any sort of public scrutiny breaking down the flow of information, leading to fragmentation and abuse. Systems need to be consciously created so that they always trend towards equality over time which ensures the natural self-perpetuating toroidal flow of energy, otherwise they invariably trend towards hierarchy, stasis and loss of consciousness. So as we head towards the grand portal those people awakening are avoiding any hierarchical based systems of thought or education and are guided by their own intuition or inner teachers during their personal process of self realization.

Income Inequality –


Judgment (understanding)
judgmentThe whole process of judgment in society looks at an instant in time and seeks to employ an appropriate punishment to an individual which only serves to have them descend further into a fear based conscious frequency. It completely ignores an individuals life history which the people judging take zero responsibility for let alone the fact we share a common genetic mind and so has a holographic effect on the entire civilization. Judgement is mainly caused by the psychic tension created as the ego tries to ascend out of the traumatized collective psyche whilst the judgment of the opposite sex is usually a mirror of the internal state of judgment of your own mind system within duality. On a personal level we can remove our judgments from our own thoughts using the six heart virtues, thereby helping the process of individuation and imagining a holographic reality where we send loving healing intentions to people rather than judgment.

Punishment (healing)
punishmentThe process of punishment through time has created the unconsciousness of humanity steeped in layers of abuse and fear, which is then repressed and unconsciously acted out upon the world stage in terms of a very dysfunctional human reality. In the present we see the cycle of parent-child-parent abuse, the military industrial complex punishing oil rich nations leading to terrorism, corporations using capitalism to plunder the resources of the third world leading to widespread fear of entire countries and the ongoing denigration of indigenous communities leading to further degradation of the ecosystem. All these self-reinforcing systems create a fear based consciousness having a holographic effect on the whole. Each act that requires punishment is proceeded by an event string generated by trillions of thought forms and is therefore interdependent and co-created with the collective consciousness, so responsibility should be shared. Whilst the elite develop systems of control that lead to the suffering of millions they also punish individual acts of disorder when those people left with little free will break laws which they have created. By focusing only on the final act of the event string punishment creates a positive feedback system where power is slowly transferred to a small elite group who then uses punishment to maintain power in a hierarchical class based society rather than for any form of social benefit. If the primary objective is to always try and maintain the highest level of consciousness and create positive spiral event strings in society then healing is always the more logical choice. Within duality there will always be a relative segment of society that needs healing as opposed to punishment whilst individuals and planets will always be subjected to influences which are unconscious or poorly understood. The difference between incarceration with punishment and incarceration with rehabilitation needs to be made clear as taking those people who have more contact with the tortured layers of the human collective consciousness and then subjecting them to sustained psychological torture within the more modern corporate controlled supermax prison system is unhelpful to civilization in general. A corporation is a machine acting with the sole intention of profit and will always choose torture over healing as it is a more efficient control mechanism in the short term.

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Resistance (connection)
resistIn their process of awakening many people turn to anger and resistance at various institutions when they begin to become aware of the unconsciousness of humanity. This only serves to reinforce the polarity and maintain the energetic structures, which keeps them in place. Better to think in terms of the holographic reality and connect with the spiritual awakening of humanity, put some original content on the internet and help others become more conscious. Reality changes by raising the collective consciousness and improving the coherence of the emotional field.

Indoctrination (Enlightenment)
Children are indoctrinated into society from an early age which stifles creativity and change, so we end up with 85% of the population completely asleep and content to exist within a very abnormal reality matrix because they have been cloned by a system where “normal” is considered the “average” rather than a stable system of evolution for the whole of humanity. There is a disturbing trend to force those children who resist the indoctrination process to ingest large quantities of psychotropic medication in order to suppress and control their consciousness.

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Money as Debt (gift)
moneyCreating money as debt traps humanity into a cycle of materialism, exponential growth, fear consciousness and scarcity. It would be a simple matter to follow natural law and allow money to depreciate and expire over time which would prevent pooling of energy, encourage natural flow and provide abundance for all.

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Television (internet)
televisionTelevision is saturated throughout the world’s civilization and is obviously addictive in nature. People enter a trance like state for hours everyday, expressing synchronized thought forms (see mirror neurons) with large numbers of other people, usually expressing a fear based consciousness associated with materialistic greed, violence or war. Thankfully the younger generation are now turning to the internet for most of their news and entertainment whereby they remain fully conscious, express individual thought forms, can choose their own content, make energetic connections with other people and give back to the whole in terms of content and thus remain in the flow rather than being couch potatoes.

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Haarp / EM Radiation
haarpThere is ample evidence from projects like the global coherence movement that changes in the earth’s magnetic field are associated with interdependent changes in brain and nervous system activity. However we have installations like Haarp, which inject large amounts of mechanical radiation into the ionosphere and thereby affect the thought of large populations. Most people also have microwave transmitters in the form of mobiles, which they hold up to their brains frequently during the day leading to less coherence in the electromagnetic frequency of thought and emotion. (Smart Meter Radiation)

“According to the research of Robert Becker, ‘The human species has changed its electromagnetic background more than any other aspect of its environment… the density of radio waves around us now is 100 million or 200 million times the natural level reaching us from the sun” – The Struggle for Your Mind

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Is a potent industrial waste product and neurotoxin, was used in Nazi Germany to suppress prisoners and accumulates in the pineal gland (the gateway to higher dimensional consciousness). It destroys the natural structure of water and is added to community water supplies on very poor evidence that it is of marginal benefit to peoples teeth. There may be attempts to increase the concentration in the future in order to control the global population.

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Is one of the most potent neurotoxins known to man and yet is placed inside peoples mouths and in vaccines for newborn babies.

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Bisphenol A – Found in breast milk and baby bottles


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Inter-dimensional Energetic Flow of Consciousness


The dimensions are layered upon each other, with the 6th dimension of sacred geometry speaking of unity and oneness to the 4th dimension of polarity which is connected to Gaia in the 2nd dimension of material creation. The 5th dimension of soul consciousness is connected to humanity in the 3rd dimension which is connected via the breath to the fragment of First Source within each of us.

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