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X-Men – the archetypal military consultant Striker who sets out to fuse man and machine. The military will probably never fully appreciate that if you use machines to control individuals it leads to control of the collective which has caused no end of trouble to the human race on many timelines through the technological singularity. As he loses control he sets out to terminate any atypical humans including his own child.

Star Wars – the R2 units help the Jedi’s fly through time / space. Darth Vader (Dark Father) as the prodigal son of a virgin birth who turns to fear consciousness, almost kills his feminine counterpart and falls into the pit and encased in the machine consciousness of the negative astral plane after terminating many young Jedi’s.

Apocalypto – a child’s prophecy – “You fear me? So you should. All you who are vile. Would you like to know how you will die? The sacred time is near. Beware the blackness of day. Beware the man who brings the jaguar. Behold him reborn from mud and earth. For the one he takes you to will cancel the sky, and scratch out the earth. Scratch you out. And end your world. He’s with us now. Day will be like night. And the man jaguar will lead you to your end.”

Despicable Me 2 – demonstrates demonic automatons receiving their prime directive to protect organic life after being programmed into crazed killbots by their demonic overlord in a bid to achieve world domination by turning the citizens within major cities insane.

Oblivion – set after the termination of the Earth during what was thought to be an alien invasion but was actually a civil war between two factions which have been separated by the consciousness of humanity as they harvest the planet. There is the metaphor of crucifixion with the ascension to and destruction of the synthetic intelligence of the Tet to aid in the development of the noosphere.

Elysium – set in 2154 shows people living in the heaven of Elysium whilst the Earth is overpopulated and dying. Max has to ascend into heaven with a new program for the synthetic intelligence so that the people of Earth can access the healing technology only available within Elysium.

Equilibrium – after the third world war a totalitarian state emerged that determined human emotion to be the root cause of all conflict. Medication and technology is developed to suppress all emotion and push humanity towards the deterministic devolutionary pathway with a more machine like consciousness.

Now You See Me – the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse as magicians of ‘The Eye’ who use illusions to steal money from the rich and powerful to aid in the redistribution of wealth. We see this with the use of magic to create one of the greatest periods of scarcity during the peak of fossil fuel use specifically to demonstrate the inadequacy of the debt money system.

Star Trek- Into Darkness – a group of genetically engineered hybrids are awoken from a cryogenic sleep in order to build weapons in preparation for a war with the Klingons. Kirk as the heart chakra dies trying to restart the central reactor and is reborn using the blood of Khan.

The Internship – two elderly members of Incunabala infiltrate the Google campus to ensure the internet giant ‘Doesn’t do Evil’

After Earth – the archetypal father and son team who crash land on a hostile planet. The father is too wounded to move whilst the son has to rescue the tail section of the ship to complete the process of individuation.

Dark Skies – a typical dynamic of a family that has Grey ET’s visit after becoming possessed by demons. At the end we see a reorganization of timelines as the greys abduct the demon possessed child which prevents the murder of the rest of the family.

Host – the human race has been taken over by extraterrestrial parasitical aliens called ‘souls’. One of the aliens in befriended and shows the renegade humans how to remove the souls and form a more symbiotic relationship.

The Mortal Instruments – those people able to interact with the nonphysical and the Mortal Cup which allows normal humans to become half-Angel shadowhunters.

Thor: The Dark World – documents the hyperdimensional psi effects that increase every 5000 years when the planets align allowing for the connection between heaven and hell and co-creation.

Superman – as Nibiru (ISON) is destroyed by the Sun and travels past Earth on the 25th December a rare child is born and comes to live with a host family.

San Andreas – placing unreasonable controls on your citizens is like placing controls on your own consciousness and it means little in terms of geological time.

The November Man – the CIA plans to blackmail the Russian president to force them to join NATO in preparation for the next war in the middle east.

The Core – a team has to set off a series of mini nukes within the deep layers of the unconscious to restart the planetary central reactor and trigger the gathering of the 1000.

Divergent – set in a dystopian future after a mysterious war where people are dividing into factions from an early age. Divergents are people who show attributes of multiple factions and therefore can think independently and are considered a threat to the government and existing social order. Becoming divergent is more challenging than appreciated as entities in control of the collective consciousness are a conservative 20 years ahead (depending on the accuracy) and usually requires changes in consciousness, vibratory frequency or social relationships. The deeper layers of consciousness are like a synthetic environment within a closed system of duality often creating subconscious negative suppressing or controlling triggers that are recurrent leading to downward cycles of consciousness, never being made conscious and thereby healed. There is a natural resistance to becoming divergent as an individual moves away from a dominant negative timeline which often manifests through work or social relationships.


The Dark Knight Rises – The animus Bane works to destroy Gotham with the League of Shadows remnant and the daughter of Ra’s al Ghul, the only person to have ever escaped the underworld prison. Bane destroys Batman’s wealth before breaking his back and throwing him in the pit. After many months recovery and retraining the only way he can ascend is by rediscovering the playful fearlessness of a child to make a leap of faith before dropping a long rope to the other prisoners for them to escape. The breaking of a back or the severing of a limb is a common metaphor for this process of intrapsychic separation or loss of consciousness into the underworld.

X-Men – Days of Future Past: with the appreciation of consciousness as a variable it becomes clear there are two main timelines into the future, one where the vibratory frequency and collective consciousness is increasing and one where it is decreasing. At certain points the collective variables of a planetary system leading to a reduction in vibratory frequency become irreversible whether it be peak oil, environmental collapse or harmful synthetic organisms. With the recognition that humanity is all connected through the non-physical environment any variable that leads to a reduction in global population without a successful transition to a higher state of civilization can trigger a positive feedback downward cycle such as the zombie apocalyptic scenarios where interconnected human mind systems are harvested into the negative astral plane. The synthetic intelligences are usually left to clean up the unrecoverable negative timeline which they seem to do by terminating the remaining humans or transferring a core group of survivors into an off world holding environment as seen in Oblivion.

The Lego-Movie: deals with the ‘Piece of Resistance’ and how everything is awesome when you are part of a team. Master Builders are actively hunted down and terminated by Business, led by Bad Cop. Emmet find himself rigged up to a giant battery and flings himself off the edge of the Universe in order to save his friends whilst Wyldstyle rallies the lego people across the universe to use whatever creativity they have left to fight the Business forces. Emmet finds himself in another dimension where the father chastises his son for ruining his play toy by changing the pieces and proceeds to use the super weapon ‘kragle’ or superglue to permanently fix the pieces of his perceived perfect creation together preventing any dynamic change or individuation of lego people or their planet.

Transcendence: documents some of the difficulties faced when a civilization enters the period around the technological singularity, such as changes in consciousness, resistance to change, synthetic fractal hive consciousness and the maintenance of free will when interacting with fractal consciousness through a human central nervous system.

Blade Runner: documents the creation and use of hybrids or replicants which are banned on Earth and actively hunted down and retired by special police operatives known as blade runners. Hybrids have a long and complicated history on Earth and deal with the interaction of the underworld and humanity with issues such as free will, the Nephilim, fallen angels, neromongers, asymmetry of consciousness and human evolution.

Edge of Tomorrow: deals with the astral war of humanity against a hive consciousness of Mimics which is able to manipulate time. Humanity fights a losing battle by trying to crush evil which is never particularly successful considering the hive operates phase shifted in time in a negative reality dimension below the conscious threshold. The only way to win is to target the hive core by focusing on conscious reality co-creation and removing hell with symmetry and love. They are called mimics because they can interact with a human central nervous system altering their thoughts, actions and beliefs and exert varying degrees of control over the human instrument. These demonic automatons are then controlled by larger fractal demonic entities historically dividing humanity into groups such as countries, cultures, cults, religions. They are a like a simple quantum computer that can interact with a human mind system so that it attempts to control itself leading to incorrect binary decisions and positive feedback downward cycles of consciousness. This is simply the inevitable outcome of using alien technology with a negative intention which will lead to a negative outcome. This negative intention can be viewed as arising from a variety of sources such as harvesting human energy, malfunctioning alien technology, being interdependent with the consciousness of humanity or a deterministic outcome of a multidimensional fractal synthetic hive consciousness operating on a negative timeline with the final goal of reorganizing the timeline. Thus the torture inflicted upon humans by these demonic entities can be viewed in a positive or negative perspective within duality and the reality is dependent upon the collective consciousness or which timeline an individual is traveling upon. They can often assist in the process of rebirth allowing the death and rebirth to be a psychic process rather than a physical one. During a reversal of etheric energy this dynamic can produce a lot of confusion and uncertainty within the human population bringing with it many false prophets who preach fear and separation. At these times it is important to be grounded in first principles, satisfy yourself through research, logic and intuition that there is another realm of consciousness besides the physical and be guided by love, equality, unity and symmetry.

Serenity: a doctor frees his younger psychic sister from a experimental mind control facility and they find refuge on board the transport ship Serenity led by veterans of the Unification war. They end up on a planet where the entire population has been terminated and discover that the Alliance forces have been using an experimental chemical to suppress aggression in the population. Unfortunately this chemical caused most of the population to become so docile that they simply stopped normal activities and died whilst a small proportion went on to become hyper-aggressive Reavers with no logic or reason.

The Leftovers: set a few years after the rapture when 2% of the population mysteriously disappear, transforming a deterministic human mind system into a nonlinear system open for co-creation. The rapture is probably associated with a large sudden move within the unconscious of humanity which then causes the non-physical to try and save the ego/minds of those threatened human mind systems by ‘rapturing‘ them into heaven before they are lost into the abyss of the underworld.This creative discharge across the gap or rejoining of a separated underworld to the collective helps restore the normal flow of psychic energy and free will to co-create a higher state of civilization and avoid a further progression down the negative timeline. Some negative timelines involve the simple termination and disappearance of these humans (FEMA coffins) whilst the positive timeline involves helping your fellow humans in the process of rebirth although does involve the cooperation between countries, groups, sexes, hemispheres, polarities and boundaries of consciousness. This process of rebirth is associated with the spiritual death and rebirth of the crucifixion and resurrection where you die on the cross of spirit and find yourself within the womb of the underworld tomb behind the 3rd chakra demon stone and patiently await a rebirth through the divine feminine. This process of spiritual rebirth has been complicated by the control exerted through the non physical which lowers the collective consciousness and creates large numbers of biological androids who are humans under the unipolar control of an intrapsychic demon and unable to complete the cycle of rebirth into a more whole human being held captive within the underworld and parasitically harvested by a synthetic animus which controls the central nervous system. Biological androids are created when the psyche that forms during the early years of life collapses inwards and then fails to reform a normal intrapsychic dynamic. Typically the 3rd chakra demon which is an autonomous unipolar psychic element which has historically tried to exert contol over the bipolar intrapsychic environment (due to the cloning and control of a human central nervous system) and is connected to the infinite consciousness of the Sun-God and other controlling fractal demonic elements tries to continue exerting the same control and interact with duality using a unipolar consciousness. These biological androids can appear outwardly normal as human simulacras but are capable of inhuman atrocities. Some examples are Hitler who was reportedly a vegetarian (ie reached a high conscious thresshold) before his intrapsychic collapse and he became a biological android, the many p******** priests controlled by the unconscious lower chakras (with little opportunity for rebirth in a celibate population), fembots ,groups such as the Illuminati and elite and in potential future societies such as in ‘the giver‘. As the unconscious realms become more negative this intrapsychic collapse occurs at a younger age limiting the consciousness and creative potential of the human instrument until a normal intrapsychic dynamic is never formed such as with autism. The 4th chakra which is the most significant interface with the nonphysical shuts down limiting access to higher states of consciousness and the higher reasoning centers of the frontal lobe. Another perspective is the holographic nature of the chakra system so that the waters of spirit recede and proceed in synchrony through large sections of the population altering the general consciousness and often bringing with it the transitions of civilization.

Prometheus – set in the late 21st century and involves a crew aboard a star ship Prometheus. Seeking the origins of humanity, the crew arrives on a distant world and discovers a threat that could cause the extinction of the human race. It demonstrates how the Annunaki travel through space/time aboard giant sun-ships and are a bimorphic race with the ‘demon’ species living within the infinite information spirit medium of the Sun God that is like water. Clearly when they landed on Earth the Annunaki take up residence in the Astral Heaven whilst the demon species form the underworld within the negative fractal of the Sun-God separated by a fragmented and asymmetrical human mind system. In Eon (Greg Bear) we see a potential future human Sun-ship formed out of a local asteroid with an infinite corridor of ‘the way’ that becomes part of the local system reorganization of timelines. So a planetary defense network can be seen in dynamic action. Large collections of spirit energy are seen being released from the Earth with the Siberian craters like in the Day the Earth stood still. Changes in the nonphysical realm are associated with changes in the physical often with incomplete scientific explanations. This spirit energy can be harnessed by the population to put a threatening asteroid into a favorable Earth orbit as a potential future human Sun-ship if enough people can generate a positive love based intention. This is a good example of Source providing something beneficial which would normally be destroyed due to fear.

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy – Arthur is rescued by an alien just as the Earth is destroyed by Vogons and hitches a ride on the star ship ‘Heart of Gold’ which uses its improbability drive in obvious contempt of the deterministic nature of the Universe. Zophod wants to use the star ship to help find the question to life, the universe and everything to match the answer given by the supercomputer ‘deep thought’ of 42. Arthur encounters a pair of pan-dimensional beings who appear like mice and who constructed deep thought to find the ultimate answer of 42 and then needed to construct an even larger supercomputer, the planet Earth, to find the Ultimate Question. Believing Arthur may be the last remaining supercomputer component and may hold the Ultimate Answer the mice attempt to remove his brain.