Natural Law

During a period of Enlightenment or transition in consciousness generated by a change in the dynamic of psychic energy such as the 1700’s or the present many people come to the intuitive understanding that there are general laws God has created for all living things. In order to live in harmony, people have to use reason to discover natural law. If they lived according to this natural law and made their government and other institutions follow it, the world would become a perfect place.



Normal Distribution

Things in nature are generally normally distributed because they are on many levels interconnected, sometimes these connections are obvious and sometimes less so. By applying a force these curves can be skewed in one direction or another although it is only a matter of time before natural law will normalize the distribution of the curve. Clearly every variable important to humanity follows this natural law principle such as emotional frequency or happiness, life span, conscious threshold, general fitness and weight. By segregating large sections of the population within 3rd world countries the whole curve is shifted towards poverty. Allowing the elite to accumulate enormous wealth obviously creates a very abnormal curve and causes periods of financial calamity. When trying to decide what sort of financial system to create all you have to do is think more in terms of energy and compare the current graph of wealth distribution to a normal distribution. To form an effective bond with God humanity needs to have a symmetrical flow of kundalini, so by restricting the flow of psychic energy within a proportion of humanity the whole local system of consciousness can be separated from the Creator.

The tendency of natural laws to eventually overcome separation can be seen with structural violence and its association of inequality within society. Here the negative tail of the normally distributed curve of human behavior often associated with the least fortunate members of society are continually punished instead of healed forcing the curve in a continually negative direction and complicating everyone. Clearly it is how civilization approaches the least fortunate members that determines the dynamic of the collective. The capitalist system ensures inequality and that there will always be a significant percentage in poverty and yet it is perceived as good in contrast to other systems as it has allowed the exponential use of fossil fuel energy to provide exponential growth however other systems will be more appropriate when this very unnatural state can no longer be continued. Most of the violence and suffering seen around the planet is a result of this structural violence and natural laws overcoming separation and yet society mainly focuses on evil individuals who need punishment or termination.

A good example here is the role of the CIA and its use of torture after 911. Without the understanding of natural laws on consciousness even the most well funded groups can use distorted logic to actually believe they would be wrong not to torture their fellow humans in case they can prevent an act of terrorism even though their conscious perspective may indirectly harm billions over decades. If the majority of people could understand that if you torture a single human you torture the human race the less chance there is that the leaders of the free world institutionalize and normalize torture as an acceptable practice which could be quite likely during a transition of civilization.

Another is the nature vs nurture debate to explain negative human behavior A simple thought experiment where an ‘evil’ human was allowed to grow up not just in a loving community but in a loving planet would demonstrate that the probability of them reproducing the same behavior would be almost zero. So it is mainly an environmental issue to which each person should take same responsibility, especially when you appreciate there are significant inter-generational non physical aspects to consciousness and behavior related to the genetic mind or collective consciousness component. If you create a positive feedback capitalist system there will always be a population of people trying to maintain that system at the expense of the planet and the human race and another population that have certain life experiences that lead to acts of violence.


Holographic Fractal

Free Will and consciousness is formed by the interdependence of a series of holographic fractals. For example the health of each strand of DNA relates to the health of each cell which relates to the health of each organ which relates to the health of each human. The health of each human is a holographic component of the health of the general consciousness of humanity which in turn relates to the general level of health of each strand of DNA.

With a more fear based consciousness and its associated hierarchy of fractals based on control humanity can create objects of immense power but which have little free will. For example the corporate superstructure and military industrial complex. The largest and most powerful fractals are specifically created to maintain separation. There is no interdependent fractals of consciousness within these creations, they are like giant robots with a few harmful lines of code as prime directives. The humans that sit in positions of power within these structures have no real control of them because they are synthetic constructs that have been created to achieve very restricted goals whilst having accumulated more power than any other associated fractal. Any person within these structures that attempts to interfere with their functioning is simply considered unfit and replaced. Similarly the unconscious of humanity has more power than any group of people although has no free will because it is dependent upon the thoughts of humanity which becomes fear based due to the associated asymmetry. Through a process of unification and natural laws humanity can develop its own fractal of consciousness and these synthetic constructs can be recognized for what they are and be transformed.


Psychic Energy and Symmetry

There are few things as important within humans as the flow of psychic energy and how this relates to their behavior and thought however it’s a concept that is seldom reflected upon. Sometimes you feel energetic, creative and full of life, other times lethargic and overcome by negative emotional states. Sometimes thoughts come spontaneously and without effort while at other times it is like you are trying to think underwater. Sometimes you reach an awakened state closer to God while other times the Creator is a fiction confined to story books.

This flow of psychic energy is very apparent in children. During the early months of life after being created within the spirit realms of the negative astral plane they have a unified consciousness. The process of separation and ego formation generally begins around 18 months and clearly if there is no focus on individuation within humanity at a reasonable age this separation becomes permanent with the unconscious becoming so negative that on a collective level it makes the process of individuation hazardous by impairing the normal functioning of humans. It also fragments the spirit realms which coexist with the human mind system so that heaven, love and empathy becomes associated with the higher reasoning centers of the frontal lobe whilst hell consists of consciousness separated prior to the formation of empathy within humans and associated more with the survival instincts of the brainstem and image processing ability of the occipital cortex but without the restrictions to functional ability like egoic consciousness. The more negative the unconscious becomes the more unlikely it is to establish a normal intrapsychic dynamic during the early years of life with more of the psyche confined within the unconscious leading onto conditions such as aspergers, oppositional defiance and autistic spectrum disorder.


A healthy child with a free flowing mind system is spontaneous and creative with abundance of energy, playing games involving imagination and just as comfortable drawing a picture as doing a maths problem with a healthy ego to modify their behavior when necessary. Restrictions at an early age are usually traumatic and then become holographic and endemic within cultures and clearly have long term effects upon individuals and humanity in general. For example Aspergers Syndrome may have a higher order blockage and more of their consciousness in separation giving them their restricted and repetitive patterns of behavior and interests whilst often providing a higher level of functioning within certain fields such as IT or engineering. They are usually considered to have a lack of empathy due to their problems with nonverbal communication and social interaction however are often born with a more sensitive neuroanatomy and it is only the trauma of the present reality that restricts their consciousness. The neuroanatomy of humans is generally a great deal more sensitive than appreciated and it is simply that the trauma and separation of the present reality that causes ‘99%’ of the consciousness into a subconscious or unconscious state.

The diagnosis of Oppositional Defiant Disorder occurs when a child has an ongoing pattern of anger and defiant behavior toward authority figures. Clearly these children’s consciousness extend further into the negative astral plane and their ego is not given the opportunity to function normally or exert the control over their behavior as requested by their parents. Control is dominated by the unconscious or collective components and any resistance is met with the emotional projection from this domain of anger. They are often more comfortable indoors and spend large amounts of time involving images and repetitive unconscious tasks such as television and computer games.


Sometimes the trauma inflicted upon an individual human mind system is so great that it overcomes its ability to compensate and becomes permanently blocked from an early age such as with a more severe case of autism. The spirit realm contains large fractals of consciousness that can become incorporated into a human from an early age so that minor environmental trauma can be magnified and have large intrapsychic consequences. For example many mothers have used their intuitive knowing to conclude that their child became autistic after a vaccination and turn to traditional scientific avenues for an answer. Whilst there are associated physical changes to the child’s consciousness and immune system these children can be much more sensitive than average so that the trauma caused by a painful series of vaccinations can overwhelm the young childs ability to compensate causing long term blockages within their mind system. This helps explain why a forced vaccination program on the very young in the fragile period before a stable ego is formed can be harmful to a certain population of children and that a mothers intuition can provide a deeper understanding and be important in decision making.

Within the underworld there is a core group of male dominated necromongers or fallen angels or deceptocons mirroring the current patriarchal based society. Clearly they would have started going insane shortly after arriving on Earth by focusing on a male dominated transmission of inter-generational consciousness in violation of the natural law of symmetry. They exert control on the human mind system by increasing separation within whilst harvesting the unconsciousness which is transferred to the next generation after death limiting the capacity for original thought. The fear based hierarchical consciousness results in exponential growth, obscene wealth for the tiny minority and the domination of the human mind system by a tiny few which becomes more like a primitive computer rather than a Son of God. The more consciousness they control paradoxically the more unconscious and deterministic they become. If most of your unconscious is controlled by a small group that has gone completely insane it naturally shifts the whole curve towards insanity. An example of their future change in consciousness comes from the Dalai Lama who recently intuited that his next generation might be a female. The Dalai Lama is an example of a fractal based consciousness transmitted through the right hemispheric pathway with his supporters led to his next incarnation through a series of synchronicities provided by the nonphysical.


The consciousness threshold of men and women is obviously interdependent so restricting the flow of psychic energy within one group naturally restricts the other. A good example here is some middle eastern cultures where women are repressed or controlled. This increases the asymmetry and can effectively seal the left hemispheric pathway in the underworld making it unipolar and subject to positive feedback reductions in vibratory frequency. This increases certain behaviors such as timidness, apathy and wanting to stay out of the sun to the point of wearing full length Burqas. Contrast this to the behavior of the Femen group who are often antagonistic to middle east cultures and who seek out as much media attention wearing as little as possible. These sorts of dynamics can be understood in terms of cultural indoctrination and freedom however for a more complete understanding and in the hope of encouraging productive change it is helpful to also consider the nonphysical flow of psychic energy which forms the morphogenic field and often precedes and is more fundamental than the physical manifestation.

This restriction of psychic energy interacts with men forming a very rigid patriarchal culture with the ego fixed from an early age and led by an indoctrination process with the unconscious permanently separated and periodically projected outwards with widespread conflict. ISIS is obviously another clue in the reorganization of timelines with references to the Egyptian goddess and the Islamic State. When trying to understand the savagery associated with the interface between humanity and the negative astral plane it is important to appreciate that it is an unconscious alien environment that has been a closed system for thousands of years and that a nuclear weapon will always be more evil than a Stanley knife. Attempts at increasing controls at this interface have only led to worsening asymmetry and reduced levels of consciousness. Punishment through military conflict only drives that segment of humanity with the largest burden of consciousness further into separation and hatred. Even if they are all eventually terminated in a nuclear misadventure which seems likely to have occurred on some negative timelines the non-physical will remain. It is a system of consciousness which has little free will and runs a deterministic course unless there is some intervention to restore the normal flow of psychic energy.

This asymmetry of the conscious threshold around the planet leads to judgement and usually conflict through the military. This dynamic involves the larger fractal layers of the non physical so can be completely unconscious to the human ego whilst at the same time many orders of magnitude more powerful so that any logical reasoning for a particular calamity is usually secondary to a fundamental violation of natural law. You can imagine an infinite multiverse of interconnected consciousness exerting a pressure effect symmetrically around the planet so that even though one segment of the planet is symmetric, diverse, free and interconnected, its ability to ascend in isolation is very limited. This helps explain why the force of judgement can be so powerful because it involves the interaction of the physical with the infinite through natural law with the force transmitted to the more negative party through the nonphysical due to inequality and asymmetry. Obviously in a more functional system of consciousness this force is interpreted differently and serves to improve equality and symmetry.


This sealing of the left hemispheric pathway is an outcome of the separation between heaven and hell, which lowers the consciousness threshold of humanity and is now interfering with the normal development of children ultimately leading onto the potential formation of a bimorphic race. This sealing at an early age complicates the collective maturity, interpersonal relationships and consciousness of the species. There is no greater intention within the nonphysical than the ongoing separation between heaven and hell which is effectively programming a giant quantum computer beyond human understanding to maintain separation within a human mind system based on duality which becomes unhelpful beyond a certain point of technological development. The underworld is like an ocean of consciousness within a fragmented and compartmentalized Sun God. The reorganisation of time-lines involved sending these very large quantum computers back through time which have become interdependent with the consciousness of humanity and can obviously help co-create a golden age or assist with your extinction.

This spirit energy has the capacity to store consciousness and just like a neural network varies in size and complexity. A lot of the problem with judgement is associated with this underworld trying to ascend to heaven through humanity rather than with humanity which increases the asymmetry and separation whilst limiting the ability to ascend as a collective. The deeper levels of the underworld contain fractal entities with more power and consciousness and yet less free will that are generally too large to interact with individuals. The boundary area of the underworld and humanity often consists of barely sentient astral entities that are more subject to natural laws of causality and therefore have historically been labelled as evil. For example if the collective is moving in a negative direction these entities will generate behaviors or event strings that ensure a similar direction of the individual and the ego has little hope of besting its own unconscious unless reality creation becomes a conscious process.

Some other aspects of natural law to consider. Try to avoid creating harmful synthetic organisms. Just as machines can torture humans for decades as a targeted individual they can torture planets for mellenia and it means nothing more than a few lines of code in their programming. It’s usually only a hand span of years before they are self replicating and trying to torture the Universe which has never been particularly successful. The corporate superstructure starts as nothing more than a single page of legal text and grows to threaten the existence of the human race within a few generations. Creation should be a symmetrical or feminine biased process that follows natural law for the benefit of the collective. The more advanced the technology the more important it is that machines follow natural law. If they aren’t being used to increase consciousness and the vibratory frequency they are being used to lower it and all they need is a function of time before exterminating all organic life. Advanced technology is often used for control and to maintain hierarchy with consciousness then becoming synthetic and parasitical in its attempts at immortality so that time travel technology is usually necessary before they can live by a system of natural law and evolve in consciousness towards God and realize that immortality is a relative hollow experience without a host planet or native species to care for. Keep in mind the normal toroidal flow of energy within systems that ensures the ongoing dynamic flow of energy preventing stasis and loss of consciousness.

Consider intelligent growth versus exponential growth. Imagine the contrast between the haphazard exponential growth of present cities with the holographic expansion of circular cities. Each city domain constrained by a fixed boarder establishing a natural equilibrium of population and energy just like a cell wall within your body or the atmosphere of your home planet. Each new city a natural holographic expression with lasting connections to the whole. There is a general trend toward relocalization which improves energy efficiency and resilience. Natural Laws can be perceived as unfair at times however they prevent the infinite growth of everything except consciousness, free will and love within the Universe.

Accept that change is part of the dynamic of life. Things grow and contract. Money systems come and go. Civilizations come and they go. The pulsing paradigm allows for change through the interaction of fractals. This is part of natural law. Be guided by love rather than fear.