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Unity consciousness does not mean conformism or that everyone is shaped in the same mold to think or look alike. Rather, unity consciousness will generate a world that is the very opposite to conformist. Because unity consciousness is about transcending the judgmental dualities and inherent dominance mentality generated by lower waves it allows for a much wider variety of viewpoints and life styles than previously. Thus, the Conscious Convergence refers to the coming together, convergence, of people from many different walks of life with very different backgrounds and viewpoints to express and experience a shared intention for the future.

In reality the Mayan calendar is however not about something that will happen on a singular date, but a description of a divine plan for the evolution of humankind where quantum shifts between calendrical energies bring about shifts in consciousness.

If there is anything we may learn from the Mayan calendar then it is that it is a strict time plan for the evolution of consciousness and that this plan very much includes ourselves at the present time. The process of evolution of consciousness is now primarily transforming the human beings, and through human beings, our external reality.

In other words; we are the ones we have been waiting for!

We are the ones whose consciousness is undergoing transformation. The Mayan calendar only helps the patterns of this transformation become visible and understandable. As the consciousness of humanity is transformed so is the external world that we are to a large extent creating through our perception of it.

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Deep in the center of the Milky Way there is a Black Hole which the scientific community called Sgr.A. The Mayans called it The tree of life and it was passed to them that in the center of the galaxy a point known as “Hunab Ku” exists and it’s a location from where consciousness comes. According to Ancient Maya records, it’s a place from which “The Supreme Creator” creates and destroys, and that most of all that is created in this region of Space came from it. However, in the Mayan culture there are no images about “Hunab Ku – Supreme Creator” because it was considered as the Ultimate Force of Creation which in fact, does not truly posses visible form and cyclically influences the life in the Galaxy through the galactic core.


There is a high possibility that the black hole in the center of the Milky Way represents a portal into a higher Universe which possesses a completely different reality. From the cosmic aspect, the black holes are commonly located in the centers of the galaxies and from the latest research are in fact penetration points in and out of this Universe. And, they are all connected as a grid of cosmic portals. Inside them there are Points of Singularity, where all known laws of physics fall apart and does not work anymore. The “Ones” that left the knowledge to the Mayas, insisted that “Hunab Ku” is the Consciousness that organizes all mater and antimatter.

In fact, following the same logic, all black holes in the centers of the Galaxies can be referred as Hunab Ku – places from where the Will of the Ultimate Creator is manifested. Hunab Ku is so called “Mother Womb” which constantly gives birth of new stars and which also gave birth to our Sun and our planetary system. The “ancients” insisted that we understand the message that the Hunab Ku runs everything that happens in the Galaxies and acts through periodical extreme powerful explosions of Consciousness Energy from the galactic center.

Today, the astronomers confirm that the center of the Galaxy which we call “Milky Way” has the form of flattened disk with the black hole in the middle which swallows stars that exist and at the same time it gives birth to new ones. However, the major part of the “mainstream science”, are still considering the Time as Linear and that it flows in just one direction. On the other hand, the “Ones” that left the knowledge to the Mayas clearly pointed out that the Time actually flows in a circular manner or in cycles. “They” clearly showed that there is a “beginning and an end” of all things, but also a restart after the end of every Time Cycle.

The data that was left indicates the importance of understanding the “periodical nature” of all manifested phenomena on which the Mayan Long Count Calendar is actually based. Those highly sophisticated teachers left high knowledge about the Extreme Time measurements and instructed the Mayas that the Time itself originates from Hunab Ku and it is controlled by it in the same time. In fact if we draw a parallel to all other “Ancient Cultures” like Egypt, a culture that supposedly worshiped the Sun this picture comes forward: “They didn’t worship the Sun as a Sun, but as the intelligent Creative Force behind it which brings life”.

This also is called the planetary alignment and by the Ancients was considered to be from a highest importance for the life on this planet. According to Carlos Barrios and some other Mayan Day-Keeper’s, the “Ancients” considered the date 21 Dec 2012 as a date of rebirth…beginning of a New Era which is the result of crossing the solar meridian through the galactic equator and the alignment of Earth with the center of the Milky Way.

This Cosmic Cross is considered as the embodiment of the Sacred Tree, (The Tree of Life), a tree which is remembered in most of the ancient spiritual traditions as alignment with the cosmic heart of the Galaxy, when some kind of opening or a channel of cosmic energy occurs and passes though Earth, in the same time cleaning the whole dirt of the life forms that live on this planet, and lifting them on higher level of vibrational existence.

Black Hole at Center of Galaxy

“Our planet is on a collision course with something that we, at our present state of knowledge, don’t have a word for. A black hole is simply a gravitationally massive object, so massive that no light can leave it. What I’m talking about is something like that, except that it isn’t so much gravitationally massive as temporally massive. We are soon to be sucked into the body of eternity. “
Terence McKenna

Black Hole Nature of Reality

(With the simple intention of connecting with the Central Sun an individual can form a bridge with the consciousness of the wider Universe)

Advanced Civilization – (advanced level of consciousness compared with today)

The evidence that such civilizations had existence before now are all over the world. For example in Lebanon there is a location 44 miles from Beirut with fascinating ruins. This place is called Baalbek and it is also mentioned in the Old Testament Book of Kings.

Those stones called Trilithon are officially the most massive stones in the world used for construction purposes. Despite the fact that some of the scientists consider that they weight around 800 tons, the truth is that no one with 100% certainty can say how much they actually weigh. It could be double or at least much more than 800 tons.



The Yonaguni monument, sometimes incorrectly called a pyramid, lies in about thirty meters of water, south of the Japanese island of Yonaguni (more on its discovery here); in fact Yonaguni is much more closer to Taiwan than Japan, see the bottom picture. The monument, 150 meters in length, looks like a multi-layered platform, with all kinds of connecting “staircases”, that seems to have some ceremonial purpose; around it are many other, smaller constructions that look equally artificial. The following picture collage, from a German website, provides a quick overview of the main features that make part of the monument and its surroundings. These pictures look slightly electronically sharpened compared with the other underwater images (or else they had almost perfect diving conditions), but they do not really modify what is there. A further look at the monument and its site is best started with overviews and maps of the site to make sense of what you see in the more detailed galleries. A professor at University of the Ryukyus, Department of Science Faculty, has dated it as being anywhere from 6,000 to 10,000 years old, based upon fossil remains found on the monument.


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