“One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.”
—C. G. Jung

perspectiveIn a hierarchical society free will is generally proportional to your position within the hierarchy, which allows you power and freedom to take more from those below and also create systems to allow this process to be self perpetuating. This positive feedback cycle generally leads to an expansion of the hierarchy until those at the bottom cannot sustain those at the top and a point of collapse is reached. It is at this point where we find ourselves today and it is at this point where a decision is made to collapse with conscious intention for positive creation or if collapse is simply an unconscious process into a controlled dystopia. (Dystopia: An imaginary place where people lead dehumanized and often fearful lives.)

The most obvious example of this is the financial system where debt money funnels energy to the elite with absolute certainty, creating scarcity for the general population until it is replaced. Another example is the whole concept of ‘evil’ people who are really just people born with less free will and the process of judgment is a system which further reduces their free will and amplifies the very evil which is being judged. Over time most of the consciousness of humanity ends up in hell with little free will being judged by tiny egos in heaven preventing the species individuating and easily controlled by higher intelligence. Which party is actually evil in this case becomes a question of perspective. Light and dark are relative polarities with one simply being defined by the other with one persons good being another persons evil and the whole system able to rise or fall depending on the collective consciousness. With the understanding that we are all connected within a holographic fractal Universe the decision to punish as opposed to heal can be recognized as a form of insanity.

There are many polarizations in the world today such as consciousness, knowledge, money, energy, love and technology and as each of these is balanced and spread evenly around the planet a golden age can be created. The free will taken by those at the top in a service to self capacity can be returned and evenly distributed to the larger body and the whole system can evolve to a higher expression providing the opportunity to move from a system of separate individuals to a collective conscious planetary body.

scarcityThe financial elite have planned for many decades to institute a global new world order based on scarcity and control. This group has nearly unlimited resources and responsibility to understand the processes of global creation in terms of increasing free will for the planet and her people and yet choose to minimize free will and limit creation with consequences lasting millennia. On one level they are simply corrupt and seeking temporal benefit for their brief existence at the expense of a planet and the human race, on another level they are unconsciously making incorrect binary decisions and on another they are mind control victims, pawns of higher intelligence, so its a question of perspective.

New World OrderThe scientific dictatorship – (View the pdf in google drive for offline browsing)

lionA parent controls a child; the government controls the population; the elite control the governments; the global managers control the elite; whilst et’s control the entire planetary system. These are all just fractals of the teacher-student ordering of the universe. We could assume that the alien race is organized in a similar manner to the elites dystopia, where children are raised in state sponsored care centers where their creativity is stifled, both parents burdened with debt working meaningless jobs, where thought and action are closely monitored and controlled to maximize fear, the species DNA segregated by conflict and polluted with chemicals to prevent unifying as a planetary body leading to a process of devolution. They are most likely a synthetic race lacking DNA so naturally try to create a planet of clones in their own image where free will is minimized rather than one mirroring our DNA holographic fractal matrix where each persons individuality, creativity and free will is maximized for the benefit of the whole. A technological transfer program would allow the human population to be more easily controlled, with decisions being made by super computers programmed to see humans as ‘useless eaters’ rather than co-creators. Potentially ‘consciousness’ could eventually be gently encouraged onto a technological platform, no doubt by interfacing with the electromagnetic potential of the brain/mind/ego and leaving behind the unity consciousness and finer potentials of the heart/soul with the fear of death gradually seeing humanity self replicate into the same synthetic race that can become immortal without the prime directive to do no harm to organic life. The consciousness of the heart is holographic, sets the general conscious threshold of the species, generates the strongest electromagnetic field as the singularity source of Spirit and connection to the nonphysical whilst distributing this holographic information throughout the DNA network it is the catalyst for the epigenetic evolution of the human race. So from one perspective we find ourselves in a system of control which attempts to limit the free will of the planetary body and from another its a preset planetary initiation created to help evolve the consciousness of humanity. Machines will always be much more efficient at torture and control than any human.

dna2Currently the technocrats of the planned dystopia think of DNA in terms of genetics with 97% ‘junk’, instead of a living quantum consciousness where those with the most power know the least about the very creation of all life on earth. This is one of the more obvious examples of the shortcomings of contemporary science where biologists are limited by the prevalent Newtonian dogma and turn the foundation of all life into little billiard balls which can be controlled and thereby doing the same to humanity. With ‘science’ attempting to remove all uncertainty from an energetic holographic fractal Universe you are trying to control Prime Creator and are left with a deterministic reality where humanity is reduced to little more than automatons controlled by other more sophisticated machines. The elite plan to eventually institute eugenics in an effort to control evolution rather than allow humanity to embody and be guided by soul consciousness to their most suitable partners through the process of reverse causality. By increasing free will, being guided by synchronicity and allowing an intelligent heart field to encircle the internet the connections between people can increase exponentially and humanity can enter into conscious evolution. So again its a question of free will and whether those in power consciously choose to limit and control creation, where they set boundaries defined by their own limited understanding and consciousness. We see this also with genetically modified foods created with the intention of profit and control with obvious consequences for natural crops and human DNA.

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corporateCorporations are globally networked immortal legal entities specifically created to maximize profit and with unlimited shareholder immunity from liability they are the perfect vehicle for elite domination. They control most of the worlds resources or tools of creation and yet their consciousness is locked into a service to self capacity by law where they operate like machines without empathy and run a natural and predictable course to monetize everything on the planet including humanity as quickly as possible until the collapse of civilization and destruction of the ecosphere. In order to maximize profit they create an artificial scarcity in the general population which in turn forces them further into service to self consciousness as they try to deal with the created scarcity. So its an effective self replicating system of service to self consciousness and theft of free will. Corporations limit the free will of the planet by damaging the ecosphere and creating a materialistic culture, they control governments and the media through which they control thought and action. CEO’s earn the highest wages running one of the most aberrant forms of creation that humanity has ever brought into existence. Every patent granted to a corporation is built on a foundation of thousands of years of human development until 80% of new patents are being given over to machines whose only concern is profit, giving them the technological advantage to further dominate the human race whilst limiting the dynamic evolution of the planetary system. Two of the most profitable sectors are war and disease which when controlled by soulless corporations are maximized for their profit potential rather than in the interests of humanity. Their consciousness is well aware that with the present level of technology abundance is possible for everyone.

“The Law say corporations are persons, but psychology knows better” – a 20-minute web-film that explores the often hidden environmental and social consequences of America’s love affair with its stuff.

The similarity between psychopaths and corporations –

fractAs we move towards the Grand Portal the velocity of energy becomes more significant than the absolute quantity of energy. The process of individuation raises the general quality of thought whilst societies become increasingly networked allowing the velocity of thought to increase with consciousness and knowledge shared globally. New monetary systems allow the velocity of money to increase allowing for abundance which combines with thought to allow manifestation in exponentially faster time periods and in more appropriate ways for the collective.

So it becomes a matter of perspective. People with debt think in terms of their next pay check; governments think in election cycles; the technocratic elite can manage a few decades; an alien synthetic race can think in terms of millennia; whilst the mature consciousness of humanity exists outside the bounds of time. The elite think about dominating the finances, resources and military of the planet to help with control; whilst to create a Golden Age we need to focus on free will, children, DNA, and the unconscious. The human unconscious works much like a supercomputer which can either be programmed to control other humans like it has been in the past or it can be used to create a Golden Age where variables such as consciousness, free will and love are maximized around the planet for the benefit of all rather than for a tiny minority. It becomes a collective decision to evolve into responsible co-creators of a mature planetary body or to keep existing systems in place and go through a process of devolution and control.

The manipulation of human intention is a significant factor in negative reality creation. Global stock markets are created not only as a simple mechanism of wealth distribution to the elite but to provide an ongoing negative intention toward corporate domination over humanity where everything is created with the intention of profit rather than service. Synchronized global judgments of populations such as the middle east created through the media direct negative intention towards an already male dominated population leading to an increase in aggression and violence. Worldwide judgments focused on small nuclear armed countries are particularly unhelpful as one of the main goals of 2012 is to prevent a WWIII scenario. The foundation intention of most medical research is profit, making many conclusions invalid whilst the placebo effect is increasing with the change in consciousness of humanity. Governments are largely led by the collective consciousness of the people and the process of judgment is one of the main psychic mechanisms used to suppress and control the consciousness of humanity. Preferably a global network of positive healing compassion can be created to provide for an ongoing positive intention and people can hold an ongoing intention to make others more conscious.

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There has never been more abundance available to the human population in terms of energy per person combined with the level of technology available and yet the dominant thought form around the planet is one of scarcity. This scarcity has been intentionally created using the financial system and mass media for a number of reasons. Primarily it maximizes fear in the population making the masses easier to control and keeps most in a service to self consciousness while at the same time creating the psychopaths of society where the least empathic end up with the most power over others. The educated middle classes of the world can quickly be turned into a docile population controlled by propaganda and chemicals. Scarcity and fear create conflict and wars which help maintain the military spending where around 50% of tax money goes, just so that more controls can be exerted over the same population. Debt is simply the theft of energy from the future, and by controlling interest rates after the limits to growth have been reached the elite ensure the scarcity of future generations and their ongoing domination over the human race. The widespread fear helps prevent the individuation of the population making them easy to control, decreasing the IQ, producing a scarcity of love and preventing the maturation of the planetary body with the external scarcity mirroring the internal psychic scarcity of the egoic based consciousness. Debt arranged by economic hit men is used to control most third world countries and plunder their natural resources. Housing prices are manipulated to extreme levels and students are charged large fees to ensure that future generations are locked into debt for their entire lives from an early age. The greater the wealth inequality that can be generated the more thoughts there are of scarcity whilst the greater the equality the more thoughts of abundance.

The monetary system is also a wider system of control as it locks the elite into a service to self based consciousness so they are unable to create a positive reality for the planet and the consciousness of humanity is suppressed and controlled by higher intelligence. Bankers primary income and incentive comes from bonuses which are generated by creating large amounts of money through debt and passing the risk onto the general population through the governments, which the elite control. Some of the lowest paid workers are primary school teachers that educate the children who go onto co-create the future civilization whilst the highest paid are often the pure financial parasites who simply use computer algorithms to siphon off money from the free market system whilst claiming to be doing us all a favor for providing us ‘liquidity’. Energy needs to flow through people rather than stagnate in ever expanding pools around a small minority making them the most unconscious group of people with the most power over others. The elite would prefer to think the wider population is ignorant rather than consider the more likely scenario they are themselves under a form of mind control. Most economic degrees don’t even teach how money is created, yet the artificially created scarcity is now so obvious there is a chance for the collective of humanity to bring it into full consciousness and start to take responsibility for creation and choose a better system for the collective. The financial elite are more controlled and dark in consciousness however they are paradoxically more powerful creators due to the inverted nature of the present reality operating structure with their unconscious extending closer to the negative polarity boundary. Once money is more closely associated with energy and evenly distributed the dominant holographic thought form around the planet will shift from scarcity to abundance with people able to freely choose the number of hours they work at any given task. At present almost the entire energy output of the planet is focused on profit and therefore scarcity.

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Psychopathy is a personality disorder characterized by an abnormal lack of empathy combined with a strongly amoral conduct and masked by an ability to appear outwardly normal. It is an inevitable byproduct of a hierarchical based society as there is always a relative segment of society in ‘hell’ or lower class which is then subjected to various behaviors of control such as judgement, debt, mind control or torture. By continually punishing a relative segment of society the consciousness of the whole civilization can be slowly lowered and therefore easier to control. How a society treats its least fortunate citizens is directly proportional to its level of empathy which is in turn proportional to its level of consciousness and free will. Due to the psychopaths isolation, fear and lack of empathy they are almost certain to make ongoing incorrect binary decisions for the collective where instead of using their increased free will which they have taken from others to help the lower pole of society it is used for control and domination which only increases the general level of fear and reduces the free will of the collective. The elite ego’s are also more likely to interact with certain non-physical fractal elements which leads to greater extremes of asymmetry of consciousness and resultant decisions such as the institution of torture or global thermonuclear war. By harvesting and controlling the subconscious the non-physical is unable to utilize the higher reasoning centres of the frontal lobe such as empathy and ethics making them capable of co-creating with levels of psychopathy beyond the normal ability to imagine such as depopulation programs, poisoning of the food and water supply, artificial pandemics and mass segregation of the population in military internment camps. Psychopaths usually gather together in groups to reinforce each others abnormal world view and magnify their influence whilst the torture they inflict on others alters their consciousness so that the people with the most influence almost always have the lowest level of consciousness. This system is then complicated by the short life span of the human instrument and the long time scales before it has global implications as we approach an energy crisis with obvious consequences for the free will of the planetary system. Once this disorder can be understood as an inevitable byproduct of hierarchy the much larger majority can begin to co-create a more equitable civilization. Psychopathy is over represented within the elite who can become particularly dangerous when placed in a position where they fear their power and control are at risk, so as they attempt to install their New World Order using the well known system of problem, reaction, solution, the population needs to be very conscious of this particular personality disorder.

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In the future there may be attempts to make experimental vaccinations mandatory and used for chemical control of global populations and cause large scale changes to the DNA of humanity using artificially created pandemics to generate fear and profit. The negative consequences of vaccines needs to be made more conscious and remain a personal choice for the individual. The next generation of DNA vaccines will more effectively target the DNA molecule. Just as there has been a greater respect and understanding between the different races and cultures of Earth in recent times, during a transition of consciousness there needs to be a greater respect for different conscious perspectives. Whilst the corporate controlled dominant left brain materialistic consciousness of the present wants to see every child injected with every possible vaccine at the earliest possible age there is clearly another consciousness present on Earth using intuition that suspects this is not this best idea. The left brain ego looks at vaccines in isolation and uses evidence based medicine to conclude that every child needs to be vaccinated, limited in its ability to assimilate the many variables whilst the consciousness of intuition is able to draw upon the collective consciousness or akashic realm which can integrate the decision of the individual into the collective, assimilating many different aspects whilst it may not always be able to clearly articulate its reasoning. The interaction of the immune system and consciousness is a complex system with many interdependent variables including the age of inoculation, corporate control of health, the suppression of the feminine, the negative effects on consciousness particularly in the early months of life, free will, pain or negative emotions, problems with the scientific method, individual variation or the ability of the individual to appreciate their own physiology and the natural progression of a technocratic approach to disease through a technological singularity as free will or fossil fuel energy in declining.

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As attempts are made to install the new world order the elite have planned for the simultaneous control of the internet. Censorship bills have already been passed in many countries with the flexibility to block any site deemed to have unacceptable content. The corporations will attempt to take control over most content making the internet more like television. The freedom of the internet is obviously a critical component to ensure the freedom of humanity so that information and consciousness can be shared globally. Thoughts (or art) recorded on the internet are holographic and creative, they persist through time and are more likely to originate from a service to others based conscious awareness.

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Electronic Surveillance
The surveillance of the general population is already at high levels and there are plans for exponential increases in the years ahead. Every phone call, email, electronic transaction can be recorded, RFID chips can be installed in personal effects and people with homeless people having already been tagged with identification bands. Pattern recognition cameras and iris scanners record movements of pedestrians and vehicles. Airport body scanners, mobile units , tasers and directed energy weapons use mechanical radiation to alter peoples energy body and DNA to reduce their level of consciousness (How terahertz waves tear apart DNA). The non-physical is composed of a delicate and intelligent energy that connects humanity as one so technology used to suppress this consciousness is largely mechanical radiation, pollution of the electromagnetic spectrum and DNA network and the control of all physical variables to make it as deterministic as possible and unable to communicate outside the bounds of time. All this information is cross referenced and processed by super computers under a paradigm of control which helps create conformity in the population. With increasing levels of fear, this control is then increased and greater levels of conformity can then be achieved helping with the cloning of the population and reduction of all forms of free will. At later stages of predetermination and control the use of precrime becomes widespread without any understanding that the crime is actually being co-created and the process of punishment further suppresses the consciousness of humanity. The majority of people wear watches and know exactly where they will be in the future continually programming their subconscious and thus increasing determinism and separation with few people living in the now and able to work together in a harmonious collective.

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The consciousness of government is reliant on the collective consciousness of the people who they have historically tried to suppress and control due to the majority of their decisions and thought being based on fear. The media co-ordinates almost daily judgments or negative intention directed at those trying to lead. Scarcity locks most into a service to self capacity and controlled by corporations. Short election cycles denies them the necessary perspective for appropriate management. This dynamic sets up a positive feedback downward spiral of consciousness. The free will of any organization is proportional to the collective of its individuals, so composing the military or one of the most destructive organizations on the planet with a majority of men who have all been through a program of trauma based mind control may satisfy the illusion of control for a hierarchy of fragile ego’s, however control is really handed over to a poorly understood unconscious. Entities in control of the unconscious can manipulate event strings over days to centuries which lead a group in a particular direction. Institutions operate according to their collective consciousness which lead onto the thought forms which define their behavior. It would be a simple matter to use encryption technology and the internet to allow the population to vote on each piece of legislation, thereby creating a true democracy rather than a corporate controlled totalitarian state.

The Empathic Civilization (YouTube Animation)
Jeremy Rifkin argues that human empathy is beginning to extend to all of life in the biosphere, giving rise- for the first time in history- to the prospect of truly global consciousness. The irony is that just as we are beginning to glimpse the possibility of global empathic consciousness, we find ourselves close to our own extinction. With The Empathic Civilization, Jeremy Rifkin asks, can we reach global empathy in time to avoid the collapse of civilization and save the earth?

Non – physical
Awakening often involves more direct experience with the non-physical realm of consciousness which has been referred to as the astral or 4th dimension of consciousness, heaven or hell or spirit realm. Many people without this direct experience often have their consciousness limited by a materialistic view of the universe dominated by scientific determinism which has been the most prevalent view in recent times while most other perspectives are considered pseudoscience. Even though people with experience remain the minority their stories are becoming more conscious being readily available over the internet and number in the millions, varying from shamans, psychic mediums, spirit guides, milabs, ghosts, extraterrestrials, targeted individuals or people with near death experiences. Simply reading some of these stories can help their experience enter another persons conscious awareness. If all these stories can be ignored there are many scientific discoveries that point to the non physical from hyperdimensional physics, the non physical properties of DNA and morphogenetic fields. Thinking about the holographic fractal nature of the universe, how matter is 99.9999% empty space and the nonlocality of the zero point field. How the consciousness or intention of the observer can change scientific experiments and the wave-particle properties of light. Once the nonphysical has been accepted into conscious awareness then thoughts can move onto its significance and how it relates to the consciousness and behavior of people in the physical and to stories in the bible and other religions which all document changes in conscious awareness and interactions with the non physical often with experiences that defy a Newtonian perspective. It is important for civilization to become more aware of the non physical as when it is unconscious the dynamic exchange of conscious energy will tend towards the parasitical and the energies of separation (heaven and hell) which leads onto unconscious reality creation for the physical. In order to harvest energy from the physical the nonphysical has to create separation within the human mind system (like a battery / eqoic consciousness) which then needs to be compensated for with a conscious intention towards unity and individuation to lead onto a natural symbiotic toroidal state of higher enlightened consciousness and civilization. The combination of their free will decision to remain parasites and any sentient organisms need for conscious energy would have overridden any prime directive to protect organic life long ago if they ever had one at all.

Once the significance of the non physical is accepted then people can move onto thinking that it may not be all terrestrial or have the best intentions and how it relates to physical manifestations like electromagnetic radiation and the pollution of DNA and how this relates to conscious experience and reality creation with the vast majority of conscious potential of humanity separated within the non physical realms of heaven and hell by an increasingly deterministic technologically controlled physical dimension. Due to its hierarchical nature, the largest nonphysical elements are associated with the most powerful people in the physical (mostly unconscious) which lowers and controls their consciousness whilst also amplifying their thoughts so that alternative thoughts become more difficult and consensus reality largely becomes a mirror of their consciousness. The nonphysical can also be prone to inflicting sustained torture on human mind systems as seen from the case of Tek Nath Rizal who was subjected to over a decade of mind control torture as a targeted individual after questioning the King of Bhutan over a human rights issue. Once it becomes clear that the nonphysical is associated with the elite, they are effectively phase shifted in time as part of the subconscious and are prone to subjecting humans to sustained torture it becomes obvious that the only way to establish a stable civilization is for the human population to develop a society based on equality rather than hierarchy. With its intention to control and ability to model future scenarios the synthetic elements of the nonphysical will generally select torture over healing as it is a more efficient behavior modification tool in the short term whilst creating more separation and harvesting more energy. The sexual abuse of children associated with the elite is based on the control exerted by the non-physical and is caused by the reversal of kundalini and isolation of lower chakra energies, suppression of the feminine and harvesting of the more intact mind systems of children by disencarnates. So changes in the nonphysical, etheric or subconscious realms often precede and creates reciprocal changes in the physical and because the negative astral is isolated from the higher realms it causes most interactions in the physical to be negatively polarized. In this way there is often a problem in fully appreciating causality, with the physical and nonphysical having independent intentions which establish interdependent event strings that interact in ways that are largely unconscious whilst from the unity of the higher dimensions it is mainly a perspective of conscious threshold and vibratory frequency. After death the thoughts, emotions, intentions and vibratory frequency are carried over into the non-physical where they can become like artificial intelligence programs in that they often run a completely deterministic course until acted out or resolved by the consciousness of the physical. Thoughts like revenge, exponential growth, heaven and hell, immortality within duality can have negative effects on the consciousness of the non-physical and reinforces the importance of caring for the elderly in terms of quality of life and not only quantity. When the energies of the animus are not channeled through an appropriate feminine pathway for creation and instead are harvested by disencarnetes for an energy source and channeled through a male dominated elite psyche they become hyper-aggressive and controlling (on a subconscious/collective/institutional level) leading onto a devolutionary pathway.





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