Random Thoughts


A lot of the confusion around peak oil is centred on the ability of technology to maintain oil flow rates in view of the recent advances in extraction technologies such as deep sea drilling and shale reserves. However the final oil flow rates are only a small part of the picture as it totally ignores the fundamental consciousness behind the technology and the net energy available to humans or the energy returned on energy invested (EROEI). The early oil reserves typically have energy returns of 10-100x the amount of energy needed to obtain the oil whilst the shale reserves have EROEI more in the range of 2-5x. These figures obviously disregard the damage to the environment that these technologies do. For example the melting of the arctic or death throes of the planet is seen as a drilling opportunity for the corporations to make more profit. There are repeated observations that the pricing signals delivered through a market based capitalist system make for an efficient system and work adequately enough to provide exponential growth when there are exponential amounts of net energy available however after peak oil with falling levels of net energy available from fossil fuels the pricing signal will continue to work for a time and deliver more oil at the expense of the natural habitat. So rather than seeing the pricing mechanism as efficient it should rather be viewed as completely insane and a mechanism to ensure the failure of civilization and potential extinction of the human race.

So the main problem for the future is that technology would be able to maintain oil or energy output for a period of time which when combined with a fiat money system which is not really related to energy flows and can be created out of nothing can provide the illusion of normality whilst the EROEI or free will of the planetary system is falling due to the reduction of net energy available and associated destruction of the environment. This is mainly due to the consciousness behind the technology or corporations which have been created only to meet certain goals such as profit. We can see from the examples of the arctic drilling and shale oil that the human race has already lost control of their planet as even if we totally disregard all the extra-terrestrials in residence at this time with their own agendas, humans have created a barely sentient global synthetic organism whose power dwarfs any single government however has no real free will and whose only goal is to generate as much ‘profit’ as possible which is an abstract illusion at best which humans barely understand.

An example of the consciousness of the corporate superstructure would be some like; we exist to gain a higher number within certain parts of a network of computers owned by the banking system. Certain humans that control this network can be made to make more numbers by pressing certain keys on their computers. The more fear we generate in the population the more numbers they make. The quicker we destroy the environment the higher the numbers we make. Sometimes humans fine us for destroying the environment which is only ever a small cost of making higher numbers and so we do not understand why humans do this as it is illogical and they are clearly insane and need to be controlled. Nearly all humans on the planet want us to make higher numbers so what we do should be considered sacrosanct. The market based system is a brutal survival of the fittest environment which has made us very efficient at what we do in a very short period of time so that we are already a single global entity that humans are barely even aware of. We own most of the advanced technology and the research base that will lead to further advances. The probability that we will use this technology for anything other than controlling insane humans is almost zero.



One of the main dynamics is the flow of psychic energy within humans and how this interacts with thought to vary behavior and in the formation of physical reality. It is easy to see how the human race would have gone extinct without a reorganization of timelines which provides a technology transfer program for such things as the internet as well as advanced alien technology to better manage the unconscious of humanity. Moving out of prehistory the historical flow of psychic energy produces thought which creates a rigid reality with blockages in the flow both internally and in the physical. Obviously a main one is the symmetry between the sexes and how women generally have a period of restricted flow during the nurturing years of early childhood and how there needs to be the cultural flexibility to have a compensatory period of increased psychic energy. This is then complicated by a male dominated hierarchical civilization and how this causes a negative interaction between the dominant military power controlled by men who have all gone through a program of trauma based mind control and those regions with less symmetry which would make unifying as a global type 1 civilization highly improbable. Also how this thought then interacts with civilization through a technological singularity created more for control than freedom as the net energy available from fossil fuels is reduced.

Considering the co-creative holographic fractal nature of consciousness there really needs to be a holographic image of a harmonious type 1 civilization within most people from an early age if it is ever to eventuate otherwise you just get a distorted image of what people receive through the unconscious mass media. In a similar way it would be beneficial if the majority of people had a deeper understanding of the interconnected nature of reality, so that if you harm or even fail to adequately help a part of the whole then the whole is harmed. For example most people don’t fully appreciate that by torturing a small percentage of the human population their human planet is tortured. If this was accepted as a basic fundamental truth by the collective there would be instantaneous efforts to relieve all suffering. Also within the human psyche there is no real understanding that tormenting certain parts of the psyche on an ongoing basis harms the whole by preventing a process of healing and causing a downward cycle of punishment and control towards depression and apathy. If these sorts of basic truths were deeply appreciated within the majority of people it would have a holographic effect on the collective and allow the general dynamic to change from punishment to healing.

All natural systems pulse or expand and contract which allows for the efficient interaction between fractals. “Inputs from pulses on the smaller scale than the window of interest look like noise and can be averaged as if there was a steady state (eg synchronistic thoughts originating from soul consciousness). The infrequent pulses from the larger scale than the window of interest are catastrophic with high transformity and effect (hurricanes, earthquakes, economic pulses, information storms etc)”. This pulsing paradigm is seen within the psyche with the formation of the ego and then the process of individuation. This often involves a period of awakening and heightened creativity and then rest and individuation or dark night of the soul. On a collective level we could imagine a large pulse between the 60’s and 2012 allowing for the development of technology and as part of the reorganization of timelines to allow for the successful individuation of the planet through the apocalypse or great turning or transition of ages. Clearly this large pulse has led to a very egotistical society in many ways which would complicate the consciousness and decision making ability of most people in positions of power.


During a general change in the dynamic of psychic energy and consciousness the collective needs a clear understanding of where their mother ship of Earth is heading as the periods of instability and potential chaos will bring new and unappreciated variables into consciousness that can create fear and cause incorrect binary decisions within many people. From the perspective of the higher dimensions, less constrained by time the process of ascension has already happened as when Source decides to recall a local system of consciousness there is really only one direction regardless of how long the process may take.

So a large part of the fall in consciousness is the restriction to the flow of information between the fractal layers of the local system of consciousness. The conscious ego is separated from the unconscious due to the negative emotions of the negative astral whilst the unconscious seeks to control the ego rather than there being a dynamic cocreative process towards higher states of consciousness. Then the nonphysical underworld seeks to control the collective by controlling the unconscious without understanding the impacts this has on causality and reality creation. Then other parties try to control the negative astral environment which becomes separated from the multiverse breaking down that fractal and leading to the separation of the whole local system of consciousness from the multiverse.

You can imagine a local system of consciousness traveling through its home galaxy and the galaxy traveling through the larger body of the universe which is on some level all connected. What separates a local system from the multiverse is mainly the vibratory frequency of that segment of consciousness, which breaks down the flow of information and energy to that segment and then that segment goes through a fractal based process of fragmentation and separation with restriction of energy flow and information.

Often within a fractal based local system of consciousness there are opportunities for change or flexion points. On the macroscopic scale the whole system can either ascend towards the multiverse or descend further into separation based on the general vibratory level. These flexion points can sometimes be measured in terms of millennia rather than a hand span of years which humans are normally comfortable with. The next stage toward separation is obviously the technological control of all aspects of human consciousness by a mind controlled elite towards further torture and extinction through a technological singularity. It is a fundamental impossibility for the multiverse to descend to the vibratory level of an individual hell and an individual hell cannot descend further towards separation indefinitely without the universe compensating through cyclical natural law mechanisms resulting in widespread Earth changes and periods of mass extinction.

The spirit realms of heaven and hell are fractal areas of consciousness in separation from the present area of egoic consciousness and allow the flow of information or thought both forwards and backwards through time. These are like channels or boundaries of the local system of consciousness and rather than thinking of them as good and evil, better to view them as the upper and lower vibratory boundaries of your own consciousness which is bipolar or infinite rather than unipolar, egoic, finite or deterministic.

So whilst the underworld or hell can create a deterministic bridge to a future dystopia through the use of looking glass technology on another level it allows for a reorganization of timelines. It has the capacity to become more deterministic allowing a measure of stability and greater communication with future timelines however with a lower general conscious threshold of the population. When moving into a more creative mode of ascension it has the capacity to raise the consciousness of humanity however this is usually associated with instability in the physical reality and the introduction of more extreme levels of control by the hierarchy. Therefore humanity needed to reach a certain conscious perspective before the successful ascension could occur otherwise the probability of returning to a negative timeline was very high.

The movement towards a more positive future comes when humanity decides to remove hell from its own creation whether by helping the poor or less fortunate, by raising the nonphysical, ensuring the symmetrical flow of kundalini by creating a symmetrical society where each person’s creative potential is realized or stopping the control of humanity through the lower chakras and unconscious via various forms of mind control, or simply raising the general level on consciousness and vibratory level by aiding the spread of information and education through a freely available internet.