“For example, we know that it hails from a galaxy that our Hubble telescope has examined as thoroughly as possible and we’ve charted it as extensively as possible. We know that it’s thirty-seven million light years away and that the species is a synthetic race — a mixture of genetic creation and technology. It possesses a hive mentality, but individual initiative is still appreciated as long as it is aligned with the explicit objectives of its leaders.

Dr. Neruda: “This seems such a funny question to me. Excuse me for laughing. It’s just that humans do not understand how special earth is. It is truly, as planets are concerned, a special planet. It has such a tremendous bio-diversity and a complex range of ecosystems. Its natural resources are unique and plentiful. It’s a genetic library that’s the equivalent of a galactic zoo.

“The Animus desire to own this planet in order to own its genetics. As I’ve already mentioned, this is a synthetic race. A species that can clone itself and fabricate more and more of its population to serve the purpose of its colonization program. However, it desires more than the expansion of its empire. It desires to become a soul carrier — something reserved for pure biological organisms. Synthetic organisms are not able to carry the higher frequencies of soul, which absolutely require an organic nervous system.”





Nassim Haramein demonstrates alien consciousness or ‘sun gods’ traveling through the singularity of the sun. This displays a high level of free will and shows what is possible from a mature planetary body.


New Vatican Telescope “Lucifer”


Nassim Haramein Home Page –
Nassim Haramein Videos –




Smoking gun UFO footage over Jerusalem: Aliens are here

Two witnesses who happened to be at the Armon Hanatziv panoramic lookout over Mount Zion and the Dome of the Rock/Temple Mount in Jerusalem, Israel at 1am managed to film what might be one of the most interesting UFO clips ever captured (see video below). The sighting took place only yesterday on the morning of the 28th of January.
The men notice the large ball shaped UFO suspended in the night sky and begin to film. At a little after one minute into the clip the UFO descends almost to ground level directly over the Dome of the Rock/Temple Mount. The craft hovers there for a short while and then flickers and shoots upwards at an incredible speed, to the shock of the witnesses.
One of the witnesses and filmatographers, Mr Eligael Gidlovitch of Tel Aviv, notes during the filming, in Hebrew, that he is certain that it must be forbidden for civilian craft to hover over Jerusalem in such a manner. This video opens all kinds of questions; Do aliens take an interest in our religions? Did aliens have a hand in creating our belief systems? Was the rod of light that allegedly lit the fire on the altar in the courtyard of the ancient Jewish temple, in fact, merely the product of advanced technology; beamed down by a UFO? And finally, is this object the star that was seen over nearby Bethlehem at the time of the birth of Jesus? Perhaps this UFO visit to the Dome of the Rock/Temple Mount is a prelude to open contact believed by many to be only a short time away.

YouTube Videos.












The transmission was received in the form of 2 crop glyphs next ot the Chilbolton Radio Telescope run by the British Government in England. I’ll refer to the Alien “Glyph” as the Alien Template because of it’s proportional match to the original Arecibo Transmission and it’s “stamp” in the wheat feild indicating a bevel around the edges.






“Everything we see in the Universe is the infinity of the energy density of the vacuum in various scales. The biological resolution is the link between the large and the small. You are the event horizon. Instead of seeing yourself as an insignificant little dot that means nothing to the Universe, you start to see yourself as the center of creation. Everyone else is the center of their Universe as well. And thus we are all equal and we’re all one.” Nassim Haramein



The principle of universe relationship through gratitude is primarily concerned with consciously designing one’s self image through an appreciation of the Universal Entity’s supportive “mirror”. In other words, the Universal Entity is a partner in shaping reality’s expression in one’s life. Reality is an internal process of creation that is utterly free of external controls and conditions if the individual projects a sovereign image upon the mirror of the Universal Entity.




This graph is a prediction of sun spot activity with the next peak. The cosmic radiation communicates with DNA whilst a solar flare is like the firing of a synapse.

Space Weather by Susan Rennison –

Space Weather and Earths Aurora – NASA Video

Magnetic Foam at Edge of Solar system – NASA Video – (text1 / text2)




Demonstrates the holographic fractal nature of creation and the neural network with each cell containing a holographic DNA image of the whole with the dendrites forming an interconnected fractal network. Humans can spend their entire lives studying the Universe or neural networks and yet fail to see God within an infinite interconnected multiverse.



Crop Circles and More

The Yin Yang symbol represents many things. But foremost it is about the Intersection and Harmony of Opposites. The Unity in Duality. About Oneness coming into existence through fusion of diversity. It is about the plane where Heaven meets Earth and Earth meets Heaven. And that is exactly what the crop circle is communicating in a most profound way.

First a crop circle comes down (8 May 2008) that is telling us to look form opposite sides at the same time in order to see Oneness and then a crop circle arrives (20 June 2008) that is not only connected to the first one, but that is also very clearly connected to a Möbius Strip, a surface with only ONE side. Again we are told to see the Oneness. A thing that apparently has two opposite sides, but that shows at the same time that there is only one side. The two sides are an illusion!

The 2010 Crop Circle Season

Crop Circle Movie – What on Earth – (booklet)



UFOTV: The Disclosure Network


The Disclosure Project


UFO’s and the Question of Contact –


Nibiru / E.L.E.N.I.N (Eleven Nine, Nov 9) or “Extinction Level Event Near Impact November “


Asteroid 2005 YU55 –

The closest approach of Elenin to the Sun is on September 11 ( 911 ) whilst the date of Asteroid 2005 is November 9 ( 119 ) which demonstrates symmetry within a loving intelligent Universe and marks the transition of the Ages.



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