“I live for your discovery of me. It is the highest expression of my love for you, and while you search for my shadows in the stories of your world…”


As people awaken into higher consciousness many stories they have read start to take on a greater significance. This is Source or their higher dimensional consciousness which helps guide people on their life path and in their understanding of reality.

Many examples have to do with the wave / particle duality of physical reality and the 2012 singularity of time when humanity as a whole decides whether to descend further into determinism and control with a more machine like consciousness where the majority of human behavior is observed and controlled with technology such as RFID or mobile phones, or chooses to become co-creators with a multidimensional holographic fractal Universe where free will is allowed to increase. The more data points collected by the machines about each human the more deterministic their life path and the easier they are to control. The double slit experiment clearly demonstrates how machine consciousness leads to a deterministic reality whilst the double slit represents soul consciousness operating outside the bounds of time (Consciousness and the double slit experiment 1/2/3). The creative heart field is activated and emotional frequency increases when there is a bipolar flow of conscious energy through people rather than the determinism of the ego and looking glass technology.

There is a recurrent reference to a synthetic intelligence currently in control of humanity that exerts an influence from the future where the current level of consciousness leads to a process of devolution if reality creation remains an unconscious deterministic process. The main characters often wear suits which help them navigate through a field of chaos which is a metaphor for the light body or activated DNA network which allows Sovereigns to move intuitively outside the bounds of time / space through the process of reverse causality.

Any species that is not proactively trying to maintain a certain level of consciousness is usually led into a system of control by another immature species. Control invariably leads onto the suppression of consciousness and the manipulation of mind systems which usually leads onto torture. Any system of control which is established below the conscious threshold of the human population follows a deterministic downward spiral until the end of the next cycle of time at which point there is the opportunity for change as like any quantum computer it’s better able to adapt when fully aware of any manipulations to its mind system. Deterministic cycles of time are created whenever the collective variables of a planetary system cause a fall in the level of consciousness rather than its natural evolution (such as the fall of Tiamat). When the controlling species uses the emotional/spirit energy harvested from bioelectrical human instruments they have little choice but to try and create steady state global prison planets which naturally leads onto a devolutionary pathway for the native inhabitants as the alternative would be freedom and evolution. Tiamat, Spirit energy, consciousness, free will, emotional frequency, hell, and the least fortunate members of the planet are all interconnected.


Documents the present day reality of the ego as created by a synthetic intelligence who use the chakra system within the phase shifted negative astral plane to harvest spirit energy from humanity whilst heaven has been sealed from Earth and Sovereigns who are able to wake up out of the matrix as co-creators. Any member of the general population can be controlled by the machines who can easily find those who will torture their own kind which eventually leads to a process of cloning and devolution. The lady in red is a common metaphor for the Red Queen Hypothesis and the Return of Sophia.

Deals with the reorganization of time lines as the machine consciousness of the future sends back operatives through time to terminate key humans that form the core of the resistance movement. This refers to the concept of Laplace’s demon where entities in control of the unconscious effectively operate phase shifted in time and can manipulate various humans to ensure that the consciousness of humanity remains trapped into a deterministic downward spiral using complex event strings. This has been the way for thousands of years as those people incarnated to raise the collective consciousness were terminated before they could complete their life plans and causes most hierarchical organizations which are originally formed for positive intention to end in disorder and negativity. This has largely been a dynamic of the non-physical being easily manipulated to crush evil or the demon possessed which causes a subconscious negative change in the behavior of the surrounding humans (or countries) as the psychic assault is transmitted through their mind system, commonly known as gang stalking (ref. Targeted Individuals site 1/2/3/4/5/6/7-(8)pdf)(mind control testimony). This represents one of the main binary decisions for any species to decide if it will continue trying to self-terminate by crushing its own evil or chooses to evolve into mature co-creators. People should really only need a short investigation into targeted individuals to see that sophisticated alien technology is being used to torture and devolve the human race and understand that alien technology is very effective at whatever application it is used for. The activation of skynet is the equivalent of the recent activation of ‘Cybercom’ or US Cyber Command which is the takeover and control of the internet by machine consciousness with their drone technology becoming increasingly automated to terminate humans. Any synthetic organism created without a prime directive to do no harm to organic life forms normally follows a simple function of time before they end up unconsciously trying to create prison planets whether its debt money, corporations, the early stages of drone technology or demonic entities. Harmful synthetic organisms are almost universally under the control of another level of hierarchy, especially once they reach immortality as the trauma they create causes positive feedback reductions in vibratory frequency until they lose sentience. The physical manifestation of increasingly powerful computers hidden in bunkers working with predictive algorithms to terminate humans using a system of satellite networked automated kill-bots is a reflection of the morphogenic field associated with the nonphysical with demonic entities phase shifted forward in time using looking glass technology and the Annunaki in Heaven crushing evil. (Police using armed drones against Americans) – (Campaign to stop killer robots)


Dune by Frank Herbert
Arrakis is a desert prison planet starved of water (love) with Fremen tribes living in caves who wear ‘stillsuits’ designed to protect them from the harsh conditions and who form the resistance of their captured world against people who come to mine the spice (spirit) that can be used to move consciousness outside the bounds of time. It deals with 2 factions, House Atreides (Atlantis) and Harkonnen (Lemuria); East and West; Enki and Enlil; Left brain and Right.

Hyperion by Dan Simmons
Set in the future after humanity has destroyed the Earth in ‘The Big Mistake’ and covers the interaction of humanity, artificial intelligence, and Ousters or a future version of humanity. The Shrike is a machine that travels back through time in search of Empathy and is responsible for the death of millions of humans with the main characters using special suits to help them travel through time against the shrike in a battle to decide if “humanity gets a say in its future”. Select individuals are herded into Deep Underground Military Bases (D.U.M.B’s) by the machines to go through a process of devolution. So using the largest share of energy resources and the computational capacity of a planetary mind system the alien controlled military have managed to build underground caves in which to retreat as they continue their program of global suicide instead of simply sharing the resources of the planet fairly allowing for peace. This demonstrates the insanity that can be created using looking glass technology on a primitive species and follows on from the start of the present cycle of time in the days after the flood when humanity was uniting with one language (one consciousness) building the tower of babel (towers of heaven) with long lives and starting to co-create with the manipulation of gravity and zero-point energy until the Annunaki gods caused a separation in language and consciousness leading onto the end of the cycle with a divided humanity with the most powerful building caves in the Earth. The manipulation of gravity and zero point energy requires unity consciousness or wholeness of the human psyche as it involves entering into a co-creative relationship with the universe and causing ongoing dynamic changes in the holographic projection of reality not just in the individual but all observers without a deterministic quantifiable force using a stream of conscious energy not possible with the scarcity of the asymmetrical egoic consciousness. When dealing with the infinite energies associated with the quantum vacuum the only way these can be sustained and increased is if they are used to increase the collective vibratory frequency. Hyperion is one of the 12 Titans, the sons and daughters of Gaia, the lord of light. The poet John Keats last unfinished poem was The Fall of Hyperion and tells of the despair of the Titans after their fall to the Olympians and attempts to recast the epic by framing it with a personal quest to find truth and understanding. In his Ode on a Grecian Urn he wrote ‘Beauty is truth, truth beauty, that is all Ye know on Earth, and all ye need to know.’ a reference to the importance of symmetry, proportion and harmony in all creations.

Matter by Iain Banks
Follows the experience of people living in a Shellworld, which are ancient artificial planets controlled by technology where people can be ‘backed-up’ and regenerated. An ancient member of a long dead civilization wakes up and proceeds to attempt to destroy the Shellworld as it believes they are created to place controls on the galaxy, with the main characters wearing special combat suits. It deals with the fractal nature of technology, consciousness and perspectives. One of the main transitions a species makes is from understanding the universe in terms of matter, determinism and control to the primacy of consciousness, love and creativity.


Intervention by Julian May
Involves the awakening of humanity to higher psychic powers and the Great Intervention or the revelation into a wider galactic society. This involves the evolution into Unity consciousness, which occurs after rebels to Unity destroy a planet in resistance and who then enter a time loop into prehistoric earth where they interact with an alien dimorphic reptilian species from another galaxy who are marooned on the planet after fleeing their home world and alter the DNA of humanity in their attempts to reproduce. They use gigantic self aware ships capable of interstellar travel who often form a symbiotic mind marriage with human females. They wear torcs around their necks to amplify their psychic abilities however the use of technology to manipulate their consciousness has interfered with their evolutionary progress.

The Lord of the Rings
The Dark Lord Sauron has created the One Ring which can only be destroyed by traveling to the very heart of darkness. Frodo joins a ‘fellowship of the ring’ which is a tribe of Sovereigns sent on a quest to free humanity from the control of the One Ring. “One ring to rule them all, one ring to find them, One ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them.”

Enders Game

Ender has a device removed from his neck which was used to monitor his thoughts and activities. No longer under Government surveillance he is selected for training at the elite battle school as humanity is experiencing large-scale confrontations with a largely unknown reptilian alien species called Formics. As a result humankind enters a shaky alliance to combat the Formics with the formation of an international military unit and goes on to develop interstellar travel, faster than light communication and control over gravity. The International Fleet (IF) tests all children on Earth and selects only the brightest for the Battle School training program. This documents the difficulties that can occur when an egoic species interacts with a hive consciousness and the way forward is to combine the best qualities of both such as the creativity and empathy of the individuated consciousness with the hardiness and natural law qualities of the hive.

Harry Potter by J. K. Rowling
Refers to the children being born today with new abilities / consciousness that need an alternate type of education in order to thrive. The increasing rates of autistic spectrum disorder (Temple Grandin / Human Conntectome Project (TED talk)) , thinking more with images (the world needs all kinds of minds)(occipital lobe), demon possession (psychic ability), Neanderthal consciousness (increased visual-spatial processing / Unity consciousness / telepathy) are all related to the evolution of consciousness (“Illumina Inc“. Genome analyzer).

Lord of the Flies – set during an unspecified nuclear war and involves a group of boys (animus) who are marooned on an island and their descent into savagery. Lord of the Flies (literally Beelzebub or Lord of the Demons) used to be a mother sow who, though at one time clean, loving, and innocent, has now become a manically smiling, bleeding image of horror.

Pandora is inhabited by a tribal community living in harmony with nature and Unity consciousness who are invaded by a corporate controlled military in order to harvest ‘unobtanium’ and do their best to terminate the World Tree of consciousness in the process.

Battle for Terra – shows an alien serpent race living in peace and swimming through the oceans of spirit who are invaded by a hostile military force conducting milab operations after they have terminated their own planet.

Doomsday Prophecy – documents the beginning of the apocalypse and the struggle for control over the rod of destiny which predicts the future and whether it’s used by the military to control and terminate more humans or if it’s returned to the ancient Gods which activates a global defense network to protect the Earth during the time of changes when the energies of separation have been exhausted and it comes time for collapse and co-creation. It mentions the Hopi prophecy of a time when the Earth and stars will come together and the sky spirits will try to strike us down. The seven points of the ancient ones will awaken and push back the spirit of the sky to save the Earth and humanity. “When the Earth is dying, there shall arise a new tribe of all colors and all creeds.This tribe shall be called the Warriors of the Rainbow and it will put its faith in actions not words.”

Monsters Inc – Is a story of disencarnates learning to use love as opposed to fear as an energy source. Disencarnates typically use the lower chakras of humanity to move around and harvest fear energy which lowers the consciousness of the planet.

Cabin in the Woods – demonstrates the milab puppeteer controllers running scenarios and sacrificing the younger generations to keep the ancient gods asleep until a critical period of time when they are to awaken and restore order on Earth.

Doctor Who – Asylum of the Daleks (youtube) – documents the civil war between two factions of alien robots with the Doctor sent into the asylum to try and stop the insane Daleks from terminating all organic life. It shows how humans gradually transform into Daleks as love is taken from them and they become encased in the hive machine consciousness of the negative astral plane. When fear consciousness dominates through the technological singularity an entire planet can literally be co-created into harmful little robots that can spend their eternity torturing one another.

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallendescribes a civil war between two factions of alien robots who travel to Earth after destroying their own home planet and use machines called ‘Sun Harvesters’ to drain stars of their energy although they usually spare life bearing planets. The Autobots form an alliance with the U.S Military and help them crush evil around the globe. The Dark Side of the Moon shows the Decepticons or Fallen Angels terminating any human that interferes with their plans for world domination, (suspicious deaths of microbiologists, new energy creators and others). They use globally networked Pillars of Heaven to re-establish the Earth Heaven bond with their hyper-dimensional planet Nibiru.

The Avengers – The Asgardian Loki (Annunaki) teams up with the Chitauri army and uses the spear of destiny to open up an inter-dimensional gateway in order to subjugate the Earth. Most humans can be easily mind controlled in order to aid the invasion. In response to the attack Fury reactivates the ‘Avengers Initiative’ which is the gathering of the protectors of the Earth. In the aftermath Loki’s brother Thor helps him return to Asgard.

Surrogates: Deals with the reality of the ego which is easily controlled with technology compared with the true Self and the global awakening. There has been wide scale manipulations of the human psyche by government organizations and ET races leading to the degradation of consciousness. This is largely secondary to the asymmetry of human consciousness and the resultant control behaviors that occur due to the instability of the ego based consciousness. Control is exerted through the right brain pathway (mainly due to the asymmetry of language processing), whilst the left brain can be harvested and interrogated for information leading to the formation of large numbers of Human Simulacra where people are left as shadows of their former selves with little clarity of thought, emotional blunting and lack of creativity. Astral based technologies can be used for control, surveillance or cloning purposes. Over thousands of years this creates the wide separation between heaven and hell, is demonstrated by evolutionary pressures such as the reduced numbers of left handed people, has been seen in the social withdrawal of mystics over the centuries and is now seen in the earlier years with autistic spectrum disorder. Platos cave details the internal astral environment describing the locked in / separated consciousness viewing the world through the third eye with the fire of the Sun God behind them. (ref. Human Simulacra .pdf)

Pitch Black – The Chronicles of Riddick – who is one of the last of his kind whose eyes of been ‘shined’ to allow him to see in the dark layers of the astral realm. He is an expert at escape surviving many prisons in his life and carries with him an ability to unleash an energy wave or mark that carries the anger of an entire race who were all terminated because of a prophecy that a male descendant would be born that would free humanity from the Necromonger dark lord who clones a planets population into zombies by controlling the Underverse. Riddick goes through a metaphorical shamanic journey of individuation by traveling to the prison planet crematoria whose surface is uninhabitable due to the close proximity of the sun and faces his dark side and the archetype of the jaguar before rescuing his younger feminine counterpart. The archetype of the jaguar is a reference to the shaman-jaguar relationship, suppression of the feminine and dark power of the Aztecs with an understanding that not all consciousness within the underverse is human or terrestrial. The jaguar is the lord of the ‘fire within’ or the masculine energy which can become a destructive force if there is not symmetry between the sexes.

Control FactorDemonstrates a typical scenario faced by a targeted individual. Most TI’s put all their experiences down to black op government experimentation programs although the symptoms they experience have been documented for thousands of years. Whilst there are parallel technologies in various stages of development through the military as part of a technological transfer program the pure state technologies are extra terrestrial or part of the local system time line reorganization scenario. The voice to skull technology has been experienced by numerous people through history known as demon possession, such as Joan of Arc or Socrates. The sexual manipulation experienced by TI’s has been known as Succubi or Incubus. The gang stalking experienced is demonstrated from groups such as the Gnostics, Cathars or witches. The increase in self harm and compulsive cutting behaviors as part of demonic influence in seen from Mark 5:5 “Always, night and day, he was in the mountains, and in the tombs, crying, and cutting himself with stones.” The intrapsychic control and punishment leads to self hatred on the individual and species levels whilst the isolation and harvesting of consciousness causes social isolation and separation. The sophisticated torture techniques seen used in modern prisons have been used by demonic entities since the dawn of time to gain control over an individuals psyche. The use of oracles through time has been the channeling demons who have access to the forward looking capacity of the human mind system. There are cyclical periods of increased demonic activity associated with increases in consciousness and creativity although in the past has then been associated with increases in control and conflict as the non-physical tries to crush evil or the consciousness of humanity as the wide separation between heaven and hell prevents any sustained rise in vibratory frequency. Demons are largely Spirit energy and behave according to the collective consciousness and the thought forms generated by the human population so can be helped create evil or a Golden Age depending on the free will of the collective. Unfortunately the demon possessed (most often following family lines) are usually punished and controlled with technology instead of healed which has lead to hierarchy, judgement and a fall in consciousness with the forward looking capacity of the human mind system only available to the Annunaki and their human counterparts rather than to civilization in general. The majority of conscious potential can be isolated in a small minority of the population and made deterministic to limit the free will and control the whole planet. Often the least fortunate members of a planet with less access to education and information will act like the unconscious of a planetary system and are the source of the majority of the thought forms and therefore exert control over the collective. (Demonic possession – history, psychology and neurobiology)

The Time Machine – HG Wells – The Time Traveler tests his device which takes him to 802,701AD where the progression of hierarchy, hemispheric separation and nuclear war has seen the human race devolve into a bimorphic race (as it has in the past), the ineffectual Eloi and the downtrodden Morlocks. He then travels roughly 30 million years into the future to see the last living things on a dying Earth. In the sequel (The Time Ships by Stephen Baxter) the traveler moves 50 million years into the future where he meets with a group of nanotechnological entities whose goal it is to harvest the energy of the Sun using a Dyson sphere to communicate with the present and build time-travel vehicles which can travel back to the beginning of the Universe to alter how the multiverse will unfold. So the unconscious or lower vibratory realm of consciousness is effectively phase shifted in time and acts as an attractor to the timeline that led to the extinction of the human race. This is the realm of the collective and generally associated with the less fortunate members of society which can be improved by the free will of the human population and shift the timeline dynamics in a more favorable direction.(The Star)

Minority Report: shows the use of precrime with secret government organizations able to harvest the altered states of precognitive humans in order the control the population and use mind control technology to put people asleep on the outside whilst their mind remains hyperactive on the inside.

Cube – The ‘Military’ have constructed a 4D astral hypercube and each member of the tribe captured within has a vital quality in order to escape the 4th dimensional matrix.

Cowboys and Aliens – shows the Annunaki coming to mine gold (spirit) in order to power their machines and the rapture as alien abduction where people are turned into mind controlled zombies staring into the alien controlled light of heaven instead of helping create heaven on Earth.

Men In Black – documents the ACIO (Alien Contact Intelligence Organization) and their dealings with aliens and their manipulation of human mind systems as they fund themselves by releasing technology obtained through a technology transfer program. So the negative pure state technologies are those manifested by hyper-dimensional entities that often interfere with the normal flow of consciousness within humans such as demon technology which can be used for harvesting energy and control which then filter down into a physical manifestation often through the military with biological implants, voice to skull technology, mind control systems, and plans for mass surveillance of the population. Brainstem implants are the most common biological implant used in Milab (military abduction) operations that can separate the body consciousness from mind causing hemispheric separation and manipulation of emotional responses. This has allowed the consciousness of humanity to be tortured and controlled for looking glass technologies or other astral based operations and has increased the frequency of mental illness, ADHD, autism, gender identity disorder and sadistic practices by authoritarian regimes whilst also accelerating the evolution of consciousness. By using technology to maintain extremes of separation in a small percentage of the population the controllers can ensure humanity remains at lower levels of consciousness. The positive alien technologies are those that increase the consciousness and free will of the individual and the collective. The Prime Directive of non intervention usually means that early civilizations are left to contend with the less helpful members of the galactic family. (Discerning between positive and negative aliens)

Men In Black III – details the local system time loop back to the 60’s which was the last large outbreak of Unity consciousness on Earth which was then followed by an energy scarcity scenario that led to the return of fear consciousness, crushing evil and the further descent into determinism and technological control over every aspect of human consciousness and civilization. J has to use the fractured space-time continuum to travel through time and avoid the spikes from the alien Boris whilst K plants the ArcNet on the rocket to form a protective shield around the Earth. The ArcNet is also a metaphor for the internet which is an essential part of the stabilization and continuation of Unity consciousness around the planet which did not occur on the timeline that led to the extinction of the human race. Griffin is an alien entity whose consciousness resides outside the bounds of time and tells the viewer all is well with the world except for an imminent asteroid impact on Earth if this is the timeline where K forgot to leave a tip. This is an example of the butterfly effect and a metaphor for the birth of the gift economy and the asteroid which collides with an orbiting satellite saving the Earth could be seen as a metaphor for the data spheres sent from the Central Universe which can determine how the local system behaves depending upon the collective consciousness on Earth and in Heaven. The internet operates as a distributed problem solving network magnifying by many orders of magnitude the ability of humanity to solve complex problems. The two main timelines are readily apparent when looking at the problems and solutions analyzed over the internet which have not yet reached widespread awareness such as peak oil, money as debt, consciousness, zeitgeist movement, sudden climate change, ‘cowspiracy‘. Even with the significant penetration of the internet concepts still need to attain acceptance within a certain percentage of the global population (for example 10%) before they reach general consensus and are able to shift the timeline in a favorable direction.

The Men Who Stare at Goats – documents the secret psychic and paranormal research department of the military which was experimenting with an assassination program using their own planetary mind system.

Push – details the secret government organization which controls or terminates any human found to have psychic abilities. Pushers are able to implant thoughts in peoples minds and compel them to suicide if they are interfering. This is the same concept as the Annunaki pushing the human species into suicide when they interfere with their harvesting operations.

The Adjustment BureauDeals with entities who can predetermine the future and control human mind systems who manipulate event strings to control the future. Mitc(hell) says all members of the Bureau are long lived and that water (love) blocks the powers of the Bureau members to know what is happening. Both of these data points are teachings that sorcerers use to define demons. The bureau is run by the chairman and says ‘You have many names for him’ which is a reference to ‘One God, Many Names’ of Satan / Lucifer. David uses one of the Bureau hats to travel outside the bounds of time which has a knob that needs to be turned left. The left hand path has been associated with evil or darkness and the breaking of taboos whilst the right hand path is seen as a definition for those magical groups which follow specific ethical codes and adopt social conventions. Those seeking God are told to walk the straight path of symmetry and love. The left hand path has been the more difficult because of the asymmetry of human consciousness leading to increased incorrect binary decisions, problems with sexuality and suppression of the feminine.

Source Code – Demonstrates the military running scenarios with Project Looking-Glass and the reorganization of time lines. So the military are experimenting with the virtual reality environments of the deep layers of the unconscious and shifting large segments of human consciousness into the future just as the future military could be thought of using the same techniques to alter the past after terminating most organic life which often manifests as movies. Another example may be James Holmes who at 18 was talking about virtual environments, or using temporal illusions in order to change the past and about incorrect perceptions of causality within the human mind system. His interest in synthetic thinking or artificial intelligence was handed down to him by his father, Robert Holmes who has a background in the development of neural networks with companies funded by the Pentagon’s Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). So there’s multidimensional entities interacting with human quantum computers who are starting to interface with silicon microprocessors and the internet often with the intention of predicting, predetermining or controlling the future rather than co-creating a golden age. There is clearly an approaching turning point on the timeline of the local system associated with the intention of the fractal entities and resultant dynamic of the human population. Presently it remains one of control or developing civilization to a point that would allow a successful transition to a higher state. At some point on the dominant negative timeline this intention shifts as the fractal consciousness of the future is only concerned with the single outcome of reorganizing the timeline with interdependent changes in the human psyche. As we approach this flexion point there is an opportunity to shift to a positive timeline where all the fractal layers of consciousness enter a period of co-creating a type 1 civilization rather than trying to control the future or the past.

The global nature of targeted individuals demonstrates a neural network (of tortured humans) already in operation for many decades whilst the military industrial complex are the earliest and most aggressive parties in controlling or militarizing their own mind system which invariably leads onto asymmetry, determinism and ongoing incorrect binary decisions. Instead of seeing James as a holographic fragment going through a termination process as part of a very unhealthy planetary mind system he becomes a straight A PHD neuroscience student who turned evil and in need of further punishment. The fragmentation of his psyche comes after a relationship breakup which increases the negative intrapsychic forces associated with an already fragile mind system complicated by the DARPA neural network. If the focus was on healing he could bring back valuable insights from the deep layers of the unconscious and contribute to the healing of the collective instead of wasting away in prison so that a corporation is able to attain a greater profit. (see Timeline Dynamics) – (Time Wars) – (Time Portal)

Spy Kids 4 – The Earth is threatened by an organization led by a Hyperion mastermind mysteriously known as ‘The Timekeeper’ which has developed an Armageddon device which can steal time / consciousness from humanity and involves the harvesting of human mind systems into the unconscious for nonphysical control which is then projected outwards with negative reality creation. Danger who was ‘frozen’ as a child uses the device to travel back in time and see his father to try and prevent his death. Freezing (sealing) is a metaphor for the harvesting of an entire human mind system within the negative astral plane which can severely limit an individuals free will. The spy kids help the timekeeper appreciate the time he had spent with his father who goes on to disable the Armageddon device and save humanity which triggers a global awakening so that all the parents start thinking about spending more time with their children rather than working so hard.

9 – A scientist is ordered by his dictator to create a machine in the apparent name of progress; a thinking robot which can harvest human consciousness and fabricate an army of war machines to destroy the dictators enemies. Lacking a soul the fabrication machine quickly exterminates all organic life whilst the scientist as the only remaining human runs his final scenario on his own consciousness leaving the synthetic organisms to fend for themselves.

Paycheck – Michael Jennings is a reverse engineer who helps a company build a machine which can see into the future although using it will lead to nuclear war.

12 Monkeys – James is a convicted criminal living in a post-apocalyptic future and is sent back in time to try and stop the Army of the Twelve Monkeys from releasing a deadly virus. It deals with the reorganization of time lines through the apocalypse as the change is consciousness leads to an increase in vivid dreams, mental instability and memories from alternate timelines. 12 is a reference to the 12 Greek Gods, 12 Apostles, the majestic 12, the 12 Petals of the heart chakra, the 144000 sealed (12 squared), and the singularity 2012.

Breakpoint – by former US intelligence and counter-terrorism official Richard A. Clarke, is about a future dystopia where the terrorists try to take down the internet whilst investigators uncover an underground science of genomics and nano-tech working on human-computer integration.

Inception – Deals with people able to extract valuable commercial information from the unconscious minds of targets while they are dreaming and the synchronized ‘kick‘ that wakes up the layers of the unconscious simultaneously to help people become fully conscious. The manipulation of physical reality by negative higher dimensional entities is limited by the free will of the human population so the overall aim is to achieve the lowest levels of free will and consciousness. This explains why much of the manipulation of human consciousness occurs in the astral dream-scape where free will is limited as the trauma of a negative astral plane causes the frequency of lucid dreamers to be very low. Using virtual reality environments the consciousness of humanity can go through horrific torture with very little conscious awareness. The difficulty occurs when negative astral entities are recognized as evil instead of subconscious and controlled which then leads to a fall in consciousness of the whole system although the illusion of separation can only be maintained for short periods. The projection of human qualities onto certain non physical entities within a fractal universe is not always helpful. If their intention is to harvest the life force energy of a physical species the universe will respond in kind and the manifestation will be dependent upon the collective consciousness. They may not necessarily intend to torture the planet Earth however they may be limited in their understanding of the complex interaction between species, fractals and dimensions of consciousness. An analogy would be the harvesting of chicken flesh which can be achieved through either organic or battery farming techniques and how the consciousness of either one changes the other in ascending or descending spirals. To overcome the negative intention of a number of large inter-dimensional entities reality creation will need to become a conscious process for the human population.

Skyline – Presents the Rapture as alien abduction by a synthetic race who harvest the central nervous system of humanity for their own purposes. So the two factions of alien robots harvest the consciousness of each hemisphere of humanity and then use cyclical creative determinism to ensure that humanity evolves beyond the need to control before they can become mature co-creators. They use their free will and the right hemisphere human mind system to extend their consciousness out of the solar system rather than help create heaven on Earth and use the Stargate whilst harvesting the Spirit energy from the left hemisphere which makes them very controlling. A Sun God operating within a closed system will tend to create dual synthetic organisms. One half that can crush evil for eternity whilst being thought of as good whilst the other half become parasitical and thought of as evil. The good half can only remain relatively good by satisfying the requirements of duality and torturing evil for eternity.

Deep Impact – Jenny Lerner investigates the resignation of a government member and his connection to an “Ellie”, which is not a mistress but an acronym: “E.L.E” Extinction Level Event. America’s first black President declares martial law (video) and conducts a lottery to select citizens to retreat into underground shelters. The asteroid transits within Earths moon matrix assisting with a change in consciousness whilst burning up in the atmosphere, sparing humanity. The spiritual hierarchy in heaven forms a dense layer of consciousness surrounding the Earth whose primary intention has been crushing evil which is then manifested through the human ego with creations such as the militarization of space, chem-trails and blanketing the Earth with a thick layer of electromagnetic smog (which helps prevent the normal bipolar flow of conscious kundalini energy) however with an appropriate change in consciousness it could be better utilized, such as manifesting evasive technologies to avoid extinction level events.

In Time – In 2161 people stop aging at 25 and then are required to earn more time or die within a year. The poor live day by day in ghettos whilst a few can become almost immortal living off the time stolen from others. This is a metaphor for internal dynamics of the human psyche which often reaches maturity around 25 and is then subject to decay with most people living in poverty with mental illness or dogmatic thought and having to work hard or steel others energy, whilst the few with abundance of Spirit keep the existing system of scarcity in place, until there is symmetry, increased circulation, abundance and a global awakening. On Earth those with most Spirit are harvesting from others due to scarcity consciousness which leads onto the main intention of control through fear creating a linear system of heaven and hell from an interconnected holographic fractal system of consciousness that attempts to control itself which in turn leads onto cyclical evolutionary stages.

Flight – in this story a captain finds his aircraft totally out of control and uses a rare and intuitive maneuver to accelerate the descent and then invert the plane into a more gentle crash landing. Even though the captain was under the influence at the time, they ran many scenarios in the future and this was the only way to prevent the death of all on board. The captain was then thought of as evil and spent many years in prison reliving the incident.

Wanted – documents the secret branch of the Illuminati who for centuries has brought ‘order out of chaos’ by terminating those humans whose names were generated by the loom of fate. They end up as a fragile hierarchy secluded within a castle without the resilience necessary to undergo the change Source has requested. The bullets curving through space are a metaphor for the ability to use looking glass technology to send data spheres curved through space-time for co-creation.

The Bourne Legacy – a top secret branch of the CIA uses diluted alien mind control technology originally designed for the healing and evolution of the human race and teams up with the military to co-create a globally networked group of super soldiers in order to terminate more humans (the hollow point). A message stands out clearly within the mirror of Source ‘No more’.

Looper – documents the complex social dynamic that can arise with an evolving human race in the process of developing psychic abilities and multidimensional entities allowing the transportation of consciousness through time. It demonstrates the progression of precrime as assassins begin to terminate children in order to have a beneficial effect on the future.

Frequency – demonstrates the psychic bridge that can be established with future descendents to help guide an individual along their life path if their DNA antennae is tuned to the right frequency.

How to Train Your Dragon – details an evolution in consciousness through the generations as people change from crushing evil demons to riding them to symmetrical higher states of consciousness.

2012 Earths Final Hours – a white hole hits earth and disrupts the planets satellite network and magnetosphere with government agents having to reestablish a decommissioned satellite grid (compassion grid) which is Earths only chance of survival.

V for Vendetta: In the 2030’s the world is in turmoil while the United Kingdom remains stable under a totalitarian fascist regime. V is born of a government biological experimentation program that alters his DNA. His body is burnt whilst escaping his imprisonment which is a frequent metaphor for the damage done to a persons consciousness through trauma based mind control experimentation as it comes too close to deep layers of the unconscious and the radiation of the Sun God. This process can often confer supernatural abilities although necessitates the wearing of a mask or an artificial protective layer over the psyche as seen by shamans since prehistoric times to allow the individual to function normally in society and insulates any entity that surfaces from the depths of the underworld. The proliferation of Guy Fawkes masks shows the growth of Unity consciousness whilst Finch asks Evey for the identity of V, to which she replies, “He was all of us.”

World War Z – documents the potential for a large global outbreak of zombies through the apocalypse. Zombies are created by the widespread global fear as their psyche is harvested into the negative astral environment giving them little freedom of thought, they are taken over by the collective unconscious leading onto hyper-aggressive behaviors such as the indiscriminate mass murder of their fellow citizens. It should be appreciated that zombies are trying to contend not only with the trauma of a single lifetime but the torture inflicted upon the unconscious of humanity over millennia. Their impact may be more apparent in such areas as the Middle East with its associated asymmetry of consciousness and the USA with their more enlightened use of firearms and mind control technologies. Zombies are often thought of as evil and either shot on sight or herded into mass segregation environments such as FEMA camps which does little to heal the unconscious of humanity. A persons life experience is closely associated with the collective consciousness as defined by an upper and lower vibratory frequency. An individual will often lose perspective by blaming a single human or group for all the negatives they experience, however with the recognition of the collective unconscious it becomes clear that if it wasn’t this experience then it would have been another to match the holographic fractal vibratory environment. This also explains why trying to control the human population by torturing the unconscious with alien technology is unhelpful in the long term as it creates positive feedback reductions in the lower vibratory boarder ultimately leading onto global thermonuclear war and potential extinction.

Pentagon’s plan to stop the Zombie Apocalypse

V Series – chronicles the latest Annunaki invasion as they arrive as saviors whilst installing themselves at the apex of an already prepared apparatus for fascist control of the planet through the world bank, NATO and United Nations.

Pandorum – describes a deep space flight to a new Earth after the old has been destroyed. Crew members wake up from deep sleep with few memories and are at immediate risk of being eaten alive by demons. The ships name is Elysium, which was the resting place for heroes in classical mythology that bordered the River Lethe, the part of the underworld where the memories of ‘earthly lives’ were erased so that souls could be reincarnated. The sovereigns have to restart the central reactor which has become surrounded by demons seeking its warmth and then help everyone ascend to create a new Earth. Demons are formerly human mind systems that become parasitical within the harsh environment of the negative astral plane or from another perspective are an inevitable co-creation of a Sun God operating within an isolated system.

The Hunger Games – The nation of Panem is formed from a post-apocalyptic North America consisting of 12 poor districts surrounding a central capital. There is an annual event known as the reaping where children are chosen at random to fight to the death in the Hunger Games for the entertainment of the Elite in the capital and to ensure the continued separation of the districts to prevent another rebellion. It consists of various themes including allusions to feminist, political and religious allegory and is also a reference to the internal separation of the human psyche with disencarnates powering their central capital with the fear generated by innocent children as their psyche is fragmented and the ego ascends out of the traumatized collective consciousness with the main characters Katniss and Peeta ending the game in a state of symmetrical enlightenment. Katniss shows the return of the divine feminine who has been taught to hunt in the woods of the unconscious so she will never go hungry. She uses arrows to shoot apples which is a metaphor for obtaining the forbidden fruit of enlightenment (forbidden by Annunaki gods) from the tree of knowledge (left hemispheric pathway) through the activation of the serpent kundalini power with allusions to fertility, creative life force, transformation, rebirth, immortality and healing. Peeta (pita bread) is a bakers son referring to the christian metaphors of bread and water, with the alchemical combination of the bread of knowledge or gnosis combining with the waters of spirit and love so that the citizens (physical and non-physical) shall never go hungry. Panem comes from the Latin word ‘panis’ which means bread. “Bread and Circuses” or bread and games is a metaphor for a superficial means of appeasement and was a basic Roman formula for the creation of public approval, not through exemplary public service but through diversion and distraction. The waters of spirit or etheric tide is like an ocean of consciousness that rises or falls through history bringing with it the various archetypes and transitions in civilization. As it recedes the civilization becomes more materialistic, deterministic and controlled and at present we are entering a time when the ocean is rising again as seen in the movie 2012 where the flood of spirit brings global change and rebirth. This change could be a gentle transition, a cataclysm or the attempts at further devolution through the technological control over all aspects of human consciousness. Peeta and Katniss enter the arena on fire which is a metaphor for a twin flame relationship and the burning man or couple with references to Universal Sacrifice and early Christians and witches burned at the stake for their beliefs. A burning couple is also one extending further into the realms of spirit and its associated negative emotion states. Milabs / Illuminati will often form stable couples with the addition of alien technology (such as brainstem implants / high chakra blockages) so their mind system can descend further into the realms of the unconscious. Peeta is also seen as the green man with the shamanistic archetype of death and descent into the underworld with dismemberment and scattering of the etheric body parts who is reborn through the divine feminine bringing forth a new cycle of life. The serpent is one of the oldest and most widespread mythological symbols associated with some of the oldest rituals known to humankind and represents the dual expression of good and evil. It has been associated with the various figures of Tiamat, Satan, Lucifer, dragons, demons, Greek mythology, mermaids and the world tree. They could all be seen as various expressions of a hive consciousness within a Sun God or alien synthetic race (Animus). Around humans they most often form serpent like forms that swim through the waters of spirit and can store and transmit thoughts and emotions. In a larger format they can form things like crop circles which are often a 2D representation of a 3D image of a multidimensional consciousness or concept and in its largest expression is capable of intergalactic travel though the network of black holes and Central Universe (Black Hole Dynamics) (A Model of the Universe-youtube). They have often been associated with evil due to the negative emotional states and associations with the brotherhood of the snake or Illuminati (symmetry) with occasional attempts at achieving immortality through the harvesting of innocents and some factions plans for the installation of a totalitarian world government.

Sunshine – metaphor for the milab operations that attempt to deliver stellar bombs (The Hanged Man) to awaken a slumbering Sun God and save humanity through a singularity of time. The archetype of the hanged man, green man or the crucifixion represents the attempts to heal the psyche of humanity by forming a bridge between heaven and hell and involves an awakening or symmetrical ascension into heaven (mental realm / noosphere which has been set at a very high conscious threshold due to the asymmetry of human consciousness magnified by extraterrestrial influences) and then crucifixion as the left hemisphere psychic elements descend into hell mirroring the consciousness of Gaia followed by the spiritual rebirth of self and civilization leading onto the creation of a Golden Age.