The Malfunctioning Ego

Human consciousness is a dynamic variable from unconsciousness to full wakefulness and rarely to the enlightened state of higher consciousness. The dominant egoic state is clearly not the ‘natural state’ for humanity and causes a series of incorrect binary decisions to create a very dysfunctional reality.

Most brain function is bi-hemispheric however language is left lateralised in 90% of the population corresponding to the dominant right handed population. Language is how humanity comes to understand the universe and it is how the ego usually learns to think.

We also understand from recent neurological studies that most thoughts and actions arise within the unconscious well before they become conscious giving rise to questions of free will and determinism within the human mind system.

Unconscious determinants of free will within the human brain

So we have a dominant left lateralized ego controlled by the unconscious with most people only aware of their conscious persona. We could assume that the right hemisphere is almost completely unconscious within most of the population giving rise to the question is the normal state of human consciousness in a completely abnormal and malfunctioning state.

To answer this we only need to look at physical reality and break it down into a series of binary decisions based on fear or love and examine which the collective ego has chosen.

Debt based money system instead of normal distribution of energy

Health care based on secondary treatment rather than primary prevention

Use of fossil fuels instead of solar energy

Exponential growth instead of stability

Patriarchal society instead of symmetry

Widespread war and violence instead of peace

Separation of communities and countries instead of unity

Degradation of the ecosphere instead of living in harmony with nature

Widespread use of punishment instead of healing

Judgement instead of understanding

Hierarchy instead of equality

Empty universe instead of intelligent multiverse



So we have a dynamic internal psychic environment which is interdependent with a dynamic physical reality however the ego only considers the external reality and literally malfuntions on the binary level by not appreciating the interdenpendent nature of these environments.


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Consciousness and Enlightenment