Triad of Power

Dr. Neruda: “Again, I don’t want you to think that the Military and Isolationist Forces are formal groups that have memberships and party platforms. They are informal, tacit coalitions at most, and they operate through the well-placed leadership of Incunabula operatives. Also, it is important to remember that they’re all part of the triad of leadership that the Incunabula have forged over the last fifty-seven years.
Sarah: “And once the Incunabula has control over oil production, what then?”
Dr. Neruda: “The dismantling of hard currency. The Incunabula desires to have an electronic currency because it tracks everything and enables a more thorough analytical insight into the affairs of the individual.”
Sarah: “So what do they want to do with all this information?”
Dr. Neruda: “They want to observe patterns and manipulate events in order to protect their dominance as a leadership body, and, as I said earlier, they want to define the new systems and manage system change. Once this dominance is perceived as reaching a critical mass, the Incunabula plans to create a global body of governance that brings stability to Earth and a set of policies that aid humanity at large.”
Sarah: “How will they dismantle our hard currency?”
Dr. Neruda: “There will be a gradual de-valuation of the stock markets worldwide. Americans in particular have become accustomed to easy money production within the stock markets, as well as lavish lifestyles. This will not be permitted to continue indefinitely. Recessions will occur in waves until the value of currency is called into question. This will begin in third world countries first, and as these become the initial victims of feeble economic policies, the Incunabula will essentially force these countries to sell their assets at rock bottom prices in return for helping them out of economic crisis. “In the best of times, the world economy is a fragile patchwork of economic systems that run at different rates without a smooth interface or a macro system in which to operate. In the worst of times, it is a house of cards vulnerable to the faintest of winds. Hard currency and the monetary system that supports it will become a scapegoat of the economic slowdown, and electronic currency will increasingly become the solution to the general malaise of the global economy.”
Sarah: “I’m not an economist so I don’t even know what questions to ask, but it leaves me with a queasy feeling in my gut. I get the feeling that there’s only one real power in the world and it’s the Incunabula, and we’re all just puppets of this elite group of moneymen. Isn’t that pretty much the subtext of all your comments here?”
Dr. Neruda: “No, not at all, but I can understand how you arrive at that conclusion given that we’ve been focused on the Triad of Power, or TOP, as we refer to it within the Labyrinth Group. TOP is a reality on earth, and it probably will be for many generations to come, and it’s certainly in the best position to dominate world affairs and development, but there are other powers that can intervene and bring fresh opportunity to the world’s people.”



Trinity of Creation


The first main barrier to consciousness is the right brain holographic awareness of the dominant reality and mainly involves a judgment of any thoughts outside of those rigidly defined by the mass media or other forms of dogma. This creates a very controlled reality where most people exist in separation with an egoic consciousness at different levels of awareness.

The second barrier to consciousness is the left brain technocratic unenlightened use of technology which serves to lower the consciousness of humanity, such as television, haarp, toxins and genetically modified foods. Whilst the development of technology is generally a simple function of time the maintenance of any level of consciousness is more of a free will collective decision for any species. The elites dominant thought form is control so technology will usually be developed with this main underlying goal despite the implementation being fractal holographic.

The final barrier is one of fear and defined by an enlightened dark master who is enlightened with the duality of mind rather than the trinity of love, who use the energy of spirit which has been harvested from the larger body of humanity to control the global population and crush evil. The process of enlightenment has been male dominated within secret societies for thousands of years and has led to a gradual compression of the global consciousness. This has helped humanity develop technology, networks and a level of population which can then lead on to a golden age if globalization is successful under a love based culture instead of fear.

The increasing fear creates hierarchy, the financial elite, heaven not of this earth and an enclosed deterministic global civilization based on gradual escalating controls over the population, whilst at the same time awakening humanity as the various manipulations of reality reach obvious levels. Any love based cultures or groups of the past such as Atlantis, the Mayans and others have either had to go underground or exit the matrix because they were not globally networked and eventually fell to escalating energetic attacks of fear due to asymmetrical gravitational effects. For example the global degradation of indigenous cultures during the process of industrialization. From the perspective of the ego this was a free will decision of modernization and empire building, whilst from the perspective of the unconscious it was a deterministic field effect as a fear based society interacted with the more love based spiritual tribal culture. The planetary consciousness is bounded by a conscious upper and more connected unconscious lower vibrational frequency which can rise and fall as a collective and ideally conscious energy or information should flow unimpeded between the poles. Tribal communities were generally non-hierarchical and would intuitively lift up the lower pole thus making the tribe more conscious, harmonious and connected whilst western civilization has been more likely to view it as evil and use television, psychotropic medications, technology and increasingly sophisticated torture techniques to increase separation and lower the consciousness of the planet without the awareness of the general population. Aberrant behavior within society is generally reduced not by placing more controls on the conscious mind but rather by raising the lower vibratory boundary of the collective consciousness. Using the holographic principle and by effectively torturing a small percentage of the population and separating them from the rest of society an entire planet can be tortured. Awakening experiences in the West have generally been ego based and transitory before returning to a normal state of consciousness whilst tribal communities were able to maintain this level of consciousness indefinitely. It can be difficult to remain conscious of higher states of consciousness on a widespread level which makes the control of early civilizations fairly straight forward. (Sources of Higher States) – (peak states)

The global awakening and transition to the 5th world is heralded by the Andromedan Enlightenment which is the globally networked enlightenment of Sovereigns under the feminine principle of creation and the trinity of love. This creates a new heaven and dramatic non-linear expansion of the global consciousness and polarity reversal of psychic energy where people become more creative and connected on a global level. The various judgments which define the current reality dissolve allowing new thoughts to create a golden age. Enlightened use of technology allows for the expansion of consciousness and healing of the planet. Changes is consciousness are holographic and therefore synchronized and if they are to be maintained need to be global and based on unity, symmetry and love.